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A Year of 

Lebanon Wley College 

of Pennsylvania 





It begins the same way every year. Toward the end of 
August, members of the fall athletic teams return for 
training camps . . . faculty, staff and student leaders 
begin preparing for freshman orientation ... the 
bookstore receives its annual delivery of texts . . . 
laboratories are made ready . . . dormitory rooms are cleaned 
and aired ... the registrar and business office staff work late 
to complete preparations . , . maintenance personnel hurry to 
finish their long lists of summer projects. There is a sense of 
expectation and excitement as returning students arrive, 
embrace friends, meet with advisors and begin classes. 

But every year doesn't turn out the same. Some years are 
special. That's the way we felt about 1989-90. The achieve- 
ments of our students and faculty, the progress made by 
Lebanon Valley College and the growing support of alumni 
and friends made this academic year memorable in many ways. 

■ Opening enrollment reached the highest level in a decade. 

■ The college added its first graduate program and brought 
other new strengths to the curriculum. 

■ A renaissance was begun of campus building and grounds. 

■ Contributions to the college increased 30 percent. 

■ The college acquired important new scientific and com- 
puter equipment. 

■ Students captured several highly competitive national 
honors and fellowships. 

■ Ten of the college's intercollegiate sports teams ended their 
seasons with winning records. 


Despite the unfavorable demographic projections facing 
colleges in the 1990s, at Lebanon Valley we were fortunate 
to open the 1989-90 academic year with 994 students — the 
highest full-time equivalent enrollment achieved by the college 
in more than a decade. 

We are pleased that a more aggressive marketing effort has 
brought Lebanon Valley's outstanding academic program to 
the attention of a wider potential student audience, resulting 
in a 18.5 percent increase in applications for 1990-9 1» We 
cannot, however, be complacent. The number of high school 
graduates has been declining for several years and will fall 
especially sharply this year and next. 

Faced with those demographic realities, even the most 
highly selective private colleges will experience shortfalls in 
enrollments. In addition to working to maintain enrollments, 
private colleges also must contend with the increasing disparity 
between the perceived cost of attending private and public 
institutions, and a changing level of federal commitment to 
assuring higher educational opportunities for our young men 
and women. The most successful institutions will be those 
confident of their future, with caring and committed faculty 
and staff, well-managed resources, attractive and efficient 
facilities, and well-defined programs of superior quality. 


A first concern of this administration is for the continuing 
strength and progress of the academic program. To that end, 
Lebanon Valley improved faculty salaries during the period 
as part of a three-year effort to provide equitable compensation 
to ongoing faculty and to enable the college to be competitive 
in the recruiting of new faculty. 

One indicator of academic strength is the recognition of 
faculty and student achievements by others. During the year, 
more than 25 faculty were invited to publish articles, present 
papers to professional societies or were elected or honored by 
their peer organizations. 

Students continued to receive national honors and fellow- 
ships. Matt Vera, a chemistry major, was named a Fulbright 
Scholar, the ninth Lebanon Valley student in the past 14 years 
to receive this award. Melanie Fleek, a biochemistry major, 
was awarded both a Hughes Foundation Fellowship (only 60 
of 1400 applicants received the award) and a National Science 
Foundation Fellowship. In partnership with Professor Dale 

One way the college is 
becoming more focused 
internationally is 
through offering 
courses in Japanese. 
Koyumi Ito, from Japan, 
will teach this year on 
campus, thanks to the 
Hokkaido Foundation 
of Tokyo. 

Erskine, junior biology major Kristen Curran received a 
Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for biological research. 

The college instituted an interdisciplinary Master's of 
Business Administration program in September 1989. This 
unusual program combines liberal arts and general education 
coursework with career preparation in business administration. 
The new MBA was instantly popular and enrollment had more 
than doubled by the end of the academic year. 

Lebanon Valley continues to develop a more global outlook 
for its students and their curricula. Thus the Department of 
Foreign Languages is introducing the study of Japanese in the 
fall of 1990. Koyumi Ito, a native of Japan who is also fluent 
in English, will spend the entire year at Lebanon Valley. Her 
presence here was made possible by a grant from the Hokkaido 
Foundation of Tokyo. The college will also host Blazej 
Kruppik, a visiting professor from the Marie Curie University 

in Lublin, Poland. Thomas J. Liu, a native of Taiwan, has 
joined the college as assistant professor of mathematical 
sciences. He will teach computer science and applied mathe- 
matics courses. 

To encourage study abroad, Lebanon Valley joined Alle- 
gheny and Gettysburg colleges to create and staff a foreign 
study program in Cologne, Germany. Arrangements have also 
been made to participate in a Thai-American program to attract 
Thai students wishing to study in the United States. 

Cooperative agreements are an important and cost-efficient 
way to expand educational offerings of two or more institu- 
tions. In that spirit, the college has arranged a course exchange 
program with the Pennsylvania School of Art and Design. To 

With a talented and 
nurturing faculty and 
outstanding facilities, 
music has long been a 
strength of Lebanon 
Valley, Dr. Mark 
Mecham, new chair of 
the Music Department, 
plans to build on those 

facilitate the transfer of its students to Lebanon Valley, the 
college has also signed an articulation agreement with that 
school, and has signed a similar agreement with the Harrisburg 
Area Community College, a two-year institution with three 

In addition to our traditional strengths in science and 
mathematics, music has long been a major department at the 
college. After an intensive national search, we are pleased to 
welcome Dr. Mark Mecham as the new chair of the Music 
Department. Professor Mecham comes to us from Southern 
Utah State College. 



Substantial progress was made on a campus renewal project 
during the year. 

A $2 million first-phase renovation to Lynch Memorial 
Hall was completed to house management, mathematics and 
computer science, computer services and intercollegiate ath- 
letic support facilities. The management center will be named 
in honor of Emmett C. Roop '04, whose trust awarded a grant 
of $124,763 toward the construction of that facility, and the 

Center for Mathematical Sciences will be named to honor Dr. 
William H. Lodge, whose estate provided $150,000 in 
construction funds. 

A $365,000 project was begun to renovate and expand 
Laughlin Hall on Main Street for the college's advancement 
offices, including development, college relations, publications 
and alumni programs. The year's end also saw work begun 
on a plan to completely redo the academic quadrangle by 
providing new lighting, landscaping, drainage systems and 

When the renewal projects are completed in 1990-91 , nearly 
one-third of our physical plant will be new or refurbished. 

During the year, a $200,000 superconducting multinuclear 
Fourier transformer nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer 
was purchased for Chemistry. In the library, a $48,000 CD 
ROM automated catalog was ordered to replace the old card 
catalog. And administrative systems purchased a DEC VAX 
model 6310 computer and accompanying software. 

Some $345,000 in telecommunications equipment and 
wiring was purchased and installed during the summer to 
connect 400 dorm rooms for voice and future simultaneous 
data transmission and cable TV As the year ended, the 
freshman biology laboratory was being completely re- 

The college last year also installed a computer-controlled 
energy conservation system that has already resulted in a 
savings of approximately $120,000. The system, installed by 
Cogenex, a Boston firm, monitors the temperature in all major 
buildings. It lowers the heat and air conditioning when 
buildings are unoccupied, thus saving on electrical and gas 


As detailed elsewhere in this report, overall giving to the 
college rose during the 1989-90 year to $2,505,881, an 
increase of 30.7 percent. This includes $703,154 in unre- 
stricted annual gifts, enabling Lebanon Valley to meet the 
goal for year two of the five-year Josiah W and Bessie H. 
Kline Foundation Challenge. 

In September 1989, The Kresge Foundation, in recognition 
of the college's outstanding science programs, awarded a 
$150,000 Science Initiative Challenge Grant. Lebanon Valley, 
competing with 61 colleges and universities, was the smallest 
of 25 selected for the award. The Kresge Challenge required 
that $750,000 for science equipment and endowment be raised 
by December 1, 1990. By the end of June, the Kresge 
Challenge was virtually completed. 

Also in June, the Whitaker Foundation awarded the college 
a $300,000 grant to support the second-phase renovations of 
the upper floors of the Administration Building into a Center 
for the Study of Humanities. 

Author Philip Hallie 
discussed "Ethics and 
Evil" as part of a new 
series of symposia. 
Each year, the college 
will offer a symposium 
on an interdisciplinary 
topic to extend learn- 
ing beyond the walls 
of the classroom. 

Congratulations and thanks to Advancement Chairman 
Charles W. Wolfe '44, and Annual Giving Chairman Darwin 
G. Glick '58 and to all our trustees, alumni and other friends 
for their support and work on behalf of the college. 



In October 1989, after a year's study, the Board of Trustees 
adopted new bylaws. The changes included reducing the 
number of voting trustees from 55 to 32. All of the remaining 
30 trustees, with the exception of the president and the student 
representative, are now elected at large. The new bylaws 
placed greater responsibility for the on-going work of the 
board with the Executive, Finance, Facilities, Advancement, 
and Nominating committees. The Nominating Committee is 
charged with the responsibility of assuring that the composi- 
tion of the Board of Trustees continues to reflect the traditional 
constituencies of the college. The reforms authorized by the 
board are expected to be implemented fully by spring 1991. 

The close of the academic year also marked the retirements 
of four members of the faculty who together had served the 
college for a total of 1 18 years. In recognition of their long 
and dedicated years of service, the trustees accorded emeritus 
status to Dr. Madelyn J. Albrecht, associate professor of 
education; Mr. William H. Fairlamb, professor of music; Dr. 
Pierce A. Getz, professor of music; and Mr. Glenn H. Woods, 
associate professor of English. 

Another long-time Lebanon Valley College affiliation of 
nearly 50 years passed a milestone in June with the retirement 
of Dr. George R. "Rinso" Marquette '48, vice president for 
student affairs and dean of students. Rinso's impact on our 
college has been extraordinary. As vice president, emeritus, 
he has promised us that he will continue to serve in an advisory 
capacity and as a member of the Fulbright Committee. In 
May, the trustees honored Rinso at a special dinner attended 
by more than 200 alumni, colleagues and friends. 

With Rinso's retirement, the academic, faculty and student 
administrative functions have been consolidated under Dr. 
William J. McGill, Jr., vice president and dean of the college. 
Dr. McGill will be supported by a Dean's Council composed 
of senior academic and student affairs officers. 

In other major personnel moves, Dr. Howard L. Applegate 
was named secretary of the college last October. Dr. Robert 
E. Hamilton was designated as vice president, administration. 
Deborah R. Fullam was named controller and subsequently 
elected by the trustees as college treasurer. Karen D. Best 
joined the college as our new registrar. Judy L. Pehrson was 
named director of college relations and editor of The Valley. 
In June, Mary N. Eshelman, secretary to five presidents and 
assistant secretary of the Board of Trustees, retired from her 
offices. We salute her for her many contributions to college 
life. Diane Wenger now serves as administrative assistant to 
the president. 



Many concerts, recitals, plays, lectures, exhibits and 
cultural events enlivened the campus during the 1989-90 year. 

In October, the internationally acclaimed jazz violinist Jeorg 
Wiedmasser presented a concert in Lutz Hall. December's 
traditional "Christmas at the Valley" again drew a full house 
at the chapel. In February the College Jazz Band gave a concert 
honoring and featuring the renowned jazz clarinetist, alumnus 
WaltLevinsky '51. 

February also brought William W. Adams, president and 
CEO of Armstrong World Industries, to campus to receive the 
college's 1 1th Founders Day Award and the Doctor of Humane 
Letters degree. In his speech, "Foundations for a New World," 
he told Lebanon Valley students that they would have an 
important role in shaping the new, interdependent world of the 
21st Century: "This is a place from which you can move the 
world. You offer values, the lodestone of individual initiative 
and judgment. You offer ... the leadership of being quietly 
but definitely out front in emphasizing the important qualities 
of life and living." 

A new campus-wide series was inaugurated in April with a 
symposium on "Ethics and Evil." Led by author Philip Hallie 
of Wesleyan University, the symposium panel included J. 
Willard O'Brien of Villanova, Robert Proctor of the New 
School for Social Research and Richard Gabriel of St. 
Anselm's College. Panelists and audience were invited to 
consider and discuss the moral issues of murder and human 
relations as affected by wartime exigencies. The college plans 
to sponsor symposia on other interdisciplinary topics on an 
annual basis as a means of further extending the intellectual 
life of the campus beyond the formal classroom. 

The 20th Spring Arts Festival played during a bright April 
weekend, and was a rousing success. Several thousand visitors 

enjoyed its exhibitors, crafts, entertainments and perform- 
ances. The weekend included the premier of an original play, 
"Mr. Emerson and Henry," by Associate Dean Arthur Ford 
'58. It is rumored the roles of Emerson and Thoreau were 
performed by the dean and the president of the college. 

During June, the college hosted a reunion of Fulbright 
Scholars who were forced out of China following the 1989 
pro-democracy demonstrations and Tiananmen Square massa- 
cre. Associate Dean Ford, one of the Fulbrighters whose China 
assignment was cut short, organized the meeting, which 
attracted nationwide interest. The Fulbrighters held discussion 
sessions and presented papers recording their memories of 
their China experiences. They concluded their campus stay 
with a moving tribute marking the first anniversary of the 
Tiananmen Square massacre and remembering friends and 
students who sacrificed their lives in the uprising. 

The college's athletic teams turned in a sterling year, 
especially the football (6-4) and basketball (17-9) teams. The 
basketball team was the ECAC Southern Division winner. A 
new spirit seems to have infused all LVC sports teams, with 
most playing to a winning season this past year. 

The new Edward H. Arnold Sports Center, construction of 
an outdoor all-weather track and renovation of intercollegiate 
support facilities in Lynch Memorial are markedly improving 
the college's ability to provide students with adequate athletic 
and recreational opportunities. 



The college continued on a firm financial footing in 
1989-1990. Income for the year ending June 30 rose to a new 
level of $15,447,539, permitting the trustees to authorize 
several important improvements in the college's financial 
operations. Debt reserves were increased, the practice of 
deferring summer program expenses was ended and a volun- 
tary early retirement program for faculty was offered and fully 
funded. With these $402,801 in optional expenditures, total 
expenditures and manditory transfers were $15,443,139. 

Endowment showed encouraging growth during the year. 
After allowing for income distribution of $558,624 to current 
operations, the market value of general endowments and 
annuities and life income funds at the June 30 closing stood 
at $1 1 ,865,012, an increase of 12 percent over the period a 
year earlier. 

President Synodinos 
and Chairman Reinhart 
admire the foyer of the 
newly renovated Lynch 
Memorial Hall (its 
exterior is pictured 
on the cover.) 



To assure that Lebanon Valley is well-prepared for the years 
ahead, during the fall 1990 semester the college enters a formal 
strategic planning process. A planning retreat to include 
trustees and representatives from the faculty, students, alumni, 
and staff will initiate the process. Following the retreat, a task 
force will be formed and charged with engaging the broader 
community in discussion and reflection on a set of strategic 
initiatives. By February 1991, the task force's report recom- 
mending priorities for consideration by the trustees will be 
presented and shared widely with the college community. 

Lebanon Valley has accomplished much in the past several 
years. Progress is almost always the result of some individual 
or group initiative and commitment. And so, the balance of 
this report is devoted to recognizing the efforts of those good 
college friends —alumni, parents, individuals, businesses, and 
other organizations— whose gifts of treasure and time have 
sustained and advanced Lebanon Valley College. Truly these 
friends provide the resources enabling this institution to attain 
new levels of educational achievement. 

We thank you one and all for your generosity and your 

John A. Synodinos 


Lebanon Valley College 

Thomas C. Reinhart '58 


Board of Trustees 

Statement of Current Funds Revenues, 
Expenditures and Other Changes 

for the years ended June 30, 1990 and June 30, 1989 




Total Unrestricted 


Total Unrestricted 


Educational and general: 

and Restricted 


and Restricted 


Student tuition and fees 

$ 9,340,568 


$ 8,434,925 


Government grants 





Private gifts and grants 





Endowment and current 

investment income 



$ 10,936,572 


Total educational and general 



Auxiliary enterprises: 

$ 3,705,732 


$ 3,687,733 



$ 15,447,538 


$ 14,624,305 



Educational and general: 

Library/media services 
Student services 
Advancement/ Admissions 
Plant operation 
General administration 
General institutional 
Student aid 
Debt service 

Total educational and general 

Auxiliary enterprises: 


$ 4,797,929 


















$ 12,852,046 






$ 4,246,722 




















$ 2,680,845 


$ 14,544,032 



Source as % of Total Revenue 

Auxiliary (24.0%) 

and current 
income (4.3%) 

Gifts and private 
grants (5.5%) 

grants (5.7%) 


as % of Total Expenditures 

Auxiliary Enterprise (16 
(Dormitories, bookstore, 
food, sports center, 
print shop) 

Transfers (3.6%) 
(Debt service) 

Student Aid 

General Institution 


General Administration (3.0%) 

Instruction (31.1%) 


A New 

The 1989-90 year was one of stimulating growth and 
change for Lebanon Valley College, especially in 
the advancement program. Voluntary giving— $2.5 
million from 4,075 donors— increased 30 percent 
over the previous year. 

This impressive achievement, through which our students 
are afforded a distinctive educational experience, is really a 
vote of confidence from those thousands of alumni, parents, 
students, businesses and other organizations and friends of 
Lebanon Valley College. 

In this banner year, two accomplishments stand out. Under 
the leadership of Darwin G. Glick * 5 8, the Annual Fund totaled 
$703,000, thereby reaching the second-year goal of the 
five-year Kline Foundation Challenge. The Kresge Founda- 
tion, under its Science Initiatives Challenge, called on the 
college to complete a $900,000 program in science equipment 
and endowment. We are grateful to Dr. Elizabeth K. 
Weisburger '44, who chaired the Kresge Challenge, which 
succeeded some five months ahead of schedule. 

But the year's record of achievement in giving is all the 
more notable considering the many internal changes that took 
place in the advancement program. 

We welcomed to the advancement staff Monica Kline '88 
as director of alumni programs, and said farewell to Mary Jean 
Bishop '84. Paul Brubaker became the college's first director 
of planned giving in August, and in November Judy Pehrson 
was named the first director of college relations (public 
relations, internal communication, sports and public informa- 
tion, publications and public events). Matt Hugg, who 
coordinated the successful 125th Anniversary Campaign, took 
up a new assignment as the first director of corporate and 
foundation relations. 

If this were not enough, during the year the advancement 
staff vacated Laughlin Hall for what was to become nearly a 
year of major renovation and construction. Now returned to 
new and larger space, the staff will have better facilities from 
which to work even more efficiently and productively. 

These pages deserve careful reading, for within these lists, 
statistics and photographs you will find, as I did, a new spirit- 
of forward direction. To the good friends listed here, a hearty 
"thank you." Your fine help assures that a Lebanon Valley 
education is among the best. 

The pages of this report 
"deserve careful read- 
ing, " notes Charles W. 
Wolfe, for they testify 
to a "new spirit of 
forward direction. " 

Charles W. Wolfe '44 

Trustee and Advancement Chairman 

Consolidated Report of Gifts 
to Lebanon Valley College 









































































Total Current 
Total Capital 





















































































Total Current 
Total Capital 


















♦Categories overlap; trustees included in alumni, friends and parents total. 


Thomas Rhys Vickroy Society 

1989-90 Honor Roll 

More than four-fifths of Lebanon Valley College's voluntary 
support during 1989-90 was contributed by the Vickroy 
Society. The number of Society members increased 25 percent 
over the 1988-89 figure, to a record 252. 

Membership in the Vickroy Society is open to alumni, 
parents of students and other friends of the college on an 
annual basis, renewable each year. The Society recognizes 
gifts of $1 ,000 and above given to the college for any purpose 
during each academic year. 

Active memberships are available in the following catego- 

Trustee Associate: 
Five Founders Circle: 
President's Circle: 
Society Associate: 

A gift of $10,000 and above 
A gift of $5,000 to $9,999 
A gift of $2,500 to $4,999 
A gift of $1,000 to $2,499 

Active membership may be fulfilled with gifts of cash, 
securities, real estate or other property. 

Lifetime Vickroy Associates are members whose cumula- 
tive contributions to Lebanon Valley College total $100,000 
and above. Annual Active and Lifetime Vickroy Society 
memberships may be held concurrently. 

Note: This Honor Roll recognizes Vickroy Society members 
whose gifts were made during the academic year July 1 , 1989 
through June 30, 1990, and includes both annual and capital 
gifts, as well as contributions to the 125th Anniversary 
Campaign and the Kline Challenge. 

(Left) The Kresge 
Challenge helped to 
fund the purchase of a 
multinuclear NMR 
here, Chemistry 
Department Chair 
Richard Cornelius • 
demonstrates to 
students how it is used. 

(Top right) Dr. Diane 
Iglesius, who chairs 
the Foreign Language 
Department and 
teaches Spanish, 
won the Sears-Roebuck 
Foundation award for 
her teaching and 


Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna Carmean '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Herr, Sr. 

Mrs. Rhea Reese Madden 

Dr. Allan W. Mund 

Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Penturelli 

'48, '49 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Strickler '47 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Williams, Jr. 


Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bishop 

Drs. D. Clark and Edna Carmean '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Cassel '36 

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Cunningham 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Eby '57, '90 

Mr. Eugene C. Fish 

Mr. Harvey W. Gehr '21 

Mr. and Mrs. Darwin G. Glick 

'58, '58 
Mr. Henry H. Grimm '35 
Dr. Frederick W. Mund '32 
Dr. and Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
Mrs. Frances Long Shroyer '28 
Dr. Harvey B. Snyder '41 
Mr. E. Peter Strickler '47 
Dr. George G. Struble 
Mr. Edmund H. Umberger '34 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
Dr. and Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
Mrs. Nancy Cramer Zimmerman '53 


Mrs. Suzanne H. Arnold 

Mrs. Lucille Maberry Detwiler '38 

Dr. Martin L. and Karen McHenry 

Gluntz '53, '82 
Mr. Kenneth R. Grimm '50 
Mr. A. L. Hanford, III 
Mrs. William J. McGill, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 
Mrs. Virginia C. Miller 
Dr. Russell E. Morgan '31 
Mr. Richard G. Mund 

Miss Mildred E. Myers '30 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

'58, '57 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
Dr. Thomas W. Wolf 



Mr. and Mrs. James J. Davison 

Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler '58 

Mrs. Janice Stahl Geiling '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd R. Hackman '52 

Donald and Francis Layser '52 

Mr. P. Theodore Lyter '71 

Bruce R. and Janet B. Rismiller 

'59, '59 
Dr. and Mrs. F. Allen Rutherford, 

Jr. '37 
Mr. and Mrs. Earl J. Spangler '48 
Dr. David P. Sheetz '48 
Morton and Alyce Spector 
Mr. Donald R. Stanton '66 
Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich '33 
Miss Margaret S. Weimer '40 
Samuel A. and Elaine J. Willman 

'67, '68 


Anonymous (2) 

Dr. and Mrs. Loy C. Awkerman 

'50, '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson C. Barnhart 

'38, '38 
June C. and Michael S. Beyer 

'80, '80 
Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 
Ms. Louise E. Bishop '36 
Mr. William D. Bos well 

Dr. Nancy H. Bright '50 

Dr. William D. Bryson 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Burkholder 

•54, '53 
Dr. Margaretta A. Carey '43 
Mr. Raymond H. Can- 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Charles 
Mr. John L. Cousler 
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Davis 

'50, '42 
Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger '38 
Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Dennis P'92 
Mrs. Margaret H. Derickson in 

memory of Dr. Lawrence 

Derickson '29 
Mr. Richard X Early 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Early, Sr. '48 
Mr. Seth A. Eisner 
Mr. Herman A. Ellenberger '38 
Mr. Benjamin F. Emenheiser '21 
Mr. Harold G.Engle '51 
Mr. David S. Etter '48 
Mr. David J. Farling '56 
Dr. Ross W. Fasick '55 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth '33 
Philip H. and Judith K. Feather 

'60, '62 
Dr. Herbert Fields '54 
Mr. and Mrs. V. Carl Gacono 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble '38 
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich, 

Jr. '47, '49 
Dorothy Landis Gray '44 
Mr. William A. Grill, Jr. '26 
Mr. Gary P. Grimm '65 
Mrs. Jane Shellenberger Grubgeld 

Robert and Judith Hamilton 
Ms. Colleen Clemens Harris '74 
Mrs. Elizabeth Beittel Heffley '52 
Drs. Ned D. and Linda H. Heindel 

'59, '59 
Eugene and Blanche Heisey 
June Eby Herr '34 
Philip C. Herr, II, Esq. 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Herr, Sr. 
Nancy S. and Frederick L. Hoff '46 
Mr. Russel J. Horst '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Hostetter '36 
Pat and Leon Houser 
Drs. William G. and Charlotte R. 

Jones '50, '50 
Mr. George J. King '68 
Mr. David E. Klein '72 
Josephine V. and Ernest P. Kline 
Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark '32 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Levy 
Dr. Theodore K. Long '35 
Miss Lela W. Lopes '40 
Mr. William N. Loverd in 

memory of Dr. Dominic A. 

Bovino '30 
Dr. Eileen D. Lynch '66 
Dr. Alonzo L. Mantz '50 
Mr. Harry Algire McFaul '34 
Dr. and Mrs. William J. McGill, Jr. 
Mr. Michael J. Mease, Ms. Sally 

Mease, Mr. Stephen R. Mease in. 

memory of Mr. Ralph R. Mease 
Mr. David R. Meder '59 
Dr. Stephen J. Metro '43 
Mr. Carl E. Miller '65 
Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Miller '61 

Ms. Debbie K. Morgan '82 
Mrs. Suzanne Krauss Mover '63 
Robert J. and Susan S. Mrazik 

'79, '80 
Mrs. G. Ruth Armacost Muffly '32 
Dr. and Mrs. David D. Neiswender 

Mr. and Mrs. Clair W Noll '55, '57 
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee D. Peiffer 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Peterson 
Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer, Sr. 
Mr. George M. Reider '63 
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 
Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Ms. Joanne M. Saltzer '88 
Mrs. Arbelyn Sansone 
Mrs. Maxine Earley Sausser '37 
Mr. John A. Schoch, Jr. '72 
Mr. William E. Schadler '57 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Boyd Shaffer 

'38, '38 
Mr. Harold A. Shaub 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 

'38, '36 
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Shearer 

'66, '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L. Sowers 
Mr. Keith Spalding 
Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 
Mr. Nicholas Streeter '76 
Dr. Mark A. Townsend 
Dr. Perry J. Troutman 
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Ulrich, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Unger 

'69, '72 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Vanderwall 

'30, '29 
Mr. George W. Veale 
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Walmer 

'38, '37 
The Hon. and Mrs. John Walter 

'53, '57 
Mr. John F. Walter '27 
Dr. Paul K. Waltz '37 
Mrs. Marian Marcus Warden '57 
Leslie D. Wareham in honor of Mrs. 

Ruth Karre Wareham '45 
Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham '45 
Miss Margaret I. Weaver '35 
Mr. Clifford J. Wengert 
John and Marie Wengert 
Dr. and Mrs. E. p. Williams, Jr. 
Mr. Charles W Wolfe '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Yost '62, '62 
Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe '30 
Mrs. L. Mae Burkholder Zwally '28 





AMP, Inc. 
AT&T Foundation 
Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation 
Bell of Pennsylvania 
John A. Blessing Foundation 
Boscov's Department Stores, Inc. 
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brossman 
Charitable Foundation 

Broyhill & Associates, Inc. 
Butler Manufacturing Company 
Central Pennsylvania Conference, 

The United Methodist Church 
Champion International Corporation 
Cleaver Brooks Division of AQUA 

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 
Dauphin Deposit Bank & Trust Co. 
Derek & Edson Associates 
R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company 
The Dow Chemical Company 

E. I. du Pont de Nemours & 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, 

The United Methodist Church 
Egli, Reilly, Wolfson, Sheffey & 

Exxon Education Foundation 
Farmers Trust Company 
First National Bank of Fredericksburg 
Foundation for Independent Colleges, 

General Accident Insurance 
General Electric Foundation 
Gibb Foundation 
Gretna Glen Camp 
Hamilton Bank 
Hamilton Bank Foundation 
The Hershey Foods Corporate Fund 
Hershey Foods Corporation 
IBM Corporation 
ICI Americas, Inc. 
Johnson & Johnson 
Jonestown Bank & Trust Co. 
Josten's Foundation 

Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline 

Lebanon Mutual Insurance Company 
Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 

Annville Branch 

Philadelphia Branch 
Lebanon Valley College Student 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 
Lesher Mack Sales & Service 
Christian R. and Mary F Lindback 

Margaret Ogilvie McCormick Trust 
McGraw-Hill Foundation, Inc. 
Meridian Bank 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola Company 
Mobil Foundation, Inc. 
Northwest Airlines, Inc. 
Northwest Savings Bank (formerly 

Steitz Savings & Loan) 
The William Penn Foundation 
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. 
Peoples National Bank 
Presser Foundation 
Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co. 
Prudential Foundation 
Mary Sachs Foundation 
Sears-Roebuck Foundation 
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
Sterling Drug, Inc. 
UGI Corporation 
United Methodist Women, 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 
Wengert 's Dairy, Inc. 
The Whitaker Foundation 
Arthur Young Foundation 

Internationa i studen ts 
contribute to the 
diverse environment the 
college seeks to create. 



Providing the finest educational opportunity possible 
for our students is our mission at Lebanon Valley 
College. Annual giving helps provide the resources 
needed to fulfill that mission. For the second year 
in a row, alumni and other friends, through their 
annual giving commitments, enabled the college to meet the 
Kline Foundation Challenge. This five-year challenge requires 
the college to increase annual giving in order to earn additional 
resources from the Josiah W. and Bessie H. Kline Foundation 

Since tuition covers only about 75 percent of the cost of 
educating our students, income from the Annual Fund provides 
a vital portion of the current operating budget. Supported items 
include: student financial aid, faculty salaries, both intercolle- 
giate and intramural athletics, religious programs, lecture- 
ships, concerts and campus maintenance. 

Outstanding annual giving accomplishments during 1989-90 

■ a record unrestricted total of $703,154. 

■ membership in donor clubs grew by nearly 20 percent. 
Their gifts constitute three-quarters of the annual giving 

total. These individuals and the level of their gift support are 
recognized in the listings that follow. 

We offer sincere appreciation from the entire college family 
to all the good friends of Lebanon Valley College who have 
helped to make 1989-90 another banner year. 

/& /tU~4j 

Darwin G. Glick '58 
Trustee and Chairperson 
1989-90 Annual Fund 

"Income from the 
Annual Fund provides 
a vital portion of the 
current operating 
budget, " explains 
Darwin G. Glick. 


Honor Roll 
of Donors 


Class of 1917 

Mrs. Mary Garver Mathewson 
#Dr. Edwin H. White 
#Mr. Edwin H. Zeigler 

Class of 1918 

Mrs. Merab Gamble Brooks 
#Mrs. Elizabeth Gallatin Snoke 
Mrs. Kathyrn Ruth Swalm 

Class of 1919 

#Mr. Norman M. Bouder 
Mrs. Mabel Moore Heller 
Mrs. Mary Creighton McNelly 

Class of 1920 

#Mrs. Helena Maulfair Bouder 

Class of 1921 

Ms. Olive E. Darling 

*Mr. Benjamin F. Emenheiser 

*Mr. Harvey W. Gehr 

Class of 1922 

Dr. Oliver S. Heckman 
Mrs. Verna Hess Larkin 
#Mr. Adam D. Miller 
Mrs. Ada Heisey Shalley 

Class of 1923 

#Mr. Raymond M. Oberholtzer 
#Mrs. Dorothy Fencil Smith 
#Mrs. Delia Heir Thomas 
Mrs. Mary Hiester Wheat 

Class of 1924 

#Mr. Samuel D. Evans 
Ms. Ruth C. Harpel 
Mr. Charles C. Leber 

Class of 1925 

Mrs. Mary Houck Hager 
Mrs. Kathryn Nisley Herr 
#Miss Ellen S.Keller 
Mrs. Sarah Dearwechter Neisch 
Mrs. Viola Mitchell Rickabaugh 
Mrs. Ruth Hoy Sadler 
Miss Verna I. Seitzinger 
Miss Elizabeth S. Sloat 

Class of 1926 

Mrs. Carrie Early Barber 

Mrs. Mary MacDougall Clepper 

*Mr. William A. Grill 
Mr. Raymond N. Keim 
Mrs. Marion Hess Kolb 
Mrs. Claribel Nisley Linder 
Rev. Clyde E. Rickabaugh 
#Dr. Mervie H. Welty 

Class of 1927 

#Dr. D. Leroy Fegley 
Mrs. Blanche Stager Fox 
Mr. C. Floyd Lichtenberger 
Miss Emma I. Madciff 
•Mr. Walter L. Ness 
#Bishop W. Maynaid Sparks 
*Mr. John F. Walter 
#Mrs. Myra Sheaffer White 
Mrs. Bernetha Strickler Wright 

Class of 1928 

#Dr. C. Ray Bell 

#Dr. Joseph C. Bruno 

Mr. Ralph A. Daubert 

Mrs. Grace Witmer Kauffman 

Dr. Lloyd H. Lux 

#Dr. Monroe H. Martin 

Mrs. Mabel Brewbaker Mentzer 

Mr. Samuel Meyer 

#Dr. Millard J. Miller 

Mrs. Deborah Orth Orbock 

Mr. Edward J. Orbock 

Mrs. Mary Kreider Roper 

Miss Irene J. Schell 

*Mrs. Frances Long Shroyer 

Mrs. Viola Wolf Silvernail 

#Miss Eleanor R. Snoke 

#Mrs. Kathryn Flinchbaugh Taylor 

Mrs. Fredricka Baker Yetter 

*Mrs. L. Mae Burkholder Zwally 

Class of 1929 

#Mr. John W. Beattie 
Rev. Russell G. Becktel 
#Mrs. Hilda Wolfersberger Bell 
Mr. Leonard M. Bennetch 
Mr. Martin F. Bleichert 
#Mr. Enos A. Detweiler, 
Mr. Carl E. Heilman 
#Mrs. Emmeline Shaffer Miller 
Mrs. Ruth Essick Miller 
Miss Ruth E. Reigel 
Mr. Charles R. Troutman 
*Mrs. Miriam Muth Yanderwall 
Mrs. Nancy Ulrich Wood 

Class of 1930 

Mrs. Dorothy Hiester Behney 

Donor Clubs 

* Vickroy Society: 

• Society of 1866; 

# Charter Club: 

$1 ,000 and above 
$600 to $999 
$200 to $599 

Miss M. Blanche Cochran 
#Mrs. Marian Heaps Cote 
#Mr. Harold H. Herr 
#Dr. G. Edgar Hertzler 
Mrs. Ruth Famell Hoffman 
Rev. Lester M. Kauffman 
Dr. J. Calvin Keene 
*Miss Mildred E. Myers 
#Mr. William J. Myers 
Mrs. Ruth Cooper Sanford 
Mrs. Helen Hain Shearer 
*Mr. Norman Vanderwall 
#Mr. Lloyd M. Weber 
Mrs. Madeline Rife Yundt 
Dr. Harry W. Zechman 
*Mrs. Grace Keener Zerbe 

Class of 1931 

Mrs. Ethel Hower Darkes 
#Miss Edna M. Early 
Mr. Lee Eck 
Dr. Merle W Eshleman 
Mr. Paul J. Evancoe 
#Miss Dorothy B. Hafer 
Mrs. Effie LeVan Kostenbauder 
Mrs. Anna Wolfe Merkel 
Rev. Grant N. Miller 
*Dr. Russell E. Morgan 
#Mrs. Margaret Young Schrope 
Mrs. Anna Wengert Whitmire 
Mrs. Alma Binner Wise 
Mr. Joseph E. Wood 

Class of 1932 

#Lt. Col. Newton M. Burgner 
#Mrs. Margaret Lehn Coleman 
Mrs. Naomi Shivery Depuy 
Mr. John D. Hughes 
#Dr. Paul K. Keene 
Mr. Alvin E. Kinney 
#Mr. Paul I. Kleinfelter 
*Mrs. Ruth Shroyer Lark 
Mrs. Evelyn Keller Leib 
Mr. Giles A. Light 
Mr. Marlin L. Miller 
*Mrs. G. Ruth Armacost Muffly 
Mrs. Edith Fields Reynolds 
•Mrs. Dorothy Garber Roudabush 
Mrs. Lenora Bender Shortlidge 
#Miss B. Elizabeth Ulrich 
Mrs. Martha Daley Wampler 

Class of 1933 

Mr. Edgar C. Brinser 
#Mrs. Ruth Coble Burkhart 
*Dr. Mae I. Fauth 
•Lt. Col. James T. Frantz Jr. 
•Mrs. Helen Eddy Hart 
Mr. Matthew L. Karinch 
Mr. Albert A. Kaslusky 
Mr. Amos H. Knisley 
#Mrs. Marion Kruger Light 
#Miss Sophia Morris 
#Mrs. Luella Heilman Myers 

#Mrs. Miriam Miller Roush 
#Mr. Leonard M. Schrope 
*Dr. Samuel D. Ulrich 
#Mrs. H. Jane Muth Whiteman 
#Dr. Harry E. Zech 

Class of 1934 

Mrs. Minna Wolfskeil Barnes 

Mrs. Eva Shissler Becktel 

The Hon. Allen E. Buzzell 

Mrs. Esther Smelser Duke 

*Mrs. June Eby Herr 

#Mr. Peter W. Kandrat 

Mrs. Haidee Blubaugh Kaslusky 

Mrs. Margaret Longenecker Kern 

Dr. John J. B. Light 

#Mr. Wilbur H. Mathias 

*Mr. H. Algire McFaul 

•Mr. Clyde S. Mentzer 

Mr. Rudolph B.Miller 

Mrs. Catherine Heckman Nitrau 

Mr. Earl S. Rice 

Mrs. Martha Kreider Rudnicki 

Mrs. Kathryn Witmer Sandel 

#Mr. James H. Scott 

Mr. George D. Sherk 

#Mr. John J. Todd 

*Mr. Edmund H. Umberger 

Dr. Leonard Volkin 

Mrs. Winifred Miller Williams 

#Mr. Robert D. Womer 

Class of 1935 

#Mr. Casper E. Arndt 
Mr. Guy A. Beaver 
Mr. Frank P. Boran 
Mrs. Frances Holtzman Colbert 
Mrs. Ethel Keller Erickson 
•Mr. David J. Evans 
#Mrs. Anne Butterwick Gilbert 
*Mr. Henry H. Grimm 
*Dr. Theodore K. Long 
#Dr. Warren F. Mentzer 
#Dr. Bruce M. Metzger 
#Mr. Gerald B. Russell 
Mr. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 
•Mr. Albert J. Sincavage 
#Mr. Allen W Steffy 
*Miss Margaret I. Weaver 
Mrs. Rebecca Adams Whitlock 
#Mr. John E. Witter 

Class of 1936 

#Dr. George S. Bachman 

#Mr. Charles E. Bartolet Sr. 

*Ms. Louise E. Bishop 

#Mr. Jay H. Bolton 

Mrs. Winona Shroff Botello 

*Mr. Robert U. Cassel 

Miss Evelyn C. Frick 

#Mr. J. Stewart Glen Jr. 

Dr. Alvin R. Grove 

*Mrs. Jane Shellenberger Grubgeld 

#Mr. Samuel S. Harnish 







of Donors 

Percentage of 























































































































































of Donors 

Percentage of 



















































































































































Senior Class Gift in honor of 
Dr. George Marquette *48 


Mrs. Nancy Bowman Hatz 
Miss Anna Mary Herr 
*Dr. Mark J. Hostetter 
Mr. Paul E. Kuhlman 
Mrs. Kathleen Pool Land 
#Mrs. Marian Leisey Light 
Mr. Edgar P. Monn 
#Mr. Richard C. Rader 
Dr. Calvin H. Reber 
Mrs. Mary Haddox Rockwell 
*Mrs. Irma Keiffer Shearer 
Mrs. Charlotte Stabley Warner 

Class of 1937 

•Mrs. Sara Light Aungst 
#Mr. Edward R. Bachman 
#Mrs. Ruth Goyne Berger 
#Mr. Paul C. Billett 
#Mr. William H. Earnest 
Mrs. Cordelia Sheaffer Felder 
Mrs. Lois Harbold Guise 
Mr. Russell C. Hatz 
Mrs. Eleanor Lynch Hemperly 
#Dr. Charles B. Kinney 
Rev. Paul A. Miller 
#Mrs. Rose Tschopp Needy 
Dr. Howard F. Reber 
*Dr. F. Allen Rutherford Jr. 
Mrs. Ruth Buck Schlegel 
#Dr. Donald E. Shay 
#Mrs. Grace Naugle Sinclair 
Mrs. Romaine Stiles Smeltzer 
#Mrs. Claire Adams Stoudt 
#Mrs. Marjorie Smith Trego 
Mr. Duey E. Unger 
*Mrs. Edna Binkley Walmer 
*Dr. Paul K. Waltz 

Class of 1938 
•Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 
♦Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. 
*Mrs. Mary Zartman Barnhart 
#Mr. Lloyd D. Berger 
#Miss Helen I. Butterwick 
#Mr. Gordon Davies 
*Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 
*Mrs. Lucille Maberry Detwiler 
*Mr. Herman A. Ellenberger 
Ms. Gail M. Spangler Fidler 
Mr. Walter P. Fridinger 
*Mr. G. Wilbur Gibble 
#Mrs. Ella Mason Hamilton 
#Mr. Robert M.Johns 
#Mrs. Isobel Cox Klinefelter 
#Mrs. Wanda Price Koehler 
Mr. John W Kreamer 
#Dr. Luther K. Long 
•Mr. John P. Marbarger 
#Mrs. Lena Risser Mitchell 
Mr. Jack R. Morris 
#Mrs. Hazel Heminway Muth 
Mrs. Greta Heiland Payne 
*Dr. C. Boyd Shaffer 
*Mrs. Louise Stoner Shaffer 
*Dr. Daniel L. Shearer 
Mrs. Ethel Houtz Slonaker 
#Mr. Calvin D. Spitler 
#Mrs. Elizabeth Bender Ulrich 
#Maj. Paul X Ulrich 
*Dr. John D. Walmer 
#Mrs. Dorothy Kreamer Wendel 

Class of 1939 

Mrs. Janet Whitesell Alford 
Mrs. Grace Geyer Aston 
Mrs. Evelyn Fridinger Baker 

#Rev. Lloyd E. Beamesderfer 

Mrs. Anna Light Blatt 

Mr. Robert G. Brown 

Mr. Stanley Bulota 

Mrs. Irene Ranck Christman 

#Mr. William F. Clark 

Mrs. Dorothy Zeiters Clipping 

#Mrs. Alice Richie Chipper 

#Mr. Carl W. Dempsey 

Mrs. Gertrude Ellenberger Dupler 

#Mrs. Kathryn Yingst Etchberger 

Mrs. Ruth Rohrer freed 

•Mrs. Dorothy Null Frey 

•Mr. Raymond T. Frey 

#Mr. Benjamin M. Goodman 

Dr. Thomas W Guinivan 

#Mr. Leander H. Hamm 

Mrs. Virginia Niessner Hess 

#Miss Ruth C. A. Keene 

#Mr. HarlinS. Kinney 

Mr. Edward K. Kress 

#Mrs. Cora Graby Limmroth 

Mr. Robert W. Long 

Mrs. E. Mae Mulhollen Mallins 

Mrs. Jean Marbarger Medinger 

Mrs. Lillian Zubroff Melman 

Mrs. Amy Meinhardt Melson 

Mrs. Helen Bartlett Miller 

Mr. Donald G. Smith 

Mr. Coda W Sponaugle 

Miss Evalyn M. Strickler 

#Mr. Robert P. Tschop 

#Col. Roy A. Weidman 

Mrs. Catherine Whister Wetter 

Class of 1940 

#Mrs. Mary Albert Attick 

#Mr. Charles M. Belmer 

Mr. John L. Bemesderfer 

Mr. William L. Bender 

Mrs. Evelyn Evans Broderick 

#Mrs. Lucille Gollam Byerly 

Mrs. Evelyn Seyler Cassady 

Mr. Florian W. Cassady 

Mr. J. Stanley Deck 

Mrs. Lillian Leisey Deck 

#Mr. Robert E. Dinsmore 

Mrs. Rachel Holdcraft Farthing 

Mr. Dennis Geesey 

Mrs. Ruth Hershey Geesey 

Mr. Robert S. Grimm 

Mrs. Kathryn Zwally Haverstick 

Mrs. Ruth Gerry Hebard 

Mr. Henry F. Hoffman 

#Dr. Paul E. Horn 

•Mrs. Esther Wise Hovis 

Mrs. Anna Evans Hower 

#Dr. W Frederick Huber 

Rev. William H. Jenkins 

Mr. David F Lenker 

Mr. Jesse S. Lenker 

Mr. Ralph R. Lloyd 

*Miss Lela W Lopes 

#Mr. Gustav T. Maury 

#Mr. John V. Moller 

Dr. John H. Ness 

#Dr. John G. Oliver 

•Mrs. Mildred Gardner Reiley 

Mr. John A. Schaeffer 

#Mrs. Dorothy Long Sechrist 

#Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling 

Mrs. Verna Schlosser Sollenberger 

Mrs. Barbara Bowman Stecker 

#Mr. Christian B.Waik 

*Ms. Margaret S. Weimer 

Mrs. Ellen Reath Wert 

Mr. Harold G. Yeagley 

Mr. John A. Yingst 
Dr. M. Dale Yocum 

Class of 1941 

#Mrs. Irene Seiders Bigler 
Miss Jeanne L. Bliven 
Mr. Theodore J. Ciamillo 
Mrs. Marian Reiff Craighead 
#Mrs. Betty Rutherford Daiber 
Mr. John H. Dressier 
#Rev. M. Lucile Esbenshade 
#Mr. Samuel O. Grimm 
#Mrs. Floda Trout Guinivan 
Dr. Donald Haverstick 
Mr. Raymond C. Hess 
Mrs. Frances Prutzman Kauffman 
Mrs. Mildred Rittle Keiser 
Mrs. Louella Schindel Koenig 
Mrs. Mary Homan Kurtz 
#Mrs. Lucille Bamberger Long 
Mrs. Evelyn Ware Lynch 
Dr. Charles R. Miller 
Miss Mabel Jane B. Miller 
Mr. Harold L. Moody 
Mrs. Joan Cox Ragsdale 
#Dr. Alexander B. Rakow 
Mrs. Edna Rutherford Sheckart 
Lt. Col. Frank L. Shenk 
Mrs. Ellen Ruppersberger Silvers 
Lt. Col. Frederick W. Smee 
*Dr. Harvey B. Snyder 
Mrs. Ethel Fisher Steiner 
Mrs. Margaret Bordwell Twyfor 
Mrs. Rebecca Parks Umstead 
Mrs. Mary Spangler Walker 
Mrs. Martha Jane Koontz Zachert 
Rev. Clinton D. Zimmerman 

Class of 1942 

Mrs. fredericka Laucks Albert 

Ms. Kathryn E. Brehm 

Mrs. Mary Light Bryce 

Mr. Joseph E. Carr 

*Mrs. Elizabeth Sattazahn Davis 

Mr. Harry I. Drendall 

Dr. David W. Gockley 

*Mr. Russel J. Horst 

Mrs. Virginia Goodman Hunsicker 

Mrs. Viola Snell Maury 

Mr. Edward C. McFerren 

Mrs. June Hollinger Meek 

#Mrs. Lois Seavers Miller 

#Mr. William P. Mueller 

#Dr. Harold S. Peiffer 

Dr. Richard F Seiverling 

*Dr. Ralph S. Shay 

Mrs. Ruth Heminway Siebert 

Mrs. Rosanna Brandt Slayton 

Rev. Samuel H. Stoner 

#Mr. John F Swope 

#Mr. Charles J. Tyson 

#Mrs. Martha Foster Tyson 

Rev. Robert G. Whisler 

#Dr. Christian G. Wornas 

#Mr. George C. Ziegler 

Class of 1943 

#Dr. John A. Bamberger 

Dr. Donald F. Bartley 

#Mrs. Adelaide Sanders Burgner 

*Dr. Margaretta A. Carey 

Mrs. Jean Daugherty Carr 

Rev. W Edgar Cathers 

#Mrs. Martha Crone Eppley 

Mrs. E. Louise Keller Erantz 

•Mr. Frederick S. Frantz 

#Mrs. Martha Wilt Grimm 

Dr. John E. Hampton 

Mrs. Dorothy Light Mease 

*Dr. Stephen J. Metro 

Mr. Albert H. Morrison 

*Dr. H. Anthony Neidig 

Dr. Robert K. Ness 

*Dr. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Mrs. Shirley Carl Rothenberg 

#Dr. Helen Ross Russell 

Mrs. Verna Kreider Schenker 

Mrs. Genevieve Stansfield Shenk 

Dr. H. Dennis Sherk 

Mr. Hans W Uberseder 

Mrs. M. Elizabeth Grube Weidman 

#Mrs. Evelyn Stine Ziegler 

Class of 1944 

#Ms. Betty V. Bartels 
Rev. Samuel H. Beamesderfer 
Dr. Marian Kreider Bosien 
Mr. Norman M. Bouder 
Mrs. Emma Miller DeBowes 
Mrs. Grace Spangler Drager 
Mrs. JoMarie Shannon Dresel 
Dr. James E. Flinchbaugh 
*Mrs. Dorothy Landis Gray 
Mrs. Elizabeth Light Hamilton 
#Mr. Richard J, Hoerner 
#Dr. Gerald D. Kauffman 
Dr. Paul Lipsitz 
#Mr. John C. McFadden 
Rev. Charles A. Shelley 
#Rev. Bruce C. Souders 
Mrs. Elizabeth Hess Uberseder 
*Dr. Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 
*Mr. Charles W Wolfe 
Mrs. Jean Garland Woloshyn 

Class of 1945 

#Mr. Alfred L. Blessing 
Mrs. Norma Kiscadden Daihl 
Mrs. Mary Brown Fitz 
Mrs. Evelyn Hiester Rick 
*Mrs. Janice Stahl Geiling 
#Mrs. Jeanne Waller Hoerner 
Mrs. Lizette Fisher Knorr 
Ms. Yvonne L. Raab 
#Rev. E. Stephen Raby 
Mrs. Elizabeth Gooden Rhodes 
Mrs. Miriam Jones Rudy 
Mrs. Esther Zimmerman Shelley 
#Mrs. Patricia Bartels Souders 
Dr. Geraldine Huss Testa 
*Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham 
Mrs. Anne Adams Zart 
Mrs. Sarah Koury Zimmerman 

Class of 1946 

•Mrs. Jean Gingrich Bomgardner 

#Mrs. Phyllis Snyder Boyer 

Mr. John E. Carbaugh 

•Dr. Gene U. Cohen 

Mrs. Viola Shettel Crites 

Ms. Catherine Deraco 

Mrs. Betty Schaffer Grosky 

Mrs. Jean Thrush Hawkins 

*Mrs. Nancy Sattazahn Hoff 

#Mrs. Eleanor Hershey Kauffman 

#Dr. Gordon B. Kemp 

Mrs. Martha Light Klein 

Mrs. Elizabeth Reiff Marino 

Mrs. Grace Cully Marquette 

#Mrs. Edith Kreiser Probus 

#Mrs. Sarah Stauffer Sandy 

Mr. Richard D. Seidel 

Mrs. Janet Dietz Spann 

#Mrs. Frances Workman Weiser 

* Vickroy Society; * Society of 1866; 
# Charter Club; + Deceased 


Class of 1947 

#Ms. Florence E. Barnhart 
#Ms. Jean E. Bedger 
Dr. Carl L. Denr 
Mrs. Madalyn Quickel Drew 
#Dr. George E. Edwards 
Mr. Lloyd V. Fegan 
Mr. Vernon M. Fickes 
#Dr. Paul G. Fisher 
Mrs. Sara Schott Fisher 
*Dr. Russell L. Gingrich 
#Miss Nora M. Goodman 
Mrs. Evelyn Stonecipher Gourlay 
Mrs. Kathryn Albert Heckard 
Mrs. Esther Engle Hivner 
#Mrs. Arlene Schlosser Keller 
#Mr. Brian H. Kintzer 
Rev. Earl R. Marks 
Mr. Frank R. Meze 
Mr. Charles R. Miller 
Dr. George L. Moore 
Mrs. Nancy Johns Nevins 
Mrs. Betty Gingrich Rauch 
Mrs. Helen Dickel Sandrock 
#Capt. Marlin D. Seiders 
Mrs. Pearl Miller Siegel 
*Mr. E. Peter Strickler 
Mrs. Jean Myers Swanson 
#Dr. Herman J. Weiser 

Class of 1948 
Mrs. Miriam Wehry Bazar 
Mr. Alvin C. Berger 
Mrs. Mary Helen Long Bickel 
#Mr. Herbert E. Ditzler 
*Dr. Robert F. Early 
Mrs. Nellie Walter Eaton 
Mr. Peter Gamber 
Mrs. Mary Frank Habig 
#Dr. Samuel A. Hartman 
#Mrs. Mary Eckert Hoffman 
Mrs. Ruth Gearhart Keech 
#Dr. Grace E. Laverty 
#Mr. John H. Light 
Mrs. Dorothy Strassburger Mark 
•Dr. George R. Marquette 
#Dr. Anna Dunkle McVay 
Mr. William A. Rothrock 
Mr. Samuel J. Rutherford 
*Dr. David P. Sheetz 
Mrs. Doris Newman Shettel 
Mr. Paul O. Shettel 
Mr. Alton M. Smith 
*Mr. Earl J. Spangler 
*Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek 
#Mrs. Martha Ross Swope 
Dr. Arthur L. Ten- 
Mrs. Carolyn Boeddinghaus Urich 
Mrs. Jane Ruth York 
Mr. Robert A. Zimmerman 

Class of 1949 

♦Mrs. Rose Marie Root Awkerman 

Mr. Robert E. Baker 

Mr. Ralph T. Barnes 

Mr. James L. Barto 

Rev. Harold W. Beam 

#Mr. Arthur I. Bodden 

Mrs. Hattie Cook Bowman 

Mr. John K. Carl 

Dr. Ralph A. Downey 

#Mr. Richard Y. Eby 

Mr. William D. Ferguson 

Dr. John A. Fidler 

•Dr. Dennis L. Fiinck 

Mrs. Janet Weaver Gemberling 

Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling 

Rev. Paul J. Gerhart 

*Mrs. Nancy Meyer Gingrich 

Mr. Charles K. Greenawalt 

•Mr. Glenn L. Hall 

Mrs. Dorothy Smith Heisey 

#Rev. Alvin S. Hildebrand 

Mr. Donald R. Hoffer 

Dr. Henry G. Hostetter 

Mrs. Mary Wolf Jackman 

Mr. Earl F. Kauffman 

Mrs. Mary Ellen B. Kinch 

#Mr. Wesley R. Kreiser 

Mr. Howard F. Lebegern 

Dr. Donald V. Malick 

Mr. Robert H. Marquette 

Dr. John E. Marshall 

Mr. Robert P. McCoy 

Mr. Gerard J, McKenna 

Mr. Sidney S. Miller 

Mr. Dean S, Moore 

#Mr. William T. Moore 

Mr. Bryce C. Oxenrider 

*Mr. George F. Patterson 

Mrs. Jane Reed Pope 

Mrs. Joanna Norris Roe 

Dr. Laverne E. Rohrbaugh 

Mrs. Ella Shultz Roman 

Mr. Paul H. Sadler 

Mrs. Thelma Zimmerman Shearer 

Mr. Robert H. Sheetz 

Rev. John E. Shettel 

Rev. Joseph D. Smith Jr. 

Mr. Charles W. Tome 

Mrs. Dorothy Zink Werst 

Mrs. Erma Gainor Yeakel 

#Dr. Joseph H. Yeakel 

Mrs. Ruth Harnish Zentmeyer 

Mr. Thomas M. Zimmerman 

Class of 1950 

Dr. Luke S. Albert 
#Mr. Glenn R. Aldinger 
Mr. John H. Allwein 
*Dr. Loy C. Awkerman 
Mr. Arthur J. Bacastow 
Mr. Franklin I. Bachman 
Mr. Milton W Baker 
Mrs. Betty Camp Barto 
Mr. Carl R. Baum 
Mr. John R. Beddall 
#Dr. Lewis W. Bowman 
Mr. Harry L. Bricker 
*Dr. Nancy H. Bright 
Mr. Paul E. Broome 
Mr. Allen H. Brown 
#Mr. Frederic W. Brown t 
Mrs. Janet Eppley Bucher 
Rev. Norman B. Bucher 
Mr. Ronald M. Burd 
Mrs. Kathryn Noll Chernich 
*Mr. James K. Davis 
Mr. Henry C. Deens 
Mr. Henry A. DiJohnson 
#Dr. Charles R. Eigenbrode 
Mr. Ralph S. Espenshade 
*Mr. David S. Etter 
#Dr. Alex J. Fehr 
Mr. William G. Fisher 
Dr. Wallace W. Furman 
Dt, Donald A. Geib 
Mr. Carl W Gibson 
Mr. James E. Gregg 
*Mr. Kenneth R. Grimm 
Mrs. Doris Strickler Hen- 
Mr. Robert W Hess 

Mr. Frank W Hockley 

Mrs. M. Louise Jagnow Hockley 

Mrs. Doris Klingensmith Hoepfer 

*Dr. Charlotte Rohrbaugh Jones 

*Dr. William G. Jones 

#Rev. Stephen F. Jordan 

#Rev. Roger E. Keech 

Mrs. Vivian Werner Keefer 

Mrs. Doris Eckert Ketner 

Dr. Robert M. Kline 

Mr. Anthony J. Kutchever 

Mr. Joseph W. Layser 

Mr. Ray A. Layser 

#Mrs. Mary Edelman Light 

Mr. Richard H. Light 

Mrs. Ellen Jepsen Lukens 

Mr. Harold G. Madeira 

*Dr. Alonzo L. Mantz 

Mrs. Ethel Beam Mark 

Miss Esther C. McNeal 

Mr. William R. Merriman 

Mr. Simon J. Meyer 

Mrs. Geraldine Rothermel Nease 

Mr. John R, Nilan 

Mr. James E, Parker 

Mr. James W. Parsons 

Col. Donald A. Potter 

Mr. Joseph D. Rojahn 

Mr. George Roman 

Mrs. Jeanne Hull Russell 

Rev. Monroe J. Shearer 

Rev. Howard H. Smith 

#Mr. William D. Steely 

Mrs. Jean Kostenbauder Stolte 

Mrs. Sidney Garverich Tome 

Miss Nan E. Urich 

Mrs. Lillian Keller van Natta 

#Dr. David H. Wallace 

Rev. Charles B.Weber 

Mr. William Wertz 

Mr. J. Ellis Wood 

Mr. Harold E. Yingst 

Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman 

Class of 1951 

Mr. Robert L. Allen 

#Mr. John D. Boag 

#Mrs. Margaret Bower Boag 

Mr. Herbert L. Booz 

Dr. William J. Boyd 

Mrs. Joan L. Klingler Boyer 

Mrs. Betty Edelman Creamer 

Mr. Donald A. Degler 

Mrs. Mary Tillson Downey 

*Mr. Harold G. Engle 

#Mr. Robert K. Feaster 

#Mr. Robert R. Fischer 

Mrs. Arlene Shuey Fisher 

#Mr. P. Jay Flocken 

Mr. Joseph J. Frank 

Ms. Jean E. Frantz 

Mrs. Elizabeth Briody Rry 

Dr. Charles R. Garrett 

Rev. Roland E. Garvin 

•Dr. Pierce A. Getz 

Mr. Jack D. Gramm 

Mr. Lemoyne W. Hoffman 

Dr. J. Harold Housman 

Mrs. Barbara Metzger Kline 

Rev. W. Richard Kohler 

#Mrs. Sara Etzweiler Linkous 

#Rev. Robert P. Longenecker 

Mr. Norman G. Lukens 

•Mrs. Rufina Balmer Marquette 

Mr. Robert H. Meckley 

Dr. Robert K. Miller 

Mr. William F. Miller 

Mr. Horace F. Moyer 

Mr. Richard B. Moyer 

#Mr. Charles E. Roland 

Mrs. Edith Shanaman Rothenberger 

Mr. Lee R. Thierwechter 

Rev. Martin W. A. Trostle 

Mr. PeterS. Villa 

Mr. William O.Wert 

#Mr. Henry F. Wolfskeil 

Mr. Neal E. Woll 

Rev. Donald D. Zeiders 

Class of 1952 

•Ms. Lois L. Adams 

Mrs. Elaine Barron Auerbach 

Mr. Anthony K. Bering 

Mr. Alden G. Biely 

#Dr. Samuel H. Black 

Mr. Donald Blanken 

#Mr. Nicholas Bova 

#Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 

#Mrs. Ruth Sheaffer Daugherty 

#Mr. Jay N. Dutweiler 

Mr. M. Eugene Fisher 

Mrs. Elma Breidenstine Rry singer 

Mr. Donald S. Gingrich 

♦Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman 

Mr. Richard D. Hartman 

Mrs. Elizabeth Beittel Heffley 

Mr. Robert D. Hoffsommer Jr. 

#Mrs. Joanne Ricedorf Jacoby 

*Mr. Donald C. Layser 

#Ms. D. Jane Lutz 

Miss Jane L. Martin 

Mr. John C. Messersmith 

Mr. Donald N. Miller 

Mr. Richard W.Miller 

#Mr. Joseph Oxley 

Mr. James S. Pacy 

Mr. Josef G. Parker 

#Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 

Mr. Melvin Schiff 

#Dr. Nancy Deimler Seiders 

#Mr. Joseph J. Shemeta 

Mr. John W Springer 

Dr. Richard H. Stewart 

Dr. Sterling F. Strause 

Mr. John I. Sweigard 

Mrs. Diane Randolph Woodward 

Mrs. Gloria Dressier Zeigler 

Class of 1953 

Mr. Robert A. Brandt 

*Mrs. Phyllis Barnhart Burkholder 

Mrs. Joyce Hammock Carson 

Mr. Robert Y. Clay 

Mr. Lawrence W. Crain 

Mr. Carl W. Daugherty 

Mr. Frank R. DeAngelis 

#Dr. Miriam Light Dengler 

Mrs. Janice DeLong Diehm 

Mrs. Jean Stahle Donohue 

Dr. Warren L. Early 

Mr. Lloyd O. Evans 

#Dr. Joseph A. Ferrer 

Mr. Richard J. Furda 

Mr. Aaron K. Gingrich 

*Dr. Martin L. Gluntz 

Mr. Robert A. Gustin 

Mrs. Jane McMurtrie Hart 

Mrs. Joan Gilbert Hartz 

#Mr. Donald L. Hedgecock 

#Dr. Allen H. Heim 

#Mrs. Joan Bair Herman 

* Vickroy Society; - Society of J866; 

# Charter Club; + Deceased 


#Mr. Melvin E. Hostetter 

Mr. Winslow Johnson 

Mrs. Pauline Rittle Kauffman 

Dr. Allen J. Koppenhaver 

•Dr. Donald L. Kreider 

#Mr. Edgar D. Landis 

Mr. Abram L. Leaman 

*Dr. David D. Neiswender 

Rev. M. Eugene Patrick 

Mr. M. Joseph Russo 

Mr. Philip H. Seltzer 

Mrs. Mary Kurtz Sweigaid 

Mr. Robert J. Tarantolo 

"The Hon. John Walter 

Mr. Edward H. Walton 

Mrs. Alma Mariani Wood 

Mr. William H. Wood 

*Mrs. Nancy Cramer Zimmerman 

Class of 1954 

Mrs. Sara Herr Alecxih 

Mrs. Joanne Bachman Belson 

Dr. Robert H. Boyd 

*Mr. Donald L. Burkholder 

Mr. George J. Cardone 

Mr. John T. Ervin 

*Dr. Herbert Fields 

•Mrs. Janice Walker Fleming 

•Mr. Donald S. Fleming 

#Mr. Walter H. Fry 

Mr, Donald J. Gingrich 

#Mr. Martin J. Grochowski 

Rev. Donald L. Harbaugh 

#Mrs. Doris Cortright Heck 

Dr. Robert G. Hower 

#Mrs. Betty Criswell Hungerford 

Mrs. Alice Daniel Kelly 

Mr. William H. Kelly 

Mrs. Geraldine Nichols Koppenhaver 

Ms. Barbara A. Kreiser 

•Mr. Robert Mackrides 

Mr. Ralph R. Minnick 

Dr. Richard C. Musselman 

Mrs. Joan Ringle Policastro 

Mr. Charles A. Reed 

Mr. Frank A. Ritrievi 

Mrs. Gail Edgar Ritrievi 

Mrs. Joann Butt Roberts 

Mr. Harold Y. Sandy 

Mr. John Sant'Ambrogio 

Mrs. Carol Johnstone Smith 

#Mr. Lee C. Smith 

Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 

#Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino 

#Mrs. M. Rosie Hollinger Sorrentino 

Miss Agnes M. Souders 

#Mrs. Julia Ulrich Spangler 

Mr. Richard G. Sty ring 

Mrs. Masami Uchida Tabe 

Mrs. Barbara Ranck Taylor 

Mr. Robert J. Wagner 

Mrs. Betty Swisher Wolfgang 

Mrs. Sylvia Wolfskill Woodin 

#Mr. Charles E. Yingst 

Class of 1955 

Dr. Edward U. Balsbaugh 

Mrs. Hazel Kindt Beish 

Mrs. Nancy Daugherty Cortner 

Mr. William C. Diehm 

#Mr. Roger L. Dundore 

*Dr. Ross W Fasick 
Mrs. Joyce Dissinger Hen- 
Mrs. Hilda Yost Landis 
♦Mrs. Rita Castiglia Mackrides 
Mrs. Joyce Hill Madden 
#Mr. J. Stanley Mull 
#Mrs. Joan Wingert Mull 
*Mr. Clair W Noll 
Mrs. Alice Bomberger Savastio 
#Mr. William Schmidt 
Mrs. P. Sally Ann Whitmoyer Shaak 
#Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley 
#Mrs. Florence Risser Umberger 
Dr. Mary Young Wagner 
Dr. David P. Willoughby 
Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 
Dr. Ralph E. Yingst 
Mr. DeWitt P. Zuse 

Class of 1956 

Dr. Gene R. Adams 
•Dr. John B. Allwein 
Dr. Edward J. Billingham 
Mr. Harold E. Bird 
Dr. James N. Bollinger 
Mrs. Dorothy Grabau Boyd 
Mr. Anthony B . Creamer 
Mr. Cyrus R. Dietrich 
*Mr. David J. Farling 
Mrs. Nancy Kirby Fisher 
Mrs. Irene Urian Gattiker 
#Mr. Eugene R. Geesey 
#Mr. Sidney L. Hofing 
Mrs. Joan Napoliello Horn 
#Mr. Lawrence E. Jones 
Mr. Pius H. Kaltreider 
Mrs. Joan Eckenroad Kirk 
Mrs. Shirley Warfel Knade 
Rev. Richard D. Leonard 
Mr. Dale L. Shellenberger 
Rev. H. Rodney Stoner 
Mr. George W. Strong 
#Mr. Curtis C. Troutman 
#Mr. Donald H. Umberger 
Mr. Paul D. Wummer 
Mrs. Elin Blouch Yeagley 
#Mrs. Nancy Adams Yingst 

Class of 1957 

Rev. Harold E. Basehore 

#Mr, Theodore L. Blumenthal 

Mr. Roy E. Boush 

Dr. RaLoy E. Brown 

#Mr. Donald S. Burkhart 

#Ms. Grace Gorbey Connell 

Miss Joan C. Conway 

#Ms. Hazel A. Davis 

#Rev. Cameron G. Drum 

Dr. F. Peter Hottenstein 

#Mrs. Georgianne Funk. Jones 

#Mr. Thomas F. Kershner 

#Mr. William H. Kiick 

Mr. Charles C. Kindt 

Mr. Jerry E. Lego 

Mr. Willard L. Light 

Mr. C. Linden Mcllvaine 

Mr. William R. Minnich 

Mrs. Geraldine Sheaffer Mosemann 

Mr. Ronald J. Mosemann 

*Mrs. Jeanne Winter Noll 

Mrs. Joanne Young Opalenick 

Dr. Jo Anne Grove Pieringer 

Dr. Ronald A. Pieringer 

#Maj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer 

*Mrs. Polly Risser Reinhart 

Mrs. Loretta Hostetter Risser 

Mrs. Jane Hoffman Roush 
*Mr. William E. Schadler 
Brig. Gen. Robert M. Sheaffer 
Mr. Henry W. Shuey 
Dr. Thomas E. Silliman 
Mr. Robert E. Snyder 
Mr. Richard G. Stone 
Mr. Calvin J. Wacker 
*Mrs. Patricia Lutz Walter 
*Mrs. Marian Marcus Warden 
Dr. William C. Workinger 

Class of 1958 

Dr. Jerald G. Bachman 

Mrs. Sara Crobaugh Beaver 

Mrs. Marlene Brill Bell 

Mrs. Barbara Schwaghart Bird 

#Mrs. Sessaly Prugh Boyd 

#Mr. Charles T. Brightbill 

#Mrs. Virginia Smedley Burkhart 

Dr. Thomas B. Carmany 

Mrs. Joan Heindel Colliflower 

Mr. Marshall D. Cook 

Mrs. Janet Tingley Deitrich 

#Mr. Robert L. Dinerman 

Mr. Paul F. DiPangrazio 

*Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler 

*Mrs. Berneice Klink Eby 

*Mr. Darwin G. Glick 

*Mrs. Elizabeth Speicher Glick 

#Mr. Ronald B. Hartranft 

Mr. Grant F. Heck 

#Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh 

Rev. Jack R. Hoffman 

*Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart 
Mr. David H. Schell 
Mrs. Sandra Weit Shipman 
Mrs. Mary Swope Shroyer 
#Mr. Gary H. Sipe 
Mr. Richard H. Smith 
Mr. Joseph K. Snare 
Mr. John H. Sproul 
Mr. Joe L. Stauffer 
Mr. Sandy R. Stover 
#Miss Beverly A. Walp 
#Mr. Ronald B.Weinel 
#Mr. Gerald S. Wingenroth 

Class of 1959 

Mr. D. Neil Aharrah 
Mrs. Mary Beaver Aharrah 
Mrs. Carol Dannettell Biederman 
#Mrs. Flora Rhen Blumenthal 
Mr. Russell J. Boeshore 
#Mr. Bernerd A. Buzgon 
*Dr. Edna Jenkins Carmean 
#Mrs. Ruth Howell Cook 
Mrs. Shirley Bair Crumlich 
Mr. William F. DeLiberty 
•Dr. Arthur L. Ford 
Mrs. Joanne Grubb Gain 
Mr. James E. Greenwood 
#Mrs. Estelle Berger Hartranft 
*Dr. Linda Heefner Heindel 
*Dr. Ned D. Heindel 
Mr. Sheldon K. Hoover 
Mrs. Janet Zuse Hostetter 
Mrs. Linda Shirey Huber 

Mrs. Jean Henninger Hoffman 
Mr. Donald R. Hole 
Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein 
#Ms. Barbara G. Johnson 
Mr. Aubrey H. Kershner, 
Mr. Fred S. Kreider 
Dr. Thomas H. Kreiser 
Mr. William P. Krick 
Rev. C. Robert Landis 
Mrs. Kathryn Hoerner Lanz 
Rev. Charles W. Lightner 
Mrs. Harriet Mickey Lightner 
Mrs. Beverly Weaver Mcllvaine 
#Mr. James A. Mitchell 
Dr. Robert C. Monroe 
Mrs. Helen Epting Murdock 
Mrs. Ruth Obert Ranalli 
Mrs. Ruth Reddinger 

Small groups of sixth 
graders from Lebanon 
School District visited 
campus as part of a 
pilot program to 
introduce the college 
experience to young- 
sters with potential. 


The Hon. Wayne G. Hummer 
Ms. Arlene A. Kierstead 
#Dr. H. Dale Kreider 
#Mrs. Susan Oaks Leonard 
Mrs. Phyllis Luckens Lowe 
*Mr. David R. Meder 
#Mr. Larry M. Mentzer 
Mrs. Carolyn Schairer Moyer 
Dr. Karl E. Moyer 
Mr. James G. Novinger 
Mrs. Susan Artz Richartz 
*Mr. Bruce R. Rismiller 
*Mrs. Janet Blank Rismiller 
Mr. John A. Tartaglin 
Mrs. Catharine Hellick VanNess 
#Mr. Raymond F. Weiss 
Ms. Doris E. White 
Mrs. Johanna Hansen Wilson 
#Mrs. Ethel Fake Wolf 
Miss Jane E. Wolfe 

Class of 1960 

Mr. William D. Bailey 

Mr. Richard E. Bird 

Mrs. Patricia Hagerty Bohrs 

#Mrs. Eleanor Black Boyer 

Mr. Philip D. Bronson 

Mrs. Anne Saunders Brown 

Mr. Samuel E. Butz 

Mrs. Phyllis DePugh Caskie 

#Rev. Richard L. Cassel 

Mr. Ronald M. Daugherty 

#Mr. Joseph B. Dietz 

Mr. Ronald L. Dietz 

#Mr. Fredric P. Eckelman 

*Mr. Philip H. Feather 

Mr. Charles F Gerberich 

Mrs. Audrey Rice Hamm 

Rev. Donald L. Harper 

#Mrs. Dolores Herner Hartman 

#Mr. Clark S.Hoffman 

Mr. Richard K. Hollinger 

Mr. Ronald P. Hovis 

•Mr. Kenneth A. Longenecker 

Dr. Sydney P. Magriney 

Mr. John W. Metka 

Mr. James H. Nelson 

Mr. Clair L. Paul 

Mr. John H. Phillips 

#Mrs. Margaret Garber Philp 

Mrs. Margaret White Pierson 

#Mr. Joseph D. Ragno 

#Mrs. Nancy Nickell Ragno 

Rev. William B. Ramey 

Mr. John F. Schlegel 

Mrs. Sally Lynch Seavey 

Mrs. Nancy Kulp Thomer 

Mr. L. Nelson Umble 

Mr. David L. Weiser 

Mrs. Constance Cromwell Wilkins 

Mrs. Martha Rudnicki Williams 

Rev. Donald E. Zechman 

Mr. Ralph J. Ziegenfuss 

#Mr. Joel H. Zinn 

Class of 1961 

Ms. Marjorie H. Brubaker 
Dr. Calvin H. Cole 
#Mrs. Shirley Landis Dietz 
#Miss Nancy I. Ford 
Mr. Ronald I. Fredriksen 
Mr. Richard N. Garwood 
Mrs. Mary Grebe Geiss 
Rev. Dr. William K. Glaser 
Mr. Larry Q. Hall 
Rev. John P. Hamm 
Mr. Robert D. Hartnett 
#Mr. Kenneth C. Hays 

* Vickroy Society; ■ Society of 1866; 

# Charter Club; + Deceased 

Mrs. Fay Weik Horst 
Mrs. Kathy Bowman Horst 
Mrs. Adele Moss Hunt 
Mrs. Lois Sholley Kay lor 
#Col. Rosalyn R. Knapp 
Ms. Judith A. Kressler 
Mr. Paul A. Longreen 
Mrs. Pauline Fitz Martin 
Mrs. Amelia Hartman McElwee 
Dr. Frederick Meiselman 
Mr. George K. Meyer 
*Mrs. Lois Brong Miller 
#Mr. James T. Reilly 
#Dr. Samuel J. Shubrooks 
Mr. Karl R. Smith 
#Mr. Walter L.Smith 
Mrs. Carol Bronson Steiner 
#Mr. Forest R. Vogel 
Mrs. Joan DeConna Walters 
Lt. Col. D. Thomas Winter 
Rev. Keith B. Wise 

Class of 1962 

Mrs. Aglaia Stephanis Ahmed 

Mrs. Emily Bowman Brown 

Mrs. Patricia Davis Bullock 

Mr. David L. Czirr 

Mrs. Isobel Miller Dottle 

*Mrs. Judith Kline Feather 

#Mr. Kenneth R. Feather 

Mrs. Bonnie Williams Garwood 

Ms. Myrna R. Greenawalt 

Dr. Robert L. Habig 

Mr. George J. Hiltner 

#Mrs. Brenda Brown Hiney 

#Dr. Joseph R. Hooper 

Mrs. Kay Steiner Kelbley 

Mrs. Virginia Templeton Kichline 

Dr. Richard E. Klinedinst 

Mrs. Suzanne Grace Klinedinst 

#Col. Walter A. Krueger 

Dr. June E. Lawrence 

Mr. Ray C. Lichtenw alter 

Dr. Kenneth K. Light 

Mrs. Margaret Seaber Markert 

Mr. Joseph E. Michael 

Ms. Delores A. Mounsey 

Mrs. Elaine Wert Pierce 

Mrs. Judith Kuchta Reighter 

Mr. K. William Reighter 

Mr. C. Richard Rhine 

Dr. Carl B. Rife 

Mrs. Rosalie Wida Roth 

Mrs. Patsy Wise Rudy 

Mr. Charles R. Seidel 

#Mr. John K. Seymour 

Mr. Daniel F. Shearer 

Mrs. Y. Viola DeFino Shepherd 

Mrs. Grace Newton Taylor 

Mrs. Sylvia Bucher Weaver 

*Mrs. Carol Smith Yost 

*Mr. Harry B. Yost 

Class of 1963 

#Dr. Robert J. Andreozzi 
#Miss Barbara H. Bailes 
Dr. G. Thomas Balsbaugh 
Mrs. Mary Haines Berthold 
Mr. Barry Bishop 
Mr. Gerald L. Bowman 
Mr. James L. Boyle 
#Mr. Robert J. Brill 
Mr. James E. Brommer 
Mrs. Judith Newton Brown 
Mr. Michael W. Chabitnoy 
Dr. R. Frederick Crider 
Mr. Stanley M. Daniels 
Mr. James W. Davis 

Mr. Adam Diebus 
#Rev. Richard G. Felty 
Mr. William W Focht 
#Rev. Merrill A. Hassinger 
Ms. Barbara E. Horst 
Mr. G. Thomas Keehn 
Mr. David B . Kruger 
Dr. Bruce M. Lidston 
#Mr. Ellis W. McCracken 
Mrs. Barbara Bongart McMinn 
Mrs. Shirley Brown Michel 
Mrs. Janet Coover Miller 
Mr. Byron N. Mock 
Mr. Lawrence R. Moss 
*Mrs. Suzanne Krauss Moyer 
Mr. Dennis C. Phillippy 
Rev. David W. Pierce 
*Mr. George M. Reider 
Judith Nichols Renzulli Esq. 
Ms. Joy D. Rice 
Mrs. Judith Snowberger Rife 
Mr. Richard H. Rotz 
Miss Dawn E. Sandy 
Mrs. Priscilla Brush Schwenk 
#Mrs. Rebecca Unger Scott 
Mr. David J. Shenk 
Rev. William A. Sherman 
Ms. N. Patricia Shonk 
Miss Kathryn S. Skewis 
Mrs. Olive Binner Stoops 
Dr. Vance R. Stouffer 
Miss Jane A. Sunday 
Mr. Douglas K. Troutman 
Mr. Harry M. Voshell 
Mr. John R. Weaber 
Rev. George M. Weaver 
Mrs. Phyllis Morrow Wolfe 
Mrs. Betsy McElwee Zehner 

Class of 1964 

#Mr. Charles B. Allwein 

Ms. Elizabeth G. Atticks 

#Dr. Elizabeth Miller Bains 

Mr. John E. Baittinger 

Mrs. Patricia Jones Balsbaugh 

#Mr. Richard L. Bashore 

Mr. Kenneth C. Beck 

Mrs. Lavinia Beckner Biltimier 

Mrs. Helen Haskell Bosart 

Mrs. Elizabeth Vastine Bowman 

#Mr. Donald J. Burns 

Ms. Judith K. Cassel 

Mr. Robert F. Daigneault 

Mr. John W. Davis 

Ms. Roberta A. Dudas 

Mr. M. Jay Earley 

Mrs. Sandra Beltz Edmunds 

Mr. Dennis T. Geib 

Mrs. Julie Johnston Geib 

Mr. Gordon J. Gingrich 

Dr. David D. Grove 

Mrs. Linda Myers Gruber 

Mr. Walter S. Hamsher 

#Rev. Susan Wolfe Hassinger 

Mrs. Judith Baker Higgins 

Mr. William R. Higgins 

Mrs. Hannah Pisle Kaufmann 

Mrs. Linda Boeshore Kercher 

Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson Klinger 

#Dr. Ronald R. Kresge 

Dr. Robert S . Lewis 

#Mr. Wesley J. MacMillan 

Mrs. Carole Lasky Marburger 

Mr. Charles H. Martin 

#Mr. Curtis R. Miller 

Mr. Larry H. Miller 

Ms. Lovella L. Naylor 

Mrs. Dolores Mallery Neuroth 

Mr. John F. Onofrey 

Miss Constance E. Orchard 

Mr. Thomas L. Overly 

Mrs. Rita Blauvelt Patterson 

Mrs. Patricia Ziegler Petrak 

#Mr. Carl F. Sayers 

#Mrs. Judith Tanno Schairbaum 

Mr. Robert J. Scott 

#Dr. Tibor Sipos 

Mrs. Joanne Mainiero Slothower 

Dr. Henry K. Smith 

Mr. E. Lee S pancake 

Mrs. Lynn Lewis Spancake 

Mr. John A. Spoonhour, Jr. 

Mrs. Carol Klock Taylor 

Mr. Jay H. Uhler 

Mrs. Judith Garvin Uhler 

Mr. John H. Witter 

Mr. Jon A. Yost 

Class of 1965 

Mr. Robert E. Achenbach 

#Mr. H. William Alsted 

Mrs. Susan Leonhard Altland 

Mr. William G. Altland 

#Mrs. Sylvia Laubach Brill 

Mrs. Jeanne Bogert Brody 

Mrs. Dorothy Cole Carpenter 

Mr. G. Stuart Close 

Mr. James G. Code 

Mr. Thomas B . Crisman 

Mrs. Caroline Miller DiGiacomo 

Mr. William C. DiGiacomo 

Mr. W Bruce English 

Mrs. Carolyn Leitner Enterline 

Mr. Paul D. Enterline 

#Mrs. Joy Klingler Felty 

Ms. Kay F. Fontenoy 

Mrs. Patricia Shreffler Fredericks 

•Dr. DaleB.Gouger 

*Mr. Gary P. Grimm 

Mr. William A. Grove 

Mr. Dale B. Hains 

Dr. Suzanne Hollingsworth Hetrick 

#Dr. William H. Hillmann 

Mr. George J. Hollich 

Mrs. Carole Duncan Horn 

Mr. Donald R. Kaufmann 

#Mr. Andrew W. Kreider 

Dr. Richard L. Krill 

Mr. Joel B. Lantz 

Mrs. Diana Nelson Laul 

#Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin 

Mr. David W. Leigh 

Mrs. Carolyn Conly Lidston 

Mr. Jay W Lingerman 

Mr. Robert J. Ludwig 

Mr. Barry L. Lutz 

Dr. Irederic J. Marsik 

*Mr. Carl E. Miller 

#Mrs. Gail Moritz Oberta 

Mrs. Roberta Johns Otto 

Dr. Robert J. Riether 

Mrs. Dorothy Hudson Robson 

Mr. Joseph D. Rutter 

Dr. William M. Scovell 

*Mrs. Mary Ellen Olmsted Shearer 

Mrs. Norma Woolston Shearer 

Mrs. Audrey Wahler Smith 

Mrs. Leslie Gardner Smith 

Mrs. Lois Shroyer Smith 

Mr. Peter A. Stanilla 

#Dr. David G. Thompson 

Mr. Theodore O. Weaver 

•Mr. Bruce R. Wieder 


Class of 1966 

Mr. James K. Brandt 
#Mrs. Linda Plequette Burns 
#Mr. Ralph H. Buys 
Mr. Joseph J. Chuchla 
Ms. Mary Jane Earley 
Mr. Sylvester F. Eppley 
Mr. Douglas A. Everett 
Mrs. Dorothy Evans Geesaman 
Mr. J. Robert Gilbert 
Mrs. Sally Breidenthal Gilbert 
Dr. John W. Gregory 
#Mrs. Joan Higgins Hays 
Dr. Richard P. Henzel 
Mrs. Sharon Stetler Hen- 
Mr. Richard C. Hoffman 
Mrs. Carol Frey Hollich 
Mr. J. Duncan Kriebel 
#Mr. John M. Lafferty 
Mrs. Karen Cooper Lamb 
*Dr. Eileen D. Lynch 
#Mr. Donald C. MacGowan 
#Mrs. Elspeth Lowrie MacMillan 
Mr. Richard C. McCoy 
Mrs. Betty Detweiler Melcher 
Mr. George M. Millard 
Mrs. Sara Kauffman Moss 
#Dr. Richard C. Reed 
*Dr. Rodney H. Shearer 
Mrs. Judith Stauffer Scott 
#Dr. Ruth A. Smith-Matsuo 
Mrs. Carolyn Miller Soderman 
*Mr. Donald R. Stanton 
Mr. Jay S. Stanton 
Mrs. Linda Brunner Stoe 
Rev. David E. Stum 
Mrs. Carol Warfield Tallman 
Mrs. Carol Woolley Testa 
Mrs. Elaine Kreller Tomlinson 
Mr. John C. Vaszily 
Ms. Helen M. Warnke 
Rev. James W. Weis 
#Mrs. Jean Hoffman Witter 
Mr. Richard J. Wolfe 
Mr. Charles R. Wright 

Class of 1967 

Mrs. Doris Kimmich Allen 

#Mrs. Barbara Macaw Atkinson 

Mrs. Barbara Beltz Banket 

Dr. Gary N. Brauner 

#Dr. Charlene Cassel 

Mr. George C. Clauser 

#Ms. Judith E. Donmoyer 

Mr. Robert B. Evans 

Mr. Tilman R. Rye 

Mrs. Patricia Thornton Erymoyer 

Mr. Frank J. Geier 

#Dr. Harold F.Giles 

•Mrs. Carol Burian Gouger 

Ms. Susan J. Green 

Mrs. Donna Bridge Heberlig 

Mrs. Rachel Gibble Irvin 

Mrs. Ann Marie Leidich Kauffman 

•Mr. Jack Kauffman 

Mrs. Donna Diehl Kuntz 

Mr. Howard L. Lake 

Dr. William J. Lamont 

Mrs. Patrice Todd Langdon 

Mr. Daniel L. Maurer 

Mrs. Donna Simmers Mertz 

Mrs. Sarah Walters Moffitt 

Dr. Charles W. Mowrer 

Mrs. Jane Doll Mover 

Mr. Ronald D. Newmaster 

#Ms. Lois E. Quickel 

Mrs. Luise Wubbena Reading 

Dr. Helaine Hopkins Scarlett-Golann 

Enrollment in the newty 
launched Master's in 
Business Administra- 
tion program had more 
than doubted by the end 
of the academic year. 

Dr. Damon L. Silvers 

Mr. Walter L. Smith 

Mr. Ward O. Smith 

#Mrs. Margaret Barto Snyder 

#Mr. Francis M. Steam 

Mr. Michael R. Steiner 

Mrs. Lucy Lefevre Sumner 

#Mrs. Elaine Brenner Thompson 

Miss Gale M. Thompson 

Richard W. Wentzel 

*Mr. Samuel A. Willman 

Ms. Marilyn G. Yarger 

Class of 1968 

Mrs. Paula Snyder Aboyoun 

Mrs. Carol Eshelman Allen 

Mr. Dennis T. Bashore 

Mr. Bruce L. Bean 

Dr. William P. Bohlander 

Mr. James E. Boston 

Mrs. Jeannette Murphy Boston 

Mr. Dennis A. Brown 

Mrs. Jean Slade Bruce 

Mrs. Rebecca Cooke Burgee 

Mr. William A. Cadmus 

Dr. Michael D. Curley 

#Mrs. Janet Else D'Alessandro 

#Mr. Geret P. DePiper 

•Mrs. Carol Edgecomb Ditzler 

•Mr. Warren D. Ditzler 

Mrs. Cecelia Deitrich Edwards 

Mrs. Lois Christman Geist 

Miss M. Gwendolyn Gilroy 

Mrs. Diane Bott Haight 

Mr. Donald A. Haight 

Dr. John H. Heffner 

#Mr. Gregory P. IJoover 

Miss Mary A. Hostetter 

Mrs. Rebecca Wagner Hyman 

*Mr. George J. King 

Mr. Robert A. Laughead 

Mrs. Suzette Werni Lucas 

Mr. Glenn H. MacGregor 

Mr. James G. Magazino 

Mrs. Rebecca Fackler Miller 

Mrs. Marjorie Miller Nelson 

Mrs. Suzanne Bennetch Newell 

Mrs. Katrinka Salmon Osborne 

#Mrs. Barbara Cressman Padley 

#Mr. David J. Padley 

#Dr. Lynn Garrett Phillips 

Mr. Ronald L. Richcreek 

#Mr. Stuart G. Schoenly 

Ms. Carol Paist Schwalm 

Mrs. Anna Schwartz Schwartz 

Mr. C. Scott Sharnetzka 

#Mrs. Christine Banes Simington 

#Mr. Richard N. Simington 

Mrs. Margaret Hamilton Sipe 
#Mrs. Lynda Senter Spangler 
#Mrs. Cheryl Seacat Stearn 
#Ms. Joan R. Taylor 
Mr. Brooks N. Trefsgar 
Mr. James R. VanCamp 
*Mrs. Elaine Joy Willman 
Mr. John R. Yerger 

Class of 1969 

#Mr. Robert D. Atkinson 

Mr. Alan J. Balma 

Mrs. Mitzi Sans Balma 

Mr. Stephen L. Barbaccia 

Mr. Richard E. Basta 

#Dr. John A. Biever 

Mrs. Barbara Robertson Bohlander 

Mr. David A. Brubaker 

Mr. J. Dean Burkholder 

Mr. William E. Campbell 

•Dr. Thomas M. Clemens 

Mr. James F. Davis 

Mrs. Jean McClelland Doherty 

#Ms. Carol Blatt Dunn 

Mrs. Jeanne Anspach Earnshaw 

Mr. Linn D. Eisenhower 

Mr. Thomas J. Falato 

Mr. Lloyd J. Fasnacht 

#Mrs. Lucille Dunne Forrest 

Mrs. Mary Lou LaBella Fox 

Rev. Robert S. Fox 

Rev. Dennis L. Frantz 

Mr. Robert E. Graham 

Mrs. Diane Giovanis Hankinson 

Mr. Franklin S. Hoch 

Mr. David A. Hoffner 

Mr. Michael R. Hollen 

Mrs. Polly Carnathan Jaymes 

Dr. Robert G. Jennings 

Mr. Michael R. Jones 

Mr. Martin C. Karchner 

Mr. Richard W Kaufmann 

Mrs. Leslie Cassat Kline 

Mrs. Judy Flinchbaugh Kochel 

Mrs. Quinetta Garbrick Lemons 

Mr. Ronald L. Long 

Mrs. Margaret Jones MacGowan 

Mr. Carl L. Marshall 

Ms. Cynthia S. Melman 

•Mr. George R. Moyer 

Mr. Dennis E. Patrick 

Dr. Jack R. Reid 

#Dr. Frank L. Rice 

Mr. Patrick E. Rondeau 

#Ms. Linda S. Rothermel 

Mrs. Carole Cameron Schauer 

Mr. Dale C. Schimpf 

#Mr. Ronald B. Shaffer 

Mr. William D. Sharrow 

Mr. Franklin R. Shearer 

Mrs. Shirley Warner Sherman 

Mrs. Cheryl McCrary Shipman 

Mr. Kenneth L. Sipe 

#Mrs. Doris Bryden Skinkus 

Rev. Dennis R. Snovel 

Mr. David L. Stanilla 

#Mr. George A. Stauffer 

Mr. Allen W. Steffy 

Mrs. Mary Ann Horn Stewart 

Mr. William F. Stine III 

#Ms. Nina E. Tafel 

#Ms. Helen E. Templin 

Ms. Carolyn E. Thompson 

Mrs. Leta Tompkins Thompson 

Rev. William M. Thompson 

Mr. Frank M. Timlin 

Mr. Dennis J. Tulli 

*Mr. Robert L. Unger 

Mr. Carlin L. Wenger 

Rev. James T. Wenrich 

Mrs. Nancy Hendrickson Wieman 

Mr. Douglas R. Winemiller 

Dr. Jan H. Wubbena 

Mr. Joseph T Yost 

Mr. William S. Zimmerman 

Dr. Ronald J. Zygmunt 

Class of 1970 

Mr. Malcolm B. Ahrens 

#Dr. Bruce A. Albert 

Mr. James R. Biery 

#Mr. John W. Bitner 

Mr. John H. Blauch 

Mrs. Eileen Houck Bowen 

Mr. Larry A. Bowman 

Ms. Kathleen A. Bryniarski 

Mr. Donald C. Carter 

•Mr. Cornelius T. Coddington 

Mrs. Keeta Wolfe Cole 

Mrs. Barbara Miller Colver 

Mr. Morris S. Cupp 

•Mr. Anthony M. DeMarco 

Mr. David A. Diehl 

Mrs. Rolanda Hofmann Divelbiss 

Mr. Jan W Edwards 

#Mrs. Nancy Hollinger Enders 

Mr. Thomas W Flud 

Mr. James B. Fraytic 

Mr. Robert E. Frey 

Mr. George S. Glen 

Mrs. Margie Hardenstine Greiner 

Mr. Robert C. Greiner 

Mr. Jensen H. Groff 

Mrs. Donna Lapp Harding 

Mr. Lloyd R. Helt 

Mr. B. Thomas Henry 


Mr. Thomas G. Hostetter 

Mrs. Rae Shettel Hull 

Mrs. Judith Kerns Hunter 

Mr. Jeffrey P. litis 

#Mrs. Judith Blasingame Iskowitz 

Mrs. Marsha Church King 

Mr. William E. Kline 

Mr. firank A. Kuhn Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy Swenson Lengle 

#Mrs. Janice Shuster MacLauchlin 

#Mr. Michael B. Mallon 

Mr. James W. Meade 

Mr. George L. Morse 

Mrs. Mary Horn Nelson 

Mr. John S. Nornhold 

Mrs. Catherine Merkel Phelps 

Dr. Glenn A. Phelps 

Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist 

Mrs. Susan Stark Rhodes 

Mr. Joel S. Riedel 

Mr. James M. Rife 

Dr. Henry D. Schreiber 

Mrs. Sandra George Sharnetzka 

Ms. Susan J. Shedenhelm 

Mrs. Carol Irwin Shellenberger 

Mr. Richard M. Snell 

Mrs. Gloria Foltz Steinruck 

Mrs. Carol Reisinger Thorn 

Mrs. Winifred Weaver Walters 

#Mr. Michael P. Waltz 

Mr. Bruce T. Welsh 

Mr. Thomas E. Whittle 

Mrs. Gloria Roush Winemiller 

Ms. Jo Ann Yeagley 

Rev. G. Edwin Zeiders 

Class of 1971 

Mrs. Diane Renninger Benedek 

Mr. Robert B.Brandt 

Mrs. Elizabeth Fralick Bryan 

Mrs. Barbara Asplund Burgess 

Mrs. Nancy Werner Carter 

Mr. Thomas W. Cestare 

Mrs. Suzanne Shenk Cronkright 

Mrs. Kathy Knauer Cupp 

#Mrs. Theresa Featherstone DePiper 

Mrs. Kathleen Wilke Edwards 

Mrs. Mona Enquist- Johnston 

Mrs. Linda Henderson Fisher 

Mr. Paul S. Fisher 

Mrs. Eileen Richards Foltz 

Ms. Ellen L. Ford 

Mrs. Patricia Ludwig Ford 

Mrs. Deborah Strickler Freer 

Mr. John R. Gibble 

Mrs. Patricia M. Legath Gidosh 

Mr. Harvey G. Gregory 

Mrs. Jessica Leonard Gregory 

#Mr. Kenneth M. Hale Jr. 

•Mr. Wilbur A. Hamsher, Jr. 

Mr. James M. Hansen 

Mrs. Marlene Royer Harris 

Mrs. Pamela Boyer Kaufman 

Mrs. Mary Yarasavage Keller 

Mr. Steven R. Krick 

Mrs. Barbara Yingst Light 

*Mr. P. Theodore Lyter 

Mrs. Linda Ammlung McAlpin 

Mrs. Jane Shomper McCormick 

Ms. Anita J. Meiser 

Mr. David E. Miller 

#Dr. Gary D. Miller 

Mrs. Anne Hickerson Mylecraine 

Mr. Louis Mylecraine 

Dr. Nancie Hummel Park 

Mr. George J. Pence 

Miss Margaret K. Potteiger 

* Vickroy Society; ■ Society of 1866; 

# Charter Club; + Deceased 

Mrs. Margaret McGarvey Purdy 

Mr. James M. Ramey 

Rev. David C. Shellenberger 

Ms. Allison C. Smith 

Mr. Norman A. Sutphin 

Mr. Gary J. Templin 

Mr. Richard B. Thompson 

Mr. John D. Ulrich 

Mr. Brian D. Wayne 

Mr. Gary B.Weber 

Mrs. Martha Robins West 

Mrs. Virginia Sherk Williams 

Class of 1972 

Mrs. Sandra Kumpf Adkins 

Mr. David Boltz 

Ms. Sue Ellen Bowman 

Mr. Terry L. Bricker 

Mrs. Victoria Perosa Carter 

Mrs. Becky Huber Davidowski 

Mrs. I. Michelle Marquis Diehl 

Ms. Robin L. Ditzler 

Mr. Edward G. Fasnacht 

#Mr. Richard W. Fowler 

Mrs. Judith Holt Gibney 

Mrs. Fabienne Garver Gladfelter 

Dr. Judith Fonken Grem 

Mrs. Joyce Huber Gundrum 

Mr. Robert G. Hamilton 

Mrs. Alice Schade Hansen 

Mr. Peter A. Harubih 

Mrs. Gail Fasnacht Henschke 

•Dr. Rex A. Herbert 

Mr. David C. Hostetter 

Mrs. Carol Rutt Jennings 

Mr. John W. Jones 

Mrs. Marilyn Graves Kimple 

*Mr. David E. Klein 

Mr. Lawrence M. Larthey 

Mrs. Patricia Shearer Larthey 

Mrs. Carolyn Drescher Lincoln 

Mrs. Nancy McCullough Longnecker 

•Mr. Richard A. Look 

Mr. Stuart J. Magdule 

Mrs. Charlene Tice McCabe 

Ms. Phyllis Eberhart Meckley 

Dr. Dennis J. Nagy 

Mrs. Cheryl Kirk Noll 

Mrs. Nan Dupler Papp 

Mrs. Anita Bowman Pence 

#Mr. George R. Petrie 

Mr. Ronald R. Renshaw 

Mrs. Linda Holubowicz Rhine 

Mr. Jeffrey E. Rowe 

Mr. Ronald L. Scheaffer 

Mrs. Lydia Kauffman Schnetzka 

*Mr. John A. Schoch 

Ms. Janet E. Smith 

Mr. David R. Snyder 

Mr. David F. Steffy 

Dr. David L. Stein 

Mr. David L. Stull 

Mr. Glenn A. Sullo 

Mr. Thomas K. Thompson 

*Dr. Elizabeth Robinson Unger 

Mrs. Diane Drimones Usas 

Mrs. Betsy Van Arkel Wolf 

Mr. Dennis M. Wolf 

Class of 1973 

Mrs. Barbara Baughman Biser 
Mr. John C. Bittner 
Mr. Richard S. Brunner 
Mr. Patrick B. Campbell 
Mrs. Bonnie Lutz Chesney 
Mr. Thomas J. Chesney 

Mr. Alan H. Curtis 
Mrs. Diane Trullinger Dohner 
Mr. Ralph J. Fetrow 
Mrs. Sara Harding Fetrow 
Mr. Donald B. ftantz 
Mr. Joseph A. Gargiulo 
Mr. Carey C. Garland 
#Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg 
Mrs. Nancy Alber Glen 
Ms. Roberta L. Greening 
Mrs. Sandra Snyder Gunn 
#Mrs. Nancy Hunt Heckman 
#Dr. Roger A. Heckman 
Mrs. Rebecca Harrell Hill 
Mr. Edward C. Iannarella 
Mr. Bruce W. Jenkins 
Mrs. Nancy Crowther Jones 
Mrs. Cecelia Repiscak Jordan 
Ms. Ruth Wilson Kauffman 
Mrs. Cheryl Wubbena Keckler 
Mr. JohnS. Kinsella 
Dr. Debra A. Kirchof-Glazier 
Mrs. Elizabeth Todd Lambert 
Mr. Robert B.Lee 
Mr. Mark A. Lenz 
Mr. Kristofer L. Linde 
Ms. Lynn M. Manhire 
Mrs. Marcia Keefer Martin 
Mrs. Joann Paff Miller 
Mr. William J. Morrison 
Mr. Joseph E. Murphy 
#Dr. John E. Patricelli 
Mrs. Linda Scharf Petrecca 
Mr. Bruce A. Rangnow 
Mrs. Ruth Nickerson Rittmann 
Dr. Bonnie Seidel Rogol 
Dr. Diane M. Scholler 
Mr. Scott T. Sener 
Mrs. Betsy Kilmer Shirk 
Mr. Phillip L. Snyder 
Mrs. Gail Johnson Speares 
Mrs. Linda Witmer Thompson 
Mr. Dennis F. Ward 
Mrs. Evelyn Spruce Warner 
Dr. Renee C. Wert 
Mr. Dennis C. Wertz 
Mr. Dana V. West 
Dr. Bonnie Blazer Yost 
#Mr. Joseph W. Zearfoss 
Mrs. Marsha Edwards Zehner 

Class of 1974 

Rev. Michael I. Alleman 

Mrs. Patricia Kilgour Anderson 

•Mrs. Kristen R. Angstadt-Matter 

Mrs. Lois Anne Moore Autenrieth 

Mr. Stephen M. Autenrieth 

Rev. Kenneth R. Bickel 

•Maj. Barbara J. Brandt 

Mrs. Judith Brandt Brown 

Ms. Pamela Brown 

Mr. William C. Buckfelder 

Mr. Donald L. Charlton 

Mrs. Cynthia Grubb Condran 

Mrs. Patricia Hamilton Coogan 

Mr. John S. Curry Jr. 

Mr. Thomas J. Daly 

Mrs. June Lohmann Durham 

Mrs. Wendy Kline Fiala 

Dr. Robert E. Harbaugh 

*Ms. Colleen Clemens Harris 

#Mrs. Rebecca Burtner Hein 

Mrs. Mary Kesler Henry 

Mrs. Carol Walborn Hughes 

Mrs. Mary DeLoache Jennings 

Ms. Athanasia Johnson 

Mrs. Patricia West Kesselring 

Mr. Davis J. Knauer 

Mrs. Lucinda Burger Knauer 

Mr. Howard E. Knudson 

Mrs. Betsy Boyd Leathers 

Mr. Guy L. Lesser 

Mrs. Joan Keeler Lockard 

Mrs. Mary Russo Lombardo 

•Mr. Karl V. Matter 

Mrs. Susan Jacoby McElvar 

#Mrs. Elizabeth Reitz Moore 

#Rev. H. Edgar Moore 

Mr. Donald W. Myers 

Mrs. Susan Wood Nasuti 

Dr. Robert G. Pembleton 

Mr. William H. Phifer 

Mrs. Kathy Halteman Pope 

Mr. Scott E. Ruehr 

Mr. Frank A. Rutherford 

Ms. Carol A. Scott 

Mrs. Sarah Kuntz Sergesketter 

Mrs. Ann Hunsberger Shenberger 

Mr. Bryan W. Shirk 

#Dr. Gary K. Smith 

Mrs. Ethel Killam Snyder 

Ms. Susan E. Snyder 

Mrs. Elizabeth Reber Steinbach 

Mrs. Bonita Whitman Swartz 

Miss Catherine M. Vezza 

Mrs. Jane Reaske Ward 

Mr. Peter A. West 

#Mrs. Nancy Johnson Withers 

Mr. Dane A. Wolfe 

Ms. Pamela J. Wood 

Mrs. Jeanne S. Lukens Worley 

Mr. Daniel H. Yocom 

#Mrs. Wendie Gingrich Zearfoss 

Class of 1975 

Mr. David C. Amsden 

Rev. D. Michael M. Bennethum 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Boyd 

Mrs. Marcia Smith Brenner 

Mr. Charles D. Brown 

Mrs. Deborah Gernerd Buckfelder 

Mr. Edward R. Burkhart 

Mrs. Stephanie Bates Carson 

Mrs. Penelope Siler Dandridge 

•Mr. Wesley T Dellinger 

Mr. Thomas C. Dilworth 

Mrs. Eileen Briggs DiRaddo 

Mrs. Janet Scattergood Dougherty 

Ms. Dixie L. Drybread 

Mrs. Marie Miller Dunstan 

Mrs. Linda Freed Ebright 

Mr. John G. Fenimore 

Ms. Nancy E. Fritz 

Mrs. Laura Wysolovski Goss 

Mr. David A. Gross 

Mr. Richard S. Harner 

Mr. Donald C. Heck 

Mrs. Gloria Fernsler Hess 

Mr. John C. Hess 

Rev. Peggy Olver Johnson 

Mrs. Lois Goodman Kickbush 

Mr. Robert W. Knapp 

Dr. Charles R. Knipe 

Mrs. Jean Holbrook Knudson 

Mrs. Faye Hindman Lehman 

Mr. Quintin A. Lerch 

Dr. Francis T. Lichtner Jr. 

#Mrs. Heidrun Multhoff Mayer 

Mr. J. Gary McDivitt 

Mrs. Cynthia Pike McGary 

Mr. Jeffrey O. McGary 

Mrs. Brenda McClelland Messera 


Mr. Raymond H. Mitchell 

Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller 

Ms. Nancy E. Murphy 

Mrs. Charlotte Evans Myers 

Mr. Joseph M. Pease 

Mrs. Sandra Anderson Pembleton 

#Mrs. Roberta Sheriff Pennington 

Mrs. Sue Ella Boohar Phifer 

Mrs. Cynthia Leeper Rangnow 

Mr. Donald L. Reigle 

Mr. Michael D. Rhoads 

Mrs. Jean Schultz Ross 

#Mrs. Barbara G. Schroeder-Buck 

Mr. Howard P. Scott 

Mr. William D. Shumway 

Miss Martha M. Smith 

Rev. Richard D. Smith 

Mr. Gregory A. Souders 

Mrs. Marlene Camillo Stubanas 

Mr. Larry L. Sweigart 

Mrs. Judith Heyser Taylor 

Mrs. Susan Thomas Vogel 

Mrs. Patricia Dubble Walsh 

Mrs. Cynthia Albright Ward 

#Ms. Sally A. Wiest 

Mr. George B. Williams 

Dr. Phillip L. Wise 

#Mr. William H. Worrilow 

Class of 1976 

Mr. Richard L. Barnet 

Mrs. Diane Schaefer Bennethum 

Mrs. Kathie Diehl Bittenbender 

Mrs. Mary Paxton Boeni 

Mrs. Beth Early Brandt 

Dr. Michael E. Brown 

Ms. Theresa V. Brown 

Mrs. Rebecca Byrd Burkhart 

Mrs. Anita Getz Chapman 

Mrs. Linda Essick Cockey 

Dr. Theresa E. DaKay 

Mrs. Jo Ann Boohar Daly 

Dr. John B. Dickenson 

Ms. Dianne M. Dickson 

Mrs. Susanne Beers Essex 

Mr. James M. Ewin 

Mr. Neil E. Fasnacht 

Mr. David B.Flohr 

Mrs. Cathy Bruce Fox 

Rev. Gary K. Fox 

Mrs. Jayne Drake Frankenfield 

Mr. Louis J. Fuller 

Mrs. Karen Hollowell Harner 

Ms. Ellen Ross Hart 

#Mrs. Terri Folkenroth Haslett 

Rev. Joy J. Hoffman 

Mr. Gregory J. Holler 

Mr. Bruce M. Jeffery 

Mrs. Gail Peters Jones 

Mrs. Donna Gay Kaplan 

Mrs. Ruth Herold Kelemen 

Mrs. Doreen Breder Kowalchuk 

Mr. James J, Kowalchuk 

Mrs. Priscilla Lamparter Landis 

Dr. Charlotte A. Mackenson-Dean 

Mrs. Phyllis Proctor Martin 

Mrs. Donna Housel Metzger 

Mr. Carroll L. Missimer 

Mr. Edward H. Muldoon 

Mr. James J. Navarro 

Mrs. Jan Johnson Navarro 

Mr. Conrad T. Olsen 

Mr. Lewis F. Petty 

Mrs. Susan Margolf Poling 

Mr. Lawrence E. Priester 

Mrs. Jean Boag Reese 

Mr. Timothy L. Reese 

Mr. Gary J. Rhoads 

Mrs. Marian Melenchick Rhoads 

Mrs. Carol Mannik Richters 

Ms. Elyse E. Rogers 

Mr. Stephen W. Sachs 

Mr. Fred A. Scheeren 

Mrs. Christiane Hickey Shearer 

Mr. James C. Schoch 

Mrs. Susan Sherman Singer 

#Mrs. Elizabeth Brumbaugh Smith 

Mrs. Susan Shemeta Stachelczy 

*Mr. Nicholas Streeter 

Mr. L. Lamar Styer 

Lt. Robin Baker Thomson 

Mr. Thomas M. Uhrich 

Mr. Glenn D. Walters 

Mrs. Patricia Boyle Walters 

Class of 1977 

Ms. Anne Auerbach 

Ms. Christine E. Baldwin 

Mrs. Mary Ann Fuller Beazley 

Mrs. Linda Weaver Blair 

Mr. John E Bolla 

Mrs. Sherry Etter Brown 

Mr. Kevin P. Clarkson 

Ms. Karin M. Congello 

Mrs. Laura Smith Deklewa 

Mrs. Deborah Madeira Dillane 

Mr. Robert J. Dillane 

#Mr. K. Steven Fidler 

Ms. Nancy Thompson Firey 

Mr. Robert S. Frey 

#Mr. Glen O. Gray 

Mr. Thomas L. Hassinger 

Mr. Ebe W. Helm 

Mr. Stephen P. Hoy 

Mr. John K. Hussey 

Mr. Eric D. Imhof 

Ms. Kathy Davidson Ireland 

Mr. Peter C. Johnson 

Mrs. Carolyn Walker Kerlin 

Mr. James L. Kissinger 

Mr. Daniel L. Kramlich 

Mrs. Stephanie J. Bond Lamm 

Mr. Jonathan D. Lippert 

Mr. Fred E. Longenecker 

Mrs. Joyce Nihen McGowan 

#Mr. Ricky C. Mellinger 

Mr. Jeffrey C. Meyer 

Mrs. Carol Martin Moorefield 

Mr. John J. Muldoon 

Mr. Paul E. Neidigh 

Mrs. Karen Fitch Parker 

Mrs. Gail Seitzinger Posey 

Mrs. Dorinda Latshaw Snyder 

Mrs. Trina Krick Steele 

Mrs. J. Hope Hall Stinson 

Mr. Michael A. Tice 

Mrs. Jean Elizabeth Hobson Traver 

#Ms. Christine D. Truesdell 

Mrs. Deborah Starr Tuxhorn 

Mr. John J. Wagner 

Mr. Dennis J. Weidman 

Mrs. Deborah Carl Williams 

Ms. Selene A. Wilson 

Mrs. Susan Semmens Witman 

#Mr. Richard D. Wong 

Class of 1978 
Mr. James M. Barbarich 
Dr. Charles H. Blevins 
Mr. Jeffrey A. Bomberger 
Rev. Connie R. Burkholder 
•Mr. Scott V. Carney 
•Mrs. Susan Engle Carney 
Ms. Anne G. Constein 

Mrs. Laura Sealey DeBiasse 
•Mrs. Amy Hoopes Dellinger 
Mr. Frank C. Destro 
Ms. Billie J. Dietz 
Ms. Elizabeth C. Dunkel 
#Mrs. Nhung Hong Vu Fidler 
Mrs. Peggy Childress Filizzi 
Mr. Stephen N. Fleming 
Mrs. Brenda Hawkins Geist 
Mrs. Cindy Gingrich-Baker 
#Mr. Jeffrey E. Gleim 
Mrs. M. Louise Hackman Hess 
Mrs. Vicky Bosley Howe 
Mrs. Michele Matteo Jarry 
Rev. Timothy A. Kriebel 
Mr. Alan L. Kull 
#Mr. Russell P. Labe 
Ms. Kathleen M. Lazo 
Mr. Duane R. Luckenbill 
Mrs. Anne Zicarelli Neely 
Mrs. Deborah Warner Papavizas 
Mrs. Nancy Reish Parko 
Ms. Christine S. Paules 
Mrs. Nancy Gerard Price 
Mr. Terry L. Ristenbatt 
Mr. William L. Routson 
Mrs. Ruth Stanley Ruch 
Ms. Elizabeth A. Sanders 
Mr. Lee W. Sarka 
Rev. John A. Schaefer 
Miss Allison L. Schmidt 
Mr. Evan T. Shourds 
Mr. Lawrence E. Silverstein 
Mrs. Cheryl Blewitt Slavik 
Dr. JohnS. Snoke 
Mr. Wesley K. Tervo 
Ms. Patricia L. VanOstenbridge 
Mrs. Pamela Gerber Wagner 

Class of 1979 

#Mr. Richard J. Allen 

Mr. Michael A. Baal 

Mr. Robert P. Baker 

Mr. David C. Ballaban 

Mrs. Lorraine Heitefuss Barry 

Rev. Baxter A. Becker 

Dr. Elaine Thallner Bomberger 

Mr. David J. Bomgardner 

#Mr. William J. Brown 

Mrs. Marianne Willever Calvo 

Mr. Gregory G. College 

Mrs. Mary Hutchison College 

#Mr. Tuan A. Dang 

Dr. Barbara Jones Denison 

Mrs. Lisa Hocker Dew 

Mrs. Abby Spece Donnelly 

Mr. Eric R. Dundore 

Dr. Todd E. Elgin 

Ms. Cynthia K. Fabian 

#Ms. Anne E. Fluck 

Mrs. Gretchen Dietterich Gillig 

Miss Pamela A. Goodwin 

Mr. Douglas S. Graham 

#Mrs. Beth Hill Graves 

Mrs. Nina Lunde Hansen 

Mrs. Mary Goodfellow Harvey 

Rev. Jefferson L. Hatch 

Rev. Richard A. Hurst 

Mr. Steven G. Jones 

#Mrs. Sharon K. Green Lawton 

Mr. David E. McDowell 

Mr. H. Collins Mikesell 

Mr. Brian R. Miller 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Miller 

Mr. Bradley N. Morrill 

*Mr. Robert J. Mrazik 

Mrs. Beverly Holzer Munz 

Mr. Karl D. Neiswender 

Mr. Donald B. Newcomer 
Mr. Gregory P. Schmidt 
Mr. Howard L. Snyder 
Mrs. Kathleen Wolfe Snyder 
Mr. Harry G. Spector 
Mrs. Jane Snyder Stachow 
Mr. Robert P. Stachow 
Mr. David W. Swartz 
Mrs. Jeaninne Alvino Wagner 
Mrs. Clara Walton Welch 
Mr. Keith A. Wharton 
Mr. Ivan M. Wittel 
Mrs. Virginia Larter Zellers 

Class of 1980 

#Ms. Debra J. Alexander 

Mr. William M. Asterino 

Miss Llaine E. Aunspach 

Mr. Eugene F. Barry 

Mrs. Jennie Giachero Begeja 

♦Mrs. June Collier Beyer 

*Mr. Michael S. Beyer 

Mr. John D. Boag 

Mr. Jeffrey L. Bohn 

Mr. Roque J. Calvo 

Mrs. Dawn Pauli Catanzaro 

Mr. John S. Champlin 

Miss Dolores H. Cipar 

Mrs. Beth LaClair Clarkson 

Rev. Joel L. Deaner 

Mrs. Debbie Patschorke Dolbow 

Mrs. Kate G. Felix 

Dr. DanaS.Felty 

Ms. Amy E. Fowler 

Mrs. Nancy Kettering Erye 

•Mr. Walter F. Fiillam 

Mr. Michael J. Gamier 

#Mrs. Holly Hibler Hall 

#Mr. Matthew M. Hall 

Mrs. Christine Yntema Hemdon 

Mrs. Beth A. Hertz 

Mrs. Catherine Weible Kaylor 

Mr. John W. Krieg 

Mrs. Kristie Olson Kroll 

Ms. Kathleen E. Maniscalco 

Mr. Brian J. McCaffrey 

Dr. Charles R. Mershon 

Mrs. Sarah Strickland Mershon 

Mrs. Dorothy Boyle Meyer 

♦Mrs. Susan Slaybaugh Mrazik 

Mrs. Dorothy Miller Newcomer 

Mr. Kirby L. Oxenreider 

Mr. W.Lee Pelton 

Mrs. Christina Myers Phan 

Ms. Marsha V. Poust 

#Mr. Daniel P. Promutico 

Mr. William T. Reinecke 

Mrs. Elyce Chadwick Reynolds 

Mr. Gregory C. Rhoads 

Mrs. Jeanette Browning Schroeder 

Mr. Robert L. Shupp 

Mrs. Brenda Bennett Silk 

Mrs. Lori Grunenthal Sneckenburg 

Dr. Scott D. Snyder 

#Mr. Theodore S. Stanislaw 

Mrs. Janet Hull Tenser 

Mr. John J. Tus 

Mrs. Linda Wilson Tus 

Mr. Steven F. Vozzo 

#Mr. Gary K. Whiting 

Class of 1981 

Mrs. Barbara Cooper Bair 
Mrs. Brigitte Hansen Boltz 
Mr. I. Lee Brown 
Mr. William EX. Casey 
#Ms. Nancy L. Cowan 
Mrs. Sara Burd Crider 


Mr. Blake R. Davis 

Mrs. Nancy Wocher Davis 

Dr. Richard E. Denison 

Dr. Carla Powell Desilets 

Mrs. Karie Kyriss DeStefano 

#Dr. Brent R. Dohner 

#Mr. George J. Dougherty 

Ms. Marcy Jo Douglass 

#Mrs. Tracey VanHorn Ferguson 

Mrs. Pamela Shadel Fischer 

Mr. Timothy E. Flatley 

Mrs. Shelley Bantham Fredericks 

Ms. Susan E. Frieswyk 

•Mrs. Deborah Reimer Fullam 

Mr. James G. Glasgow Jr. 

Mr. David L. Godshall 

Mrs. Michele Long Graff is 

Ms. Susan A. Gunn 

Mrs. Kay King Hatch 

Mrs. Suzanne Boyer Houp 

Mrs. Kathleen Kelly Kalathas 

Mr. Nicholas T. Kalathas 

Mrs. Susan Banner Kercher 

Dr. Daniel W. Koon 

Mr. Peter A. McGuire 

Ms. Jane L. Meyer 

Mr. Gary M. Mikos 

Ms. Cynthia J. Mohn 

Mr. Hieu T. Nguyen 

Miss Lynn J. Pennell 

Dr. Kathleen M. Picciano 

Mrs. Suzanne Peiffer Richards 

Mrs. Christina Therrien Roehl 

Miss Mabel R. Sadler 

Mrs. Stephanie Sachs Salisbury 

Dr. Chris E. Shoop 

Mrs. Sharon Diederich Shoop 

Mr. John P. Shott 

Mrs. Angela M. Carey Sintic 

Ms. Darlene J. Sitler 

Mr. David M. Stauffer 

Dr. Kirth W. Steele 

Mr. James G. Stoltzfus 

Mrs. Karen Veigel Stoltzfus 

Mrs. Cynthia Kremposky Stough 

Mrs. Ann Cunningham Sylvester 

Class of 1982 

Rev. Sara L.M. Aker 

Mr. Michael D. Armpriester 

Ms. Miriam Shaub Auker 

Mrs. Karen Fuller Ay res 

Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap Bailey 

Mr. Christopher J. Barrett 

Ms. Kirsten I. Benson Sellers 

Mr. Scott K. Berger 

Mrs. Eva Greenawalt Bering 

Mr. Daryl L. Boltz 

Mr. James W. Brady 

Ms. Colleen A. Crammer 

Mr. Anthony G. Ellis 

Mrs. Lisa Keim Fagan 

Mrs. Anna Marie Starr Finley 

Mr. Charles J. Fischer 

*Mrs. Karen McHenry Gluntz 

Ms. Constance Glynos 

#Dr. Michael F. Gross 

Ms. Darlene Miller Hein 

Ms. Judith A. Herlich 

Mrs. Kim Vogel Hill 

#Mr. Glenn A. Hoffman 

Dr. Robert R Hogan 

Mr + W, Philip Holzman 

Mrs. Margaret Ends low Kramer 

Mr. William M. Loffredo 

Mr. Thomas R McArdle 

* Vickroy Society; * Society of 1866; 

# Charter Club; + Deceased 

#Mrs. Claire Mischler Miller 
#Mr. John E. Miller 
Ms. Maureen J. Mills 
*Miss Debbie K. Morgan 
Miss Karen J. Neiswender 
Mrs. Mary Knight Raab 
Ms. Elaine M. Rydberg 
Mr. James C. Sbarro 
Mr. Thomas F. Shott 
Mrs. Andrea Crudo Stark 
Mr. Glenn A. Steinmuller 
Mrs. Susan Seibert Stevens 
•Mr. Steven W. St. John 
#Mr. William E. Toner 
Mr. James M. Welkie 
Rev. Timothy J. Wolf 

Class of 1983 

Mrs. Sally Anne Foose Berger 

Ms. Julie M. Clay 

Miss Laurie A. Cook 

Mr. Claude W. Deitzler 

Miss Vivian J. Elliott 

#Mrs. Carolyn Kiblinger Hearsey 

Mrs. Susan Purgert Hewitt 

Ms. Sandra J. Hiser 

Mrs. Victoria King Holzman 

Mrs. Brenda Granger Kish 

Mr. Richard J. Kiss 

Ms. Rachel E. Kline 

Mr. Eric J. Koper 

Mr. Joseph F. Krolczyk 

Mrs. Jeanne Arth Lamana 

Mr. Thomas M Lantz 

Mr. Gary R. Lehman 

Mr. Robert E. Lemke 

Mrs. Marilyn Lisowski Lennox 

#Mr. Christopher D. Long 

Ms. Deborah M. Lucas 

Mrs. Pamela Hamilton Maloney 

Mrs. Michelle Hall Moseley 

#Mr. Thomas G. Myers 

Mrs. Bonnie Davenport Orlowski 

Mr. Frank S. Rhodes 

Mrs. Kay Koser Rhodes 

Mr. Paul E. Salisbury 

Mr. Joseph E. Schappell 

•Mr. Brian C. Trust 

Mrs. Christine D. Himmler Valone 

Mr. Christopher J. Wachter 

Mrs. Debra M. Decker Ward 

Mr. Gregory A. Weaber 

Ms. Elaine R. Woodworth 

Mr. Thomas L. Zimmerman 

Class of 1984 

Mrs. Elizabeth Burkhart Abrams 

Mrs. Sue Butler Angelo 

Mrs. Diane McVaugh Beckstead 

Ms. Louise A. Burchill 

Ms. Jane N. Buscaglia 

Mr. Brian L. Cain 

Mr. James L. Campbell 

Mrs. Patricia Kowalski Empfield 

Ms. Leslie Engesser 

Mrs. Carol Jordan Fleming 

Mrs. Holly J. Hanawalt Gainor 

Ms. Stacy M. Gundrum 

Ms. Barbara R. Holden 

Rev. Linda A. Leedy Hostetter 

Mr, Robert C. Johnston 

Ms. Che r>' I M. Kaufman 

Ms* Laurie L. Kratzer 

Mrs. Kay Ellen Bennighof Kufera 

Mr. Carl M. Leach 

Mrs, Diane Kiley Miller 

Mr. Joseph J, Morrison Jr. 

Mr. J. David Murphy 
Mrs. Ann Marcinkowski Nerino 
Mrs. Rhonda Beekman Ochs 
Mr. Bruce E. Peterson 
Mrs. Dorothy Garling Plank 
Mrs. Deanna Metka Quay 
Ms. Karen A. Reider 
Mrs. Michele Gawel Verratti 
Mrs. Ruth Robinson Werdt 
#Mrs. Lucy Asher Wicks 
Mr. Jeffrey W Wieboldt 
Ms. Lori M. Yanci 

Class of 1985 

Ms. Marilyn G. Alberian 

Mrs. Kari A. Littlewood Anzel 

Miss Susan L. Baily 

Mrs. Claudette Girard Beamesderfer 

#Mr. Donald G. Beaver 

Mr. Joseph P. Bonacquisti 

Mr. Mitchell E. Buchman 

Mr. Gregory P. Buck 

Mr. Michael G. Cobb 

Mr. Todd S. Dellinger 

Mr. John P. Donnachie 

Mr. Karl H. Fleischman 

Mr. Foster J. Gibble 

Mr. Brian D. Gockley 

Mr. Jay S. Hagerty 

Mr. Donald E. Haines 

Rev. James H. Hollister 

Mrs. Sondra Watson Hollister 

Mr. Robert M. Hurter 

Mrs. Rhonda Rinehimer Madigan 

Mrs. Mary Seitz Mamet 

Mrs. Cindy Mathieson Marvel 

#Mr. Jeremy H. Maurer 

Mr. G. Carl Muller 

Mrs. Barbara Donnell Osenkarski 

Mrs. Maryann McFadden Palanzo 

Mr. Joseph Ruocco 

Mrs. Patricia Troutman Schappell 

Ms. Allison Schiller 

Mrs. Kathleen Yorty Thach 

Mr. Thomas N. Tice 

Mr. Nicholas F. Verratti 

Mr. Leonard E. Whitford 

Class of 1986 

Ms. Susan K. Cuddeback 

Ms. Carol J. Davison 

Ms. Barbara J. DeMoreland 

Ms. Lynne D. DeWald 

Mr. David J. Ferruzza 

Ms. Carol L. Flexer 

Mr. Eigil Frost 

Mrs. Robin A. Bednarz Iannacone 

Ms. Sharon M. Jackson 

Mr. Gregory J. Kaiser 

Miss Julie A. Kissinger 

Mr. Kenneth C. Kuehn 

Ms. Rhoda E. Lauver 

Ms. Denise M. Mastovich 

Mrs. Valerie Hoover McElhenny 

Mr. David R. Melton 

Ms. Lisa A. Miele 

Ms. Maria T. Montesano 

Ms. Kimberly L. Pearl 

Mr. David M. Pesta 

Ms, Theresa A, Rachuba 

Mr, Daniel H. Rafferty 

Mrs. Harriet Shearer Rauenzahn 

Ms, Janet A, Saeco 

Mrs. Sara L. Bartlett Schmchl 

Ms, Victoria E, Secreto 

Mrs. Cora Bretz Shenk 

Mr. Charles T. Shirey 

Ms, Janell B, Trexler 

Ms. Christine E. Vagyoczky 
Ms. Tracy L. Wenger 

Class of 1987 

Mr. David M. Campbell 

Mr. David A. Filbert 

Mrs. Mary Ann Duda Gergits 

Mr. Ronald A. Hartzell 

Mr. Ross C. Hoffman Jr. 

Miss Kathleen W Hogan 

Ms. Jami L. Jennings 

Ms. Laurie A. Kamann 

Mr. M. Anthony Kapolka 

Mrs. Marguerite Salam Kapolka 

Mr. K. Scott Kirk 

Mrs. Patricia Radu Klotz 

Ms. Elizabeth A. Kost 

Mr. Herbert A. Kriegh 

Mr. Jeffrey A. Lesher 

Mrs. Emily Seibert Moyer 

#Mr. William P. Rhodes 

Mr. Brian S. Salldin 

Ms. Margaret M. Springer 

Mr. Daniel E. Strawhecker 

Ms. Cheryl J. Strong 

Mr. Drew R. Williams 

Mr. Steven H. Witmer 

Class of 1988 

Ms. Roberta L. Arbogast 

Mr. Thomas A. Bowman 

Mr. Steven M. Brady 

Mr. Samuel H. Brandt 

Mr. Vincent J. Bulik 

Ms. Margaret L. Clark 

Ms. Kim A. Daubert 

Mr. Edward A. Doe 

Mrs. Amy Hammerstone Gollub 

Mrs. Barbara McCann Greiner 

Ms. Theresa A. Martin 

Ms. Tracy L. Montgomery 

Ms. Carolyn M. Murren 

Mrs. Debra Ail Perlaki 

Ms. Lisa Russoniello 

*Ms. Joanne M. Saltzer 

Ms. Marjorie A. Schubauer 

Mr. David J. Sekula 

Ms. Lynne M. Sinsabaugh 

Mrs. Denise Mills Stonier 

Mr. Philip E. Troutman 

Mrs. Karen L. Jones VanHouten 

Mr. Jeffrey S. Waring 

#Ms. Jeane L. Weidner 

Mrs. Patricia Moll Witmer 

Mr. William I. Wright 

Class of 1989 

Ms. Sonja R. Compton 
Ms. Deana M. Crumbling 
Ms. Rebecca Christine Gaspar 
Mr. R. Jason Hen- 
Ms. Janelle D. Klunk 
Ms. Deborah A. Knight 
#Ms. Effie Kokos 
Mrs. Melissa E. Haunton Kreps 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Laudermilch 
Mr. Joseph M. Lipinsky 
Mr. Gregory R. Lovell 
Ms. Lisa M. Mazei 
Mr. C. Todd Metzler 
Mr. David R Myers 
Ms, Anna M. Nissiey 
Ms. Christine M. Smeltz 
Ms, Beth A. Trout 

Class of 1990 

#LVC Class of *90 

Mr. Douglas P. McKibben 



#Dr. Madelyn J. Albrecht 

Ruth E. Andersen '86 

Ms. Donna M. Anderson 

#Howard & Shelby Applegate 

♦Dr. Edward H. Arnold 

#Ellen H. & Richard B. Arnold 

Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 

♦Jefferson C. Bamhart '38 

Mrs. Karen D. Best 

#Philip & Sue Billings 

*Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 

*Mr. William D. Boswell 

Mr. Mark Brezitski 

Dr. James H. Broussard 

Dr. D. Eugene Brown 

#Mr. William J. Brown, Jr. '79 

#Mr. C. Paul Brubaker, Jr. 

*Dr. William D. Bryson 

Dr. & Mrs. Don Byrne, Jr. 

Beth & David Calvario 

#Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 

*Drs. D. Clark & Edna J. Carmean 

♦Mr. Raymond H. Carr 
♦Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Charles 
Beverly & Richard D. Cornelius 
Salvatore & Kathi Cullario 
Dr. & Mrs. George D. Curfman 

'53, '52 
Dr. Donald B. Dahlberg 
#Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Davidon 
♦Mr. & Mrs. James J. Davison 
Dr. Michael A. Day 
♦Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger '38 
#Mr. & Mrs. Wesley T. Dellinger 

'75, '78 
Drs. Richard E. & Barbara J. 

Denison'81, '79 
Rev. Timothy & Mrs. Carol J. 

DeNald '86 
#Mrs. Alice S.Diehl 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Dillane 

'77, '77 
♦Dr. Carroll E. Ditzler '58 
#Dr. Phylis C. Dryden 
♦Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Early '48 
Tim & Janet Ebersole 
♦Mr. & Mrs. John R. Eby '57, '90 
#Dr. Scott Eggert 
Dr. & Mrs. Carl Y. Ehrhart '40 
Dr. Dale J. Erskine 
#Mr. & Mrs. DeWitt M. Essick '34 
#Mr. David C. Evans 
Mr. William H. Fairlamb, Jr. 
Elaine Hayden Feather 
#Dr. Alex J. Fehr '50 
♦Mr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 
#Mr. Patrick J. Flannery 
•Dr. & Mrs.Arthur L. Ford 

#Dr. Michael D. By 
•Walter F. & Deborah R. Fullam 

#Mr. Rufus A. Fulton, Jr. 
*Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
•Pierce & Gene Getz '51 
♦Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. Gingrich, 

Jr. '47/49 
♦Mr. & Mrs. Darwin G. Glick 

♦Dr. Martin L. & Karen McHenry 

Gluntz '53, '82 
#Arthur L. Goldberg, Esq. 

#Mr. Ronald K. Good 

#Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Grella 

The Rev. Dr. Thomas W. Guinivan 

♦Mrs. Elaine G. Hackman '52 
#Dr. &Mrs. KlementM. 

♦Robert & Judith Hamilton 
#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 
#The Rev. Susan W. Hassinger '64 
#Bryan & Carolyn Hearsey 
#Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Hearson 
#Drs. John H. Heffner '68 & Diane 

M. Iglesias 
♦Mrs. June E. Herr '34 
Dr. Jeanne C. Hey 
#Dr. Paul E. Horn '40 
Mr. William E. Hough, III 
Matthew A. & Carol A. Hugg 
Dr. Barry L. Hurst 
#The Hon. William Hutchinson 
#Mr. Richard A. Iskowitz 
Mr. Richard A. Joyce 
#Dr. & Mrs. Gerlald D. Kauffman 

'44, '46 
•Dr. & Mrs. John Kearney 
#Mr. & Mrs. Roger Knisely 
Dr. Edward H. Krebs 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Larthey 

Mr. Max A. Lauffer 
#Mr. & Mrs. George F. Lovell, Jr. 
#Dr. H. Leroy Marlow 
•Dr. & Mrs. George R. Marquette 

#Dr. Joerg W P. Mayer 
Dr. John G. McEllhenney 
♦Dr. & Mrs. William J. McGill 
#Dan & Sandra Hughes McKinley 

#Dr. Anna Dunkle McVay '48 
Mr. William R. Minnich 
•Dr. & Mrs. Owen A. Moe, Jr. 
#Mary Ellen & Jim Monos 
#Mr. & Mrs. Philip Morgan 
#Dr. Susan M. Morrison 
#Dr. Allan W. Mund 
♦Dr. & Mrs. H. Anthony Neidig '43 
#Dr. John D. Norton, III 
Dr. Jan Pedersen 
Ms. Judy Pehrson 
#Dr. Harold S. differ '42 
Mrs. Gwendolyn Pierce 
♦Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 
Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Pollack 
Mrs. Holly Preston 
♦Thomas C. & Polly A. Reinhart 

♦Dr. & Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes '43 
Ms. Marie E. Riegle 4 
♦Mr. Melvin S. Rife 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Riley 
Mrs. Marian C. Rogers 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Rose 
♦Dr. F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 
Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 
#Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 
•Dr. & Mrs. James W. Scott 
Stephen R. Sexsmith 
♦Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
•Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 

Dr. Donald R. Shover, Jr. 
The Hon. John J. Shumaker 
#Dr. & Mrs. John Abernathy Smith 
#Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Smith 


#Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 
Ms. Virginia L. Solomon 
#Lou & Rosie Sorrentino '54/54 
♦Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Sowers 
Dr. Steven M. Specht 
♦Morton & Alyce Spector 
#Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Stanson 

Mr. William F. Stine 
Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 
♦Mr. & Mrs. John A. Synodinos 
#Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 
#Dr. & Mrs. David G. Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren K. A. 

Dawn T. & Christopher D. Thren 
#Dr. & Mrs. C. F. Joseph Tom 
•Professor & Mrs. Horace W. 

♦Dr. Mark A. Townsend 
♦Dr. & Mrs. Rjrry J. Troutman 
•Mr. & Mrs. John J. Uhl '79 
Dr. Susan E. Verhoek 
♦The Hon. & Mrs. John A. Walter 

♦Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
♦Dr. & Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
♦Dr. & Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 
#Dr. J. Dennis Williams 
Dr. Stephen E. Williams 
♦Samuel A. & Elaine J. Willman 

Barbara & Gordon Wirth 
#Dr. Allan F. & Mrs. Juliana M. 

♦Mr. Charles W Wolfe '44 
•Mr. Dane A. Wolfe '74 
•Mr. & Mrs. Glenn H. Woods 

♦Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Yost '62/62 
#Rosemary Yuhas 


Mr. & Mrs. Rafael V. Abeleda 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Adams 

Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Allebach 

Mr. & Mrs. George W. Anderson 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Andrews 

#Dr. & Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Arbogast 

#Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Arnold 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Arnold 

#Mr. George J,. Askins 

Mrs. Elaine Barron Auerbach 

•Mr. Clarence C. Aungst 

•Mrs. Sara Light Aungst 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Banner 

#Mrs. Mary E J. Bailes 

Mrs. Mildred Baker 

Mr. Milton W Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Elwood Bartholomew 

#Mrs. Dorothy S. Bean 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Beard 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Beck 

#Dr. C. Ray Bell 

#Mrs. Hilda Wolfersberger Bell 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Bender 

#Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Bennett 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Beres 

Mr. Alvin C. Berger 

#Mr. Lloyd D. Berger 

#Mrs. Ruth Goyne Berger 

Lt. Col. Kenneth S. Berry 

Mrs. Mary Helen Long Bickel 

•Mr. & Mrs. Victor P. Biever 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman Birkland 
Dr. & Mrs. Tom A. Bither 
#Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Blasingame 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 
#Mr. John D. Boag 
#Mrs. Margaret Bower Boag 
Mr. & Mrs. Danny N. Bodine 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Bollman 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Boltz 
Ms. Sandra L. Bonser 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Bond 
Mrs. Christine G. Boyd 
#Mrs. Phyllis Snyder Boyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Brailsford 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Brandt 
Mr. & Mrs. James Brennan 
Mr. & Mrs. Truman Brooks 
Mr. Allen H. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Lester C. Brown 
Mrs. Linda Bell Brown 
#Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Brown 
Rev. & Mrs. William J. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Brundin 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Buck 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Buckfelder 
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy F. Buckingham 
Ms. Elizabeth D. Burchall 
#Mr. & Mrs. John E. Busedu Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Campbell 
Mr. William N. Campbell 
Mr. John K. Carl 
#Mr. & Mrs. William C. Carson 
•Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carter 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cassel 
Mr. & Mrs. Augustine Cawley 
Mrs. LeAnn Leiby Chandler 
Rev. & Mrs. William T. Cherry 
Mr. & Mrs. Aloysius Chesney 
#Mr. & Mrs. George Chronister 
Rev. & Mrs. Clarence L. Chubb 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Claeys 
Ms. Janet R. Clark 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 
Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. College 
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Connor 
Rev. Merritt A. Copenhaver 
Rev. James D. Corbett 
Dr. Richard D. Cornelius 
Ms. Judith C. Curran 
Mr. Harlan A. Daubert 
#Dr. Robert M. Daugherty 
#Mrs. Ruth Sheaffer Daugherty 
♦Mr. & Mrs. James J. Davison 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Day 
#Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew DeBoer 
♦Mr. Curvin N. Dellinger 
♦Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Dennis 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael DePalmer 
#Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. DeWald 
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney DeWald 
Ms. Amorosa Diaz 
Mr. & Mrs. William Didden 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce DiDonato 
#Mr. Bruce Dieter 
Mrs. Lorraine K. Ditzler 
Mr. & Mrs. Arlo Dixon 
Mrs. Helen N. Docherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Doe 
Dr. Phylis C. Dryden 
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Durham 
#Mr. & Mrs. Russel Duryea 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Duvall 
Dr. J. Ronald Earhart 
♦Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Early 
#The Hon. & Mrs. D. Richard 


Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Elliott 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Emig 

Dr. & Mrs. Chick Empfield 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Engesser 

*Mr. Harold G. Engle 

#Mrs. Kathryn Yingst Etchberger 

Mr. & Mrs. Owen B. Etter 

#Mrs. Thelma Etter 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald V. Evans 

Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ewin 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Eyer 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Farris 

#Mr. & Mrs. Allen R. Fasnacht 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Fernand 

Mr. & Mrs. David Ferruzza 

Mr. & Mrs. Augustus M. Filbert 

Mrs. Arlene A. Filer 

Mr. & Mrs. John Filippone 

#Dr. Paul G. Fisher 

Mrs. Sara Schott Fisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Kelvin G. Flannery 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Fleetwood 

Mrs. Amelia Flego 

Dr. David H. Fbrtna 

#Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Millard C. Freysinger 

Mrs. Nancy Kettering Frye 

Mr. Tilman R. Frye 

Mr. & Mrs. Upton K. Funk 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Furman 

*Mr. & Mrs. V. Carl Gacono 

Mr. & Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Giles 

Dr. David W. Gockley 

#Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Goodwin 

Mr. & Mrs. Bluett C. Green Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Gregory 

#Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Grella 

Mr. & Mrs. John I. Groff 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Groman 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Guenther 

Mrs. Lois Harbold Guise 

#Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Habel 

Mrs. June Hagerty 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hagstrom 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Haines 

#Mr. & Mrs. George C. Halliday 

*Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hamilton 

Mrs. Audrey Rice Hamm 

Rev. John P. Hamm 

Mr. & Mrs. Merle C. Harding 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hargrove Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest G. Hartman 

Mrs. Martha Hartman 

Mr. & Mrs. Boyd E. Hawbaker 

Mrs. S. Elizabeth Hawbaker 

Mrs. A. H. Heisey 

Mrs. Benjamin P. Herman 

*Philip C. Herr 

Ms. Frances H. Hess 

•Dr. & Mrs. Paul W. Hess 

Mr. & Mrs. Elgie Q. Hetrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry H. Hibbs 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W. Hibshman 

•Mrs. Mary J. Hicks 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy L.Hill 

Mrs. Doris Klingensmith Hoepfer 

Mr, & Mrs, Frederic Eh Hoffman 

Mrs. Susan B. Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude A. Hollinger 

■Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L, Hoover 

Mr. & Mrs. David P. Hornchek 

Mr, & Mrs, Darwin E, Houtz 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen K. Huber 

Mr. &Mrs, Robert B< Huey 

Mr. & Mrs, Waiter B. Huling 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry Hummer 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hurter 
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie L. Hutton 
Mrs. Audrey E. Jackson 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Jordan 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Judd 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kabana 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 
Mrs. Pauline Rittle Kauffman 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Keefer 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Keller 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin L. Kiehl 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Klenk 
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Kline 
*Mr. & Mrs. Ernest P. Kline 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Kline 
Mr. Luke K. Kline 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Klinsky 
#Mr. & Mrs. John D. Knauer 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Knerr 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F Koch 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Kramer 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Kreitner 
Mr. Richard W. Kroth 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin H. LaBarre 
Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Latorre 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Laudermilch 
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford G. Leaman 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Lehman 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Lehn 
Mr. Donald R. Leiby 
Mr. John M. Leidich 
Mrs. Ruth M. Lenker 
Mr. & Mrs. Adam M. Lesher 
Mr. & Mrs. John Lewandowski 
Mr. Kenneth L. Lewis 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Lichten- 

Mrs. EdnaS. Lidle 
#Mr. & Mrs. Russell K. Light 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Light 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Long 
Mrs. E. Thea Lucas 
Mr. Alfred Luthy 
Mr. & Mrs. Colin C. MacCrindle 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard T. MacGowan 
•Mrs. Rita Castiglia Mackrides 
•Mr. Robert Mackrides 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Madison Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Malloy 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Marcinkowski 
Dr. & Mrs. Roland R. Mariani 
Mr. & Mrs. George Martin 
Mrs. Nancy L. McCall 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. McGran- 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Thane McKechnie 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Meima 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Mentzer 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Merther 
Mr. John W Metka 
Mr. & Mrs. Clair G. Metzler 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry M. Meyer- 
Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Miller 
Mr. C. Richard Miller 
*Mr. Carl E. Miller 
Mr, Earl R. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Moll 
#Mr, & Mrs, Lawrence H, Morgan 
Mr. & Mrs, Leon J, Motz Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Moury 
#Mr, & Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer Jr. 
Mrs. Elaine Z, Moyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Musselman 
Mr. Ronald j. Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Naples 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Neideigh 

Mr. James R. Newcomer 

Dr. & Mrs. Ira G. Nolt 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Norcross 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd P. Nyce 

Mrs. Bertha O'Neill 

Mr. Gregory A. Ott 

Mrs. Franklin Paullin 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence F Pellegrini 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Pelton 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Perozich 

Ms. Louise P. Petro 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Plank 

*Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Pope 

Mr. & Mrs. William F. Pounds 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Randazzo 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary L. Rauenzahn 

Mr. & Mrs. John Rauenzahn 

Ms. Doris Reagle 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

Mrs. Dawn Bongart Reinhart 

*Dr. & Mrs. Jacob L. Rhodes 

Mrs. Ann Rilatt 

Mrs. Loretta Hostetter Risser 

#Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Roach 

Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Rocco 

Mr. Joseph D. Rojahn 

#Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Roth 

•Mrs. Dorothy Garber Roudabush 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Ruloff 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Salter 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Sarisky 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Sattizahn 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer R. Schiller 

#Mr. & Mrs. Karl G. Schleicher 

Ms. Audrey Schubauer 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. Schuler 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schultz 

Mrs. Karen Bowman Schwalm 

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott 

#Mrs. Rebecca Unger Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T Scott 

Dr. William M. Scovell 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Scratchley 

Mrs. P. Sally Ann Whitmoyer 

Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer 
Mrs. Shirley Deaven Shaffer 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Shaub 
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest D. Shaw 
*Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Shearer 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sheffy 
#Mrs. Lawton W Shroyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Jay L, Simmons 
Mrs. Janet Leiss Simpson 
Mrs. Jane L. Sinsabaugh 
Mr. & Mrs. Deri W. Sitler 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Slechta 
Mrs. Ethel Houtz Slonaker 
Mrs. Barbara J. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl J. Smith 
#Mr. & Mrs. Stiles H. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Snavely 
Mr. Chester E. Snedeker 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Snovel 
Mrs. Dolores E. Sost 
#Rev, & Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 
*Mr. Morton Spector 
#Mrs. Mary H t Stathow 
Mr, & Mrs. J. Foster Stambach 
Mr. Gregory G. Stan son 
Mrs, Susan Sheckart Stanson 
Mr. Joe L. Stauffer 

*Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek 
Mr. Franklin G. Sterner 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. Sthare 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Ronald Stouter 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack L. Stover 
Mr. J. B.Strickland 
Mr. Carroll G. Stroh 
Mrs. Donna Smith Stroh 
#Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sturgess 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Supplee III 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Swenson 
Mrs. Mildred Osinski Teitelman 
Mrs. Kathleen Yorty Thach 
#Mrs. Delia Herr Thomas 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin P. Thomas 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Tice 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Toews 
Rev. Martin W A. Trostle 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Trout 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Trust 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. lYiman 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F Turner 
•Mr. John R. Uhl 
Mrs. Linda L. Ulmer 
Mr. Walter W.Umla 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Vagyoczky 
Mr. & Mrs. George VanDillen 
Mr. & Mrs. John L. VanHorn 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Vera 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Vowler 
The Hon. & Mrs. John Walter 
Mr. & Mrs. Weston B. Wardell 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Washington 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Watson 
#Mr. Robert Weaber 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Weide- 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Weller 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B.Welsh 
Mr. Jamie G. Wescott 
Ms. Mary L. Westbrook 
Mr. & Mrs. John Westhoff 
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Wheeler 
Dr. & Mrs. R. Keith Whiting 
Mrs. Ethlyn M. Wien 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Wierman 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Willis 
Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Wilson 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Wolfe 
Ms. Jackie Wolff 
Mrs. Betty Swisher Wolfgang 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wolfgang 
Mr. Thomas G. Wolfgang 
#Mr. Robert D. Womer 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Woolbaugh 
•Mr. & Mrs. William H. Worrilow 
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Wright 
Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Wysolovski 
#Mr. & Mrs. Charles W Yarger 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Roy Yerger 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce N. Young 
Mr. Rodney L. Young 
Mrs. Anne Adams Zart 
Dr. Harry W. Zechman 
Mrs. Ruth Hamish Zentmeyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis K. ZettJemoyer 
#Mr. Victor E. Ziegler 
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 
#Mr. James H. Zimmerman 
#Mrs. Karen Lutz Zimmerman 
Mr. & Mrs. Leroy E. Zimmerman 
Mrs* Joseph J. Zygmunt 

* Vickroy Society; • Society of 1866: 

# Charter Club; + Deceased 



#Dr. Madelyn J. Albrecht 
Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Allebach 
Mr. & Mrs. George W. Anderson 
Mr. & Mrs. James W. Andrews 
#Dr. & Mrs. Howard L. Applegate 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Arbogast 
Mr. & Mrs. Gable L. Arnold 
Dr. Susan L. Atkinson 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Banner 
#Mrs. Mary F. J. Bailes 
Rev. & Mrs. James H. Bailey 
Mrs. Mildred Baker 
Mr. & Mrs. G. Elwood Bartholomew 
#Mrs. Dorothy S. Bean 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Beard 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Beck 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Bender 
#Mr. & Mrs. Donald D. Bennett 
Mrs. Karen D. Best 
•Mr. & Mrs. Victor P. Biever 
Dr. Philip A. Billings 
#Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Binner Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Birkland 
*Ms. Katherine J. Bishop 
*Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Bishop 
Dr. & Mrs. Tom A. Bither 
#Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Blasingame 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Bliss 
#Mrs. Elizabeth Bollinger 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Bollman 
Mr. & Mrs. Dale T. Bord 
*Mr. William D. Boswell 
Mrs. Christine G. Boyd 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Boyer 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel H. Brandt 
Mr. & Mrs. James Brennan 
Mrs. Jean K. Brinser 
Mr. & Mrs. Truman Brooks 
Dr. James H. Broussard 
Dr. D. Eugene Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Lester C. Brown 
Rev. & Mrs. William J. Brown 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl E. Brundin 
*Dr. William D. Bryson 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Buck 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Buckf elder 
Ms. Elizabeth D. Burchall 
#Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Burton 
Dr. Donald E. Byrne 
Mr. David A. Calvario 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard M. Campbell 
Mr. William N. Campbell 
#Dr. Voorhis C. Cantrell 
*Dr. D. Clark Carmean 
*Mr. Raymond H. Can- 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Carson 
#Mr. & Mrs. Warren Carson 
•Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carter 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Cassel 
*Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Charles 
Rev. & Mrs. William T. Cherry 
Mr. & Mrs. Aloysius Chesney 
#Mr. & Mrs. William Christ 
#Mr. & Mrs. George Chronister 
Rev. & Mrs. Clarence L. Chubb 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Claeys 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Clemens 
Mr. & Mrs. Neil F. College 
Dr. Richard D. Cornelius 
*Mr. John L. Cousler 
Mr. John McN. Cramer 
Dr. Salvatore Cullari 
*Dr. & Mrs. David L. Cunningham 
#Mrs. Louise E. Davis 
Mr. Philip S. Davis 

*Mr. & Mrs. James J. Davison 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald T. Day 
#Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Deaven 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew DeBoer 
*Mrs. Ella Mae Dellinger 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael DePalmer 
*Mrs. Margaret H. Derickson 
Mrs. Sarah E. Dettra 
#Mr. & Mrs. John R. Detweiler 
#Mr. & Mrs. francis R. DeWald 
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney DeWald 
Mr. & Mrs, William Didden 
#Mrs. Alice S. Diehl 
Mrs. Lorraine K. Ditzler 
Mr. & Mrs. Arlo Dixon 
Mrs. Helen N. Docherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W: Doe 
#Mr. & Mrs, Russel Duryea 
*Mr. Richard T. Early 
Ms. Harriet L. Earnest 
#The Hon. & Mrs. D. Richard 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Edgecomb 
#Dr. Scott H. Eggert 
*Mr. Seth A. Eisner 
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Elliott 
Mr. Arthur E. Emery 
Dr. & Mrs. Chick Empfield 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Engesser 
Mr. & Mrs. Owen B. Etter 
#Mrs. Thelma Etter 
#Mr. David C. Evans 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Ewin 
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Eyer 
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Farris 
#Mr. & Mrs. Allen R. Fasnacht 
Mrs. Elaine Feather 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Fernand 
Mr. & Mrs. David Ferruzza 
Mr. & Mrs. Augustus M. Filbert 
Mrs. Arlene A. Filer 
*Mr. Eugene C. Fish 
Mr. Patrick J. Flannery 
Mrs. Amelia Flego 
Mr. & Mrs. Millard C. Frey singer 
#Dr. Michael D. Rry 
Mr. Rufus A. Fulton 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary S. Furman 
*Mr. & Mrs. V. Carl Gacono 
Mr. & Mrs. Floyd R. Garland 
Mr. Edwin M. Garver 
*Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Giles 
# Arthur L, Goldberg, Esq. 
#Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Goodwin 
•Mrs. Lois Lehrman Grass 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert^. Gregory 
Mr. & Mrs. Barry R. Grimm 
Mr. & Mrs. John I. Groff 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Groman 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Guenther 
Mr. & Mrs. Lionel J. Guindon 
#Mrs. Murl Gulden 
#Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W Habel 
Mrs. June Hagerty 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hagstrom 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Haines 
#Dr. Klement M. Hambourg 
#Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 
*Mr. A. L. Hanford in 
Mr. & Mrs. Merle C. Harding 
Mr. John R. Harper 
Mrs. Martha Hartman 
Mr. & Mrs. Boyd E. Hawbaker 
Mrs. S. Elizabeth Hawbaker 
#Dr. Bryan V. Hearsey 
Dr. Robert H. Hearson 

Mrs. A. H. Heisey 

*Mr. & Mrs. Eugene D. Heisey 

Mrs. Benjamin P. Herman 

♦Philip C. Herr II, Esq. 

*Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Herr Sr. 

Ms. Frances H. Hess 

•Dr. & Mrs. Paul W Hess 

Mr. & Mrs. Elgie Q. Hetrick 

Ms. Jeanne C. Hey 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry H. Hibbs 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W Hibshman 

•Mrs. Mary J. Hicks 

Mr. & Mrs. Roy L. Hill 

Mrs. Susan E. Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Claude A. Hollinger 

•Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Hoover 

Mrs. Dorothy S. Horn 

#Dr. & Mrs. Abram M. Hostetter 

Miss Martha M. Hostetter 

Mr. & Mrs. Darwin E. Houtz 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen K. Huber 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Huey 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Lehman 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Lehn 

Mr. John M. Leidich 

Mrs. Ruth M. Lenker 

Mr. & Mrs. Adam M. Lesher 

*Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Levy 

Mrs. Edna S. Lidle 

#Mr. & Mrs. Russell K. Light 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Light 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Long 

#Mr. George F. Lovell 

*Mr. William N. Loverd 

Mrs. E. Thea Lucas 

Mr. Alfred Luthy 

Mr. & Mrs. Colin C. MacCrindle 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard T. MacGowan 

Mr. & Mrs. John X Malloy 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Marcinkowski 

Dr. & Mrs. Roland R. Mariani 

#Dr. H. LeRoy Marlow 

Mr. & Mrs. George Martin 

Mrs. Thomas May 

Matthew A. & Carol A. Hugg 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Huling 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Henry Hummer 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hurter 
•The Hon. William D. Hutchinson 
Dr. Diane M. Iglesias 
#Mr. Richard A. Iskowitz 
Mrs. Audrey E. Jackson 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Jordan 
Mr. Richard A. Joyce 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne E. Judd 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Kabana 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin E. Kahn 
#Dr. John P. Kearney 
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W Keefer 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Keene 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Keller 
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Klenk 
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Kline 
*Mr. & Mrs. Ernest P. Kline 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold G. Kline 
Mr. Luke K. Kline 
#Mr. & Mrs. John D. Knauer 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Koch 
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Kramer 
Dr. Edward H. Krebs 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Kreider 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Kreitner 
Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Latorre 
Mr. Max A. Lauffer 
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford G. Leaman 
*Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Leedy 

Biology major Kristen 
Currati and Associate 
Biology Professor Dale 
Erskirie received 
Burroughs Wellcome 

#Dr. Joerg W P. Mayer 
Mrs. Nancy L. McCall 
Dr. John G. McEllhenney 
*Dr. & Mrs. William J. McGill 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. McGran- 

Mr. & Mrs. M. Thane McKechnie 
#Mr. Daniel B. McKinley 
Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert ,McKlveen 
Mrs. Janet Miller McLeod 
*Mr. & Mrs. Roy J. McMindes 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Meima 
Mr. Joseph C. Mesics 
Mr. & Mrs. Clair G. Metzler 
Mr. C. Richard Miller 
Mr. Earl R. Miller 
*Mrs. Frederic K. Miller 
#Mr. Richard L. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Moll 
•Mr. James P. Monos 
#Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Morgan 
#Dr. Susan M. Morrison 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Moury 
#Mr. & Mrs. Clifton E. Mowrer Jr. 
Mrs. Elaine Z. Moyer 


Dr. Allan W. Mund 

*Mr. Richard G. Mund 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert R. Musselman 

Mr. Ronald J. Myers 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Naples 

Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin M. Neideigh 

Mrs. Frances B. Newcomer 

Mrs. Violet W. Nitrauer 

Dr. & Mrs. Ira G. Nolt 

#Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Norcross 

#Dr. John D. Norton 

Mr. Robert D. O'Hara 

Mrs. Bertha O'Neill 

Mrs. franklin Paullin 

Dr. Jan Bedersen 

*Mr. &Mrs. LeeD. Peiffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence F. Pellegrini 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Pelton 

*Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Peterson 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Plank 

*Mr. Kenneth H. Plummer 

Dr. Sidney Pollack 

Mrs. Ellen Jane Porter 

Mrs. Holly Slapinski Preston 

#Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Quickel 

Mr. & Mrs. John Rauenzahn 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard E. Reese 

#Mr. & Mrs. Ralph C. Reese 

Mr. James F. Ridenour 

Ms. Marie E. Riegle 

*Mr. Melvin S. Rife 

Mr. Robert A. Riley 

#Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Roach 

Dr. & Mrs. Rank M. Rocco 

Dr. C. Robert Rose 

#Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Roth 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Ruloff 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas M. Sacco 

#Mr. & Mrs. Milton S. Samuels 

Ms. Gail A. Sanderson 

*Mrs. Arbelyn Sansone 

Mr. & Mrs. Clyde E. Sattizahn 

#Mrs. Malin Ph. Saylor 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer R. Schiller 

Ms. Audrey Schubauer 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schultz 

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Scott 

#Dr. James W. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Scott 

Mr. & Mrs. William P. Scratchley 

*Mr. Harold A. Shaub 

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin L. Shaub 

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest D. Shaw 

*Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Sheffey 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sheffy 

#Mrs. Lawton W. Shroyer 

The Hon. John J. Shumaker 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Simmons 

Mrs. Jane L. Sinsabaugh 

Mr. &Mrs. DerlW. Sitler 

Mrs. Barbara J. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl J. Smith 

#Dr. John Abemathy Smith 

#Mr. & Mrs. Stiles H. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Jay L. Snavely 

#Mrs. Ingeborg M. Snoke 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Snovel 

Mrs. Dolores E. Sost 

*Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey L. Sowers 

*Mr. Keith Spalding 

*Mr. Morton Spector 

#Mrs. Mary H. Stachow 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Foster Stambach 

Mrs. Sara B. Stauffer 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. Sthare 

Dr. Joelle L. Stopkie 

Mr. J. B. Strickland 

*Dr. George G. Struble 

#Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sturgess 

Mrs. Betty Stutzman 

#Mr. Robert Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Supplee III 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Swenson 

*Mr. & Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace T. Tanksley 

Mrs. Kathryn S. Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Thompson 

Mrs. Dawn Greene Thren 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Tice 

#Mr. Mark Randolph Tice 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Edwin Titus 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Toews 

#Mr. Horace W Tousley 

*Dr. Mark A. Townsend 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Trout 

*Dr. Perry J. Troutman 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Trust 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Turner 

•Mr. John R. Uhl 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Vagyoczky 

Mr. & Mrs. George VanDillen 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. VanHorn 

*Mr. George W. Veale 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Vera 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Vowler 

Mr. Harry C. Wagner 

Mr. & Mrs. Weston B. Waidell 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Washington 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Watson 

#Mr. Robert Weaber 

#Mrs. Julianne Pat Webber 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Weidner 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Weller 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph B. Welsh 

*Mr. Clifford J. Wengert 

*Mr. & Mrs. John E. Wengert 

Mr. & Mrs. John Westhoff 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Wheeler 

Dr. & Mrs. R. Keith Whiting 

Mr. C. Walter Whitmoyer 

Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke 

Mrs. Ethlyn M. Wien 

*Dr. & Mrs. E. D. Williams, Jr. 

#Dr. J. Dennis Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Willis 

Mr. & Mrs. Lester J. Wilson 

Mrs. Barbaras. Wirth 

*Dr. Thomas W. Wolf 

#Dr. & Mrs. Allan F. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Wolfe 

Ms. Jackie Wolff 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wolfgang 

#Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wonderling 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Woolbaugh 

•Mr. & Mrs. William H. Worrilow 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Wright 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Wysolovski 

#Mr. & Mrs. Charles W Yarger ' 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Roy Yerger 

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer D. Zimmerman 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy E. Zimmerman 

Mrs. Joseph J. Zygmunt 


AMP Incorporated 

Annville Sheet Metal 

Annville Shoulder Strap Company 

Bickel's Potato Chip Company Inc. 

Boscov's Department Store 

Boyer Printing & Binding 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

Cassel Men's Clothing Inc. 

Charles C. Loose & Son Inc. 

Christman's Funeral Home 

Cleaver Brooks Division of 

D. B. Fisher Charter Bus Co., Inc. 

D. B. Fisher Tours & Travel 
Agency, Inc. 

Derek & Edson Associates 

Ebersole Pontiac Inc. 

Farmers Trust Company 

First National Bank of Fredericks- 

Foundation for Independent Colleges 

G. F. Bowman, Inc. 

Garrity & Spangler, LTD. 

General Electric Environmental 

Hershey Trust Company 

Hershey Foods Corporation 

Horn's Typesetting Service 

John A. Blessing Foundation 

Jonestown Bank & Trust Co 

Lebanon Valley Engraving Inc. 

Lebanon Valley National Bank 

Lebanon Electric Supply Co. 

Lebanon Mutual Insurance 

Lebanon Valley Offset, Inc. 

Lesher Mack Sales & Service 

Margaret Oglivie McCormick 
Memorial Trust Fund 

Meridian Bank 

P J Valves Inc. 

Peat Marwick Main & Co. 

Pennsylvania American Water 

Peoples National Bank 

Plasterer Equipment Co., Inc. 

Sears-Roebuck Foundation 

Sterling Drug Inc. 

Turkey Hill Minit Markets 

Weis Markets Inc. 

Wengert's Dairy Inc. 

WLBR Radio Station 

Yerger Bros., Inc. 

York Container Company 


Lebanon Valley College recog- 
nizes the following companies 
for their contributions that 
match personal gifts from their 
employees who are alumni or 
friends of the college. 

ADP Foundation 
AMP Inc. 
ARA Services 
ARCO Chemical 
AT&T Foundation 
Aetna Life & Casualty 

Foundation, Inc. 
Aid Association for Lutherans 
Air Products & Chemicals Inc. 
Alcoa Foundation 
Allied-Signal Foundation 
American Cyanamid Company 
American Home Products 

American States Insurance 
Armstrong World Industries 
A sea Brown Boveri Inc. 

Ashland Oil Foundation 

Bankers Trust Company 

Becton Dickinson Foundation 

Bell Communications Research 

Bell of Pennsylvania 

Bristol-Myers Fund, Inc. 

Burroughs Wellcome Company 

Butler Manufacturing Company 

CPC International Inc. 

CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 

CIGNA Foundation 

Caterpillar Foundation 

Champion International Corporation 


Clarcor Foundation 

Connecticut Mutual Life Foundation 

Coopers & Lybrand Foundation 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

R. R. Donnelley & Sons 

The Dow Chemical Company 

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 
EG&G Foundation 
Eli Lilly & Company Fund 
Ethyl Corporation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Ferranti Internaitonal Signal Inc. 
First Pennsylvania Bank 
Ford Motor Company 
Fulton Financial Corporation 
GTE Foundation 
General Accident Insurance 
General Electric Foundation 
General Motors 
P. H. Glatfelter Company 
Great Northern Nekoosa Corporation 
Hallmark Cards, Inc. 
Hamilton Bank Foundation 
Harsco Corporation 
Hercules Inc. 
Hershey Entertainment & Resort 

Hershey Foods Corporate Fund 
Milton Hershey School 
Hewlett-Packard Company 
Honeywell Foundation 
IBM Corporation 
ICI Americas Inc. 
Ingersoll-Rand Company 
International Paper Company 
Johnson & Johnson 
Josten's Foundation 
Knoll Pharmaceuticals 
Kraft General Foods 
MONY Financial Services 
Mack Trucks, Inc. 
McCormick & Company Fund, Inc. 
McDonnell Douglas 
McGraw-Hill Foundation 
Merchants Bank N.A. 
The Merck Company Foundation 
Meridian Bancorp., Inc. 
Merrill-Lynch & Company, Inc. 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mobil Foundation Inc. 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company 
Nationwide Foundation 
New York Telephone 
New York Times 
Northwestern Mutual Life 
Organon, Inc. 
PPG Industries Foundation 
William Penn Foundation 
Pennsylvania Power & Light 

Pennzoil Company 
Pillsbury Company Foundation 

* Vickroy Society; • Society ofl866; 

# Charter Club; + Deceased 


Primerica Foundation 
Proctor & Gamble Fund 
Provident Mutual, Inc. 
Prudential Foundation 
Ralston Purina Company 
Rohm & Haas Company 
Santa Fe Southern Fbcific 

Southern New England Telephone 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Sterling Drug Inc. 
Strawbridge & Clothier 
Sun Company, Inc. 
Time Warner Inc. 
Times Mirror 

The Travelers Insurance Company 
UGI Corporation 
Unisys Corporation 
United Jersey Banks 
Upjohn Company 
USF&G Insurance 
Vanguard Group 
Warner-Lambert Company 
Westinghouse Educational 

Xerox Corporation 
Arthur Young Foundation 


Central Pennsylvania Conference 
The United Methodist Church 

Altoona: Fifth Avenue 

Altoona: Fifty-Eighth Street 

Bald Eagle 

Bellefonte: Trinity 

Bellwood: Trinity 

Berwick: Bower Memorial 

Camp Hill 


Catawissa Mt. Zion 

Cross Keys 

Danville Trinity 

Dover: Otterbein 






Hanover: First 

Hanover: Lohr's Memorial 

Hollidaysburg: First 

Jersey Shore: First 

Lemont: Mt. Nittany 

Lewisburg: St Paul's 

Littlestown: Centenary 

Loyalton: Elizabethville 


Middletown: Evangelical 

Orange ville 

Orangeville: Jonestown 

Orange ville: Kitchen's 


Phelps Chapel 

Red Lion: Zion 

Roaring Spring: Trinity 

Six Mile Run 



Sunbury: Catawissa Ave. 


Williamsport: Pine Street 

Wiliamsport: Wesley 

Windsors: Emmanuel 

Woolrich Community 

York: Aldersgate 
York: Messiah 

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 
The United Methodist Church 

Allentown: Salem 


Ash Grove 

Bala Cynwyd 


Cleona: Immanuel 

Drehers ville 


Erdenheim: St. Mark 

Havertown: Union 

Lancaster: Covenant 

Lancaster: Grandview Hights 


Middletown: Christ 

Millersville: Grace 

Myerstown: Zion 

Pen Argyl: Grace 

West Lawn 

Fulton-Siemers Memorial Church 

Gretna Glen Camp 

Lebanon Valley College Auxiliary 

Annville Branch 

Philadelphia Branch 
Lebanon Valley College Student 

United Methodist Women of the 

Eastern Pennsylvania 

Womens' Club of Lebanon 


Ms. Debra J. Alexander '80 

Ms. Donna M. Andrson 

Mrs. Patricia Kilgour Anderson '74 

Mr. David C. Ballaban '79 

Mr. Eugene F. Barry '80 

Mr. Charles E. Bartolet, Sr. '36 

Mr. Barry Bishop '63 

Dr. Charles H. Blevins '78 

Mr. John F Bolla '77 

Mr. Rank P. Boran '35 

Mr. Nicholas Bova '52 

Mr. James E. Brommer '63 

Mr. Robert G. Brown '39 

Mr. William J. Brown '79 

Mr. Roque J. Calvo '80 

Mr. Frank J. Catanzaro '57 

Mr. Gregory G. College '79 

Mr. Bruce R. Decker '69 

Mr. William F. DeLiberty '59 

Mr. Henry A. Di Johnson '50 

Mr. David R. Doupe '78 

Miss Dixie L. Drybread '75 

Mr. Frederic P. Eckelman '60 

Ms. Cynthia K. Fabian '79 

Mr. Grant Q. Feeser '35 

Dr. Herbert Fields '54 

Mr. Raymond T. Frey '39 

Mr. Richard J. Furda '53 

Mr. James G. Glasgow, Jr. '81 

Mr. Eugene R. Geesey '56 

Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz 

'53, '82 
Mr. Martin J. Grochoski '54 
Mr. Robert A. Gustin '53 
Mr. Dale B. Hains '65 

Mr. Ebe W. Helm '77 
Mr. Richard C. Hoffman '66 
Mr. Matthew Karinch '33 
Mr. George A. Katchmer '40 
Mr. Howard W Kosier '55 
Rev. Timothy A. Kriebel '78 
Mr. Rank A. Kuhn '70 
Mr. Howard F. Lebegern '49 
Mr. Robert E. Lemke '83 
Mr. Kristofer L. Linde '73 
Mr. Kenneth A. Longenecker '60 
Mr. Theodore P. Lyter '71 
Mr. Wesley J. Macmillan '64 
Dr. George R. Marquette '48 
Ms. Anita J. Meiser *71 
Mr. Chester Q. Mosteller '75 
Mr. Robert J. Mrazik '79 
Mr. John J. Muldoon '77 
Ms. Nancy E. Murphy '75 
Mr. Barrett E. Oxley '53 
Mr. Larry J. Painter '67 
Mr. George R. Petrie '72 
Dr. Kathleen M. Picciano '80 
Maj. Gen. Ross S. Plasterer '57 
Dr. Alexander B. Rakow '41 
Mr. Thomas C. Reinhart '58 
Mr. Carlin R. Rhine '62 
Dr. J. Henry Ricker '35 
Mr. George Roman '50 
Mr. Jeffrey E. Rowe '72 
Ms. Gloria J. Scarle'79 
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Schoch 

'76, '79 
Mr. John A. Schoch '72 
Mr. Daniel S. Seiverling '40 
Mr. Scott T. Sener '73 
Mrs. Sarah Kuntz Sergesketter '74 
Mr. Eugene K. Shaffer '70 
Dr. RalphS. Shay '42 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Shemeta 

'52, '51 
Mr. Joseph H. Shemeta 
Mr. Evan T. Shourds '78 
Mr. Albert J. Sincavage '35 
Mr. Robert P. Stachow '79 
Mr. George A. Stauffer '69 
Mr. John F. Swope '42 
Dr. David G. Thompson '65 
Mr. &Dr. RobertL. Unger '69, '72 
Mr. John C. Vasziry '66 
Mr. Christian B. Walk '40 
Dr. John D. Walmer '38 
Hon. John Walter '53 
Mr. Gregory A. Weaber '83 
Ms. Jo Ann Yeagley '70 


Dr. and Mrs. David Cunningham 
Dr. John Ritz 

Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola Co. 
Mrs. Maxine Sausser '37 



Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Wilson 


Mr. William N. Loverd 


Mrs. Jean K. Bruiser 


Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Andersen 

Ms. Lena.M. Carey 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Fromuth 

Mr. William F. Heefner 

Rev. & Mrs. Donald R. Helfrich 

Mr. Karl Kauffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. King 

Ms. Marcia S. McGraw 

Naval Air Development Center 

Mrs. Mildred M. Spielman 


Dr. Andrew G. Earnest 
Ms. Harriet L. Earnest 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Earnest 


Mr. John A. Schoch, Jr. 


Mrs. Margaret Derickson 

EMERY '25 

Mr. Arthur E. Emery 


Mr. Harvey W. Gehr '21 


Mr. & Mrs. James H. Boyer 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Kline '50 

Dr. RalphS. Shay '42 

Mr. & Mrs. Kendall S. Tomlinson '66 


Mr. Henry H. Grimm '35 

GROVE '34 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Yarger 


Mr. & Mrs. William J. Baird 

Mrs. Helen Bechtel 

Dr. & Mrs. Lyle A. Biddlestone 

Mrs. Marilyn Boeshore 

Ms. Marie G. Bongiovanni '72 

Mrs. Donna Brickley 

Mrs, Mary Anne Byrne 

Mr. & Mrs. David A. Calvario 

Mr. Philip S. Davis 

Mrs. Naomi Emerich 

Mrs. Mary N. Eshleman 

Mr & Mrs. William Fitzgibbons 

Ms. Beverly J. Gamble 

Mrs. Jo Lynn Gerber 

Ms. Patricia J. Gerdes 

Ms. Susie Greenawalt 

Ms. Nancy Jane Hartman 

Mrs, Esther Kline 

Mrs. Alice L. Kohr 

Ms. G. Roz Kujovsky 

Ms. Patricia Laudermilch 

Mr. James B. Leonard, Jr. 

Mrs. Bonnie Lingle 

Mrs. Mary R. Mills 

Ms. H. Grace Morrissey 

Ms. Lael M. Moynihan 

Ms. Gwen Pierce 

Ms. Charel Porubiansky 

Ms. Niki E. Raudenski 

Ms. Charlotte J. Rittle 

Ms. Sally A. Rivera 

Ms. Marian C. Rogers 


Mrs. Anita Sauerwein 
Ms. Carol Schaak 
Mrs. Patricia A. Schools 
Dr. Ralph S. Shay '42 
Ms. Pamela V. Shellenberger 
Ms. Jacqueline F. Showers 
Mrs. Barbara A. Smith 
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Smith 
Ms. Tammy Steele 
Mrs. Lillian M. Summer 
Ms. Bernice K. Teahl 
Ms. Bonnie E. Tenney 
Ms. Diane E. Wenger 
Mrs. June S. Zeiters 
Mr. LeRoy S. Zimmerman 


Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reed 


Mr. & Mrs. John H. Light '48, '50 


Frances B. Neucomer 


Mrs. Kathryn R. Swalm ' 18 


Mr. Carmen S. Ametrano '84 

Mr. James R. Angerole '85 

Mrs. diane McVaugh Beckstead '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Daryl L. Boltz '82, '81 

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Bordner 

Mrs. Elizabeth K. Caravan '81 

Dr. & Dr. David K. Carter '84 

Mrs. Jeannette H. Genres '84 

Mr. James G. Glasgow Jr. '81 

Dr. Michael H. Goodman '82 

Ms. Susan A. Gunn '81 

Ms. CeliaA. Herald '85 

Ms. Linda J. Holdcraft '81 

Mr. Scott T. Lef urge '85 

Mrs. Mary Seitz Mamet '85 

Mrs. Cindy Mathieson Marvel '85 

Ms. Cynthia J. Mohn '81 

Mrs. Mary Nell Romantik Myers '81 

Mr. Thomas G. Myers '83 

Mr. Stephen M. Nelson '84 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Nickerson 

'83, '85 
Mr. & Mrs. Craig C. Olinger '81, '81 
Mrs, Lisa Meyer Price '84 
Ms. Elaine M. Rydberg '82 
Ms. Joanne Saltzer '88 
Dr. James W. Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. Barry L. Sweger '84, '83 
Mr. Brian Trust '83 
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Trust 
Mrs. Ruth Robinson Werdt '84 
Mr. Jeffrey W. Wieboldt '84 
Ms. Elaine R. Woodworth '83 


Mr. Frank V. Monticello 

Mrs. Kathy McCutcheon Brown '77 

Mrs. Jesse Garber Bixler '78 

Mr. William B. Eisenhart '69 

Mr. John A. Schoch 

Mr. James C. Schoch 

Mr. John A. Schoch '72 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Garber 


Brossman Charitable Foundation 


Rev. & Mrs. Bruce C. Souders 

'44, '45 


Mr. & Mrs. Warren Carson 


Advancement Office Friends 


Mr. & Mrs. Eric Kampmeier 


Nancy & Frederick Hoff '46 



Mrs. Martha Jane Koontz 

Zachert '41 



Mr. Frank Af tosmes 

Ms. Ruth E. Andersen 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Arnold 

Mrs. Suzanne Arnold 

Dr. Loy C. Awkerman '50 

Dr. Lewis W Bowman *50 

Dr. James L. Beck '64 

Mrs. Karen D. Best 

Mr. Arthur I. Bodden '49 

Mr. Mark A. Brezitski 

Class of 1990 

Dr. Salvatore Cullari 

Mr. Stanley M. Daniels '63 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Davison 

Mr. Donald DeBenedett '54 

Mrs. Janet Tingley Deitrich '58 

Mr. & Mrs. William F Deliberty 

'59, '60 
Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger '75 
Mr. Woodrow S. Dellinger '63 
Mr. Timothy M. Ebersole 
Mr. Harold G.Engle '51 
Mr. David C. Evans 
Dr. Ross W Fasick '55 
Mr. Vernon M. Fickes '47 
Dr. Herbert Fields '54 
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Fish 
Dr. Hiram E. Fitzgerald '62 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Flannery 
Mr. P. JayFlocken'51 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter F. Fullam 

'80, '81 
Mr. Richard J. Furda '53 
Mr. Marshall L. Gemberling '49 
Dr. Pierce A. Getz '51 
Mr. Kenneth R. Gilberg '73 
Mr. & Mrs. Darwin G. Glick 

'58, '58 
Dr. & Mrs. Martin L. Gluntz 

'53, '82 
Mr. Arthur L. Goldberg 
Dr. Michael H. Goodman '82 
Mr. Martin J. Grochowski '54 
Dr. & Mrs Robert E. Hamilton 
Dr. Carolyn R. Hanes 
Mr. L. David Harris 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Hartman 
Mr. Warren R. Heidelbaugh '58 
Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein '58 

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Hower 

Dr. John P. Kearney 

Mr. William H. Kiick '37 

Mrs. Esther A. Kline 

Mr. FredS.Koerner'84 

Dr. ElamS. Kurtz '51 

Dr. Robert C. Lau 

Mrs. Patricia A. Laudermilch 

Mr. Malcolm L. Lazin '65 

Mr. Howard F Lebegern '49 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell K. Light 

Ms. Jennifers. Lord '89 

Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds Marquette 

Mr. James M. McArdle '57 

Mr. Frank R. McCulloch '57 

Dr. & Mrs. William J. McGill 

Mr. Daniel B McKinley 

Dr. Anna Dunkle McVay '48 

Mr. David R. Meder '59 

Mr. Larry M. Mentzer '59 

Mr. JohnWMetka'60 

Mr. Herman J. Meyer '63 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul W Minnich 

Dr. Owen A. Moe 

Mr. James P Monos 

Mr. William W. Moyer '74 

Dr. Allan W Mund 

Dr. H. Anthony Neidig '43 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Northrup 

Mr. Howard J. Pachasa '56 

Dr. Jan Pedersen 

Mr. Bernard J. Penturelli '48 

Dr. Jackson G. Perry '58 

Mrs. Gwendolyn W. Pierce 

Dr. Sidney Pollack 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Reinhart 

Mr. Bradley E. Rentzel '67 

Mr. MelvinS. Rife 

Mr. Robert Riley 

Mrs. Marian C. Rogers 

Dr. F Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 

Mr. Walter H. Rum" 52 

Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample '52 

Mr. Chad E. Saylor '89 

Mr. David H. Scheil '58 

Mr. Harry R. Schools 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard H. Schott 

Dr. James W Scott 

Dr. Daniel L. Shearer '38 

Mr. Richard L. Shover '57 

Dr. Barry P. Skaler '60 

Dr. & Mrs. John Abernathy Smith 

Mr. Walter L. Smith '61 

Mr. Louis A. Sorrentino '54 

Dr. Steven M. Specht 

Mr. Morton Spector 

Mr. Donald R. Stanton '66 

Mrs. Elaine Frock Stepanek '48 

Mrs. Mary Ann Horn Stewart '69 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Synodinos 

Ms. Helen E. Templin 

Mr. David Thompson 

Dr. & Mrs. David G. Thompson 

'65, '67 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Thompson 
Mr. Donald H. Umberger '56 
Hon. & Mrs. John Walter '53, '57 
Mrs. Ruth Karre Wareham '45 
Mrs. Joan DeConna Walters '61 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald O. Waltz, Jr. 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 
Dr. & Mrs. Harlan R. Wengert 
Mr. Drew R. Williams '87 
Dr. E. D. Williams 
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Willman 

'67, '68 
Mrs. Barbara S. Wirth 
Mr. Steven H. Witmer 

Dr. & Mrs. Allan F. Wolfe 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wonderling 

Mrs. ErmaGainor Yeakel '49 

Mr. John R. Yerger '68 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Yost '62, '62 

Miss Rosemary Yuhas 

Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Zehner 

The Rev. & Mrs. Earl Zellers 

Mr. Larry L. Ziegler '57 

Mr. Raymond S. Zimmerman '50 



Miss Ingrid B. Peterson '87 




Mr. H. William Acker '63 
Mr. Michael A. Baal '79 
Mr. Donald E. Bacastow '62 
Mr. Barry Bishop '63 
Mr. Lowell B. Brogran '62 
Mr. G. Harold Bucher '47 
Mrs. Ann Aaron Byar '80 
Mr. William A. Cadmus '68 
Mr. Stanley M. Daniels '63 
Mr. Charles J. DeHart III '68 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W DeHart 

'61, '60 
Mr. Wesley T. Dellinger '75 
Mr. Dale H. Everhart '76 
Mr. David J. Farling '56 
Mr. & Mrs. Darwin G. Glick '58, 

Mrs. Karen McHenry Gluntz '82 
Mr. D. John Grace, Jr. '55 
Mr. David Greeley '83 
Mr. Walter S. Hamsher '64 
Mr. Ronald A. Hartzell '87 
Mr. Warren Heidelbaugh '58 
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford L. Heizmann 

Mr. Marvin L. Hendrix '64 
Mr. John W. Hintenach '87 
Mr. Robert E. Horn '66 
Dr. Michael P. Hottenstein '58 
Mr. Bruce Jeffery '76 
Mr. George J. King '68 
Mr. John M. Lafferty '66 
Mr. Frank R. McCulloch '57 
Mr. David R. Meder '59 
Mr. David E.Miller '71 
Mr. J. Stanley Mull, Jr. '55 
Pennsylvania Chautauqua 
Mr. George M. Reider, Jr. '63 
Mrs. Polly Risser Reinhart '57 
Mr. C. Edward Rogers, Jr. '63 
Mr. Ronald L. Scheaffer '72 
Mr. Franklin R. Shearer '69 
Mr. & Mrs. C.T. Shirey '85, '86 
Mr. Philip Lee Snyder '73 
Mr. Donald R. Stanton '66 
Mr. George A. Stauffer, Jr. '69 
Dr. C.F. Joseph Tom 
The Towne Club of Lancaster 
Mr. Raymond F. Weiss '59 
Mr. Frank F. Yeager '66 



'38, '37 
Mr. & Mrs. Howard W Heeter 



Leslie D. Wareham 




Congratulations to the Class of 1990 for its participation in the 
new Senior Class Gift Program for Annual Giving. Under the 
capable leadership of Bill Dietz and Michelle Grube, the class 
pledged a total of $1 ,725 for Annual Giving during the next 
three years, beginning with 1990-91. 

Some 47 percent of the class participated, a performance 
that will provide a great challenge to all other alumni (average 
participation in Annual Giving for all other classes for 1988-89 
was 27 percent). 

Assisting Bill and Michelle were team captains Kevin 
Dempsey, Robert Andrew, Brian Engle, Ben Deardorff and 
Toni Salam. Also helping were Dwayne Nichols, Scott 
Richardson, Chris Rissinger, Sherry Scovell, Steve Trapnell, 
Mary Catherine Wilson, Ed Wirth, Jeff Wolff, Tina Clymer, 
Angie Davis, Jim Dillman, Maria Fenty and Christopher Frye. 

Alumni Association President Betty Hungerford was ex- 
tremely pleased with the success of this newest class of the 
Alumni Association. "I am encouraged by their show of 
leadership and support of their alma mater. Obviously the 
Class of 1990 understands the importance of supporting The 
Valley through Annual Giving. They value their Lebanon 
Valley College experience, and this is a way for them to ensure 
continued excellence at the college," Mrs. Hungerford said. 

The following members of the Class of 1990 participated 
in the Senior Gift Program: 

Robert J. Andrew 
Matthew J. Andris 
Laura A. Baird 
Scott A. Barlup 
Lisa D. Biehl 
Neil D. Biser 
Sharon E. Boeshore 
Bradley P. Boyer 
Kristen E. Brandt 
Kerri A. Brennan 
Stephen D. Butz 
Douglas S. Carey 
Tina L. Clymer 
Kirk A. Cremer 
Angela M. Davis 
Benjamin A. Deardorff 
Camille DeClementi 
Kevin B. Dempsey 
Heidi L. Derhammer 
William D. Dietz 
James F. Dillman 
Timothy J. Eck 
Brian L. Engle 
Maria-Elene Falato 
Marie L. Fenty 
J. Stephen Ferruzza 
Melanie A. Fleek 
Christopher A. Frye 

Joann M. Giannettino 
Allison H. Gow 
Tamara Sue Groff 
Michelle S. Grube 
Matthew S. Guenther 
Jill A. Hassler 
Daryl A. Hess 
Amy J. Himmelberger 
Laura C. Judd 
Lisa K. Kerlin 
Lisa A. Ken- 
John E. Kline 
Elaine M. Koehler 
Teresa M. Kruger 
Melissa C. Linkous 
Jane H. Mark 
Marliese A. Miller 
Jill M. Morrett 
Timm A. Moyer 
Dwayne D. Nichols 
Jeffrey D. Osborne 
George M. Partilla 
Susan M. Partilla 
Connie L. Pyle 
Lori A. Reed 
Karen A. Reilly 
Scott A. Richardson 
Bradley JA. Rinehimer 

Christine J. Rissinger 
Elizabeth Ann Rosser 
Charles J. Rusconi 
Kathleen M. Ryan 
Toni R. Salam 
Kasey J. Sattizahn 
Pamela B. Schaadt 
David J. Schell 
Dawn L. Shantz 
Edward J. Smith 
Rachel M. Snyder 
Bradley G. Spitler 
Michelle A. Sullivan 
Beverly A. Swiadas 
Mechelle L. Thomas 
Stephen W. Trapnell 
Daniel B. Tredinnick 
Todd F. Truntz 
Matthew D. Vera 
Laura A. Wagner 
Ann M. Wentzel 
Candace M. Wheedleton 
Stefanie L. Wilds 
Mary Catherine Wilson 
Edward F. Wirth 
William J. Woland 
Anne M. Wolf 
Jeffrey T. Wolff 

Through the years, many alumni, faculty and other friends 
have established endowed scholarships to remember or honor 
special individuals. These funds provide a perpetual memorial 
that assists students now and in future generations. These 
descriptions are abridged. Most of these endowed scholarships 
are for students with financial need. Full information is 
available from the Financial Aid or Advancement offices. 

Actex Publications: To a rising senior in actuarial science. 

Alumni Association: To two students selected by a committee 
from the executive council of the Alumni Association, on 
recommendation of the college administration. 

Elmer R. & Helen H. Andrews Memorial: Preference given 
to those preparing for church-related vocations. 

Dorothy Jean Bachman: For current tuition. 

Lillian Merle Bachman: For current tuition. 

Louis Gary Bailey: Awarded to a psychology major. 

E.M. Baum: For current tuition. 

Arthur & Emma Beckley: Preference to pre-ministerial students. 

Andrew Bender : To an outstanding senior majoring in chemistry. 

Cloyd C. & Mary Bender: Preference to physics majors. 

Ruth E. Bender: Awarded to a worthy music student. 

Elizabeth Bittinger: Awarded to a young man, 

Gideon L. '12 & Edna Landis Blough: To one student in each 
class, preference given to pre-theological students. 

Mary A. Bixler: For current tuition. 

Winona S. Botello '36 & Salvador Almendariz Botello: 
Testamentary to a "born again" Christian. 

I.T. Buffington: For current tuition. 

D. Clark & Edna J. '59 Carmean: To outstanding freshmen. 
Renewable each year if students continue to qualify. 

Carmean Strings: Four scholarships, to qualified performers 
on the violin, viola, cello and string bass. 

Derickson Fund: Preference to biology majors. 


Dow Chemical Company Foundation: To entering freshmen 
chemistry majors whose goals are to continue their education 
through the Ph.D. level. 

Dowland-Martin: To students involved in campus, community 
and/or church activities. 

William E. Duff: For current tuition. 

Cloyd H. Ebersole: To a sophomore or junior pursuing teacher 

Estella C. Ellenberger: For current tuition. 

Samuel F. & Agnes F. Engle: Preference given to a member 
of the First Methodist Church in Palmyra. 

Esther & Paul Ensminger: To a junior for the junior and senior 
years; individual must be active in church or campus and 
off-campus organizations with a minimum of 3.0 average. 
Preference given to education majors. 

Oscar Fisher Memorial: To help worthy students develop 
musical talents, preference given to those who expect to serve 
in Christian churches. 

Thomas G. Fox Memorial: To a junior chemistry major. 

Elizabeth M. Geffen: To a junior history major with at least 
three history courses at Lebanon Valley, with GPA of 3.2 in 
each and 3.0 overall, who has contributed significantly to the 
development of the department. Applicable to senior year. 

Hazel W. & Martin L. Gluntz Memorial: To a chemistry major 
who participates in a college athletic program. 

Gossard, Plitt & Monteith: To a student from Annville with 
financial need or to a college athlete. 

Mary E. McCurdy Graham '30 Fund: To two entering 
freshmen who plan to major in biology (or pre-health or 
forestry), with minimum 1 150 on the SATs and in the top 10 
percent of high school class. 

Margaret Verda Graybill Memorial: To a worthy female 
student, "not necessarily noted for brilliant scholarship, but a 
thoroughly worthwhile girl." 

Peter Graybill: For current tuition. 

Jacob F Greasley: For current tuition. 

Grimm-Shirey: To a student with good academic record, 
involved in activities and respected by students and faculty. 

Hilda Hafer: Preference given to a student preparing for the 
ministry or missionary work from the First United Methodist 
Church of Chambersburg. 

Rebecca S. Harvey: To senior(s) for current tuition. 

Alice M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

J.M. Heagy: For current tuition. 

Bertha Foos Heinz: For current tuition. 

Harvey E. Herr Memorial: For current tuition. 

June E. Herr '34 : To student(s) from sophomore, junior or 
senior class intending to enter elementary education. 

Edwin M. Hershey: For current tuition. 

Hollenbaugh Biology Leadership: For biology major, Presi- 
dential Leadership Award. 

Hollenbaugh Chemistry Leadership: For chemistry major, 
Presidential Leadership Award. 

Merle M. Hoover '06: To students from Franklin County or 
foreign countries. 

Dorothy Yeakel Horn '39: To junior music major. May be 
continued for senior year. 

Cora Appleton Huber: Based on character, personality and 
intellectual ability. Preference given to history/political science/ 
pre-law majors. 

Judge S.C. Huber: Based on character, personality and 
intellectual ability. Preference to history/political science/pre- 
law majors. 

Henry S. Immel: To a worthy young man preparing for the 
United Methodist ministry, or one who shall devote his life 
to the betterment of mankind. 

Henry J. & Anna S. Kaufman and Family: For current tuition. 

Dorothea Killinger: To young women from Lebanon County 
(or the State of Pennsylvania). 

Rev. & Mrs. J.E. & Rev. A.H. Kleffman: For current tuition. 

Aaron Shank Kreider Ministerial: To a student who intends 
to enter the United Methodist ministry; preference given to the 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. 

The Professor D. Albert & Mrs. Anna Forney Kreider: Priority 
given to physics majors. 

W.E. Kreider: For current tuition. 

Amy Snavely Kreiser: To a senior in good academic standing 
who has a high moral character. 

Kreiser-Snavely-Pfeiffer: To a woman entering her senior year 
and majoring in chemistry, biology, physics or mathematics. 

Maud P. Laughlin: To a junior or senior social studies major. 

Lebanon Area Personnel Association: To junior or senior 
management major. 


Lebanon Steel Foundry Foundation: To student(s) demonstrat- 
ing ability and high character. Priority to management majors. 

Rev. Christian Risser Longenecker Memorial: To junior 
pre-ministerial student. Renewable for the senior year. 

Dr. & Mrs. Edmund S. Lorenz: For current tuition. 

Mrs. Edwin M. Loux (Sivilla Fritz Loux): For current tuition. 

Cecil B.R. & Parke H. Lutz: To students from the Cocalico 
School District. 

William J. McGill, Sr.: For current tuition. 

F. Clint McKay Memorial: To provide aid to Black American 

Elizabeth H. Millard Memorial: To a pre-ministerial student. 

MargaretS. Millard Memorial: To a sophomore. 

Harry E. Miller: For current tuition. 

Rev. Joseph H. Miller Memorial Sacred Music: To students 
studying organ. 

Leon W. &.M. Anna Miller: To pre-ministerial students. 

Wade S. & Jennie Shoop Miller: For current tuition. 

Bishop J.S. Mills: To a student preparing for work in the 
United Methodist Church. 

Germaine B. Monteux Memorial: To a freshman music 
student. Renewable for up to four years. 

Allan W. Mund, Jr. Memorial: To a junior. May be continued 
for the senior year if the student qualifies. 

Laura Reider Muth '92 Memorial: For current tuition. 

Neidig Scholarship for Chemistry: To a student majoring in 
chemistry or bio-chemistry. Renewable for up to four years. 

Northern Lebanon Scholarship: To a student from Northern 
Lebanon High School. Renewable for up to four years. 

Arthur L. Peterson Leadership: To a student who best 
exemplifies qualities of leadership, scholarship, and caring 
concern for others. 

Rev. H.C. Phillips: To students preparing for the ministry in 
the United Methodist Church; preference given to those from 
the Philadelphia area. 

J. Allan Ranch Memorial: To a junior pre-ministerial student. 

Ruth Detweiler Rettew '11 & Donald Rettew '45 Memorial: To 
student(s) designated by the chairperson of the Department of 
English and the director of Financial Aid. 

Robert C. Riley: To an upperclass student who has completed 
Accounting 161/162 and Economics 1 10 and 120 with a "B" 
or better. 

Emmett C. Roop '03: For current tuition. 

Mary Sachs Foundation: To a woman management major. 

Stephen Sanko Fund: To a junior pre-medical or biology major 
who is on the wrestling team. 

Jan Garber Schoch '72 Memorial: To a student who plans to 
make teaching a career. Preference given to a major in 
elementary education. 

Harvey L. Seltzer: For current tuition. 

Bishop Paul E.V. Shannon '18: Preference to a pre-ministerial 

Alvin E. Shonk '16: For current tuition. 

Sierra Leone: To assist students from Sierra Leone. 

Mary Ann Ocker Spital: To assist male students whose 
intention it is to pursue religious or altruistic goals. 

Rev. & Mrs. Cawley H. Stine: To a student preparing for the 
Christian ministry or missionary service. 

Alfred D. '11 & Louise Kreider Strickler '08: To a pre-medical 

C.F. Joseph Tom Fund For Economics: To promote and attract 
more students into the field of economics. 

Perry A. & Laura B. Tshop Memorial: For current tuition. 

Robert L. linger '69 & Elizabeth Robinson linger '72: To a 
junior, based on financial need and scholastic achievement. 

United Methodist Church— Ministerial Scholarship Trusts: 
To students who are members of the United Methodist Church. 

United Methodist Women, Eastern Pennsylvania Conference: 
Awarded on the basis of financial need, church involvement, 
academic performance and potential. 

Scott A. Wallace Memorial: To a returning football player in 
satisfactory academic standing. 

Henry L. Wilder '12: To those desiring to enter church service. 

Henry T Wilt '26 Memorial: For current tuition. 

Jacob C. Winter Memorial: Preference to a student from Red 
Lion, Pennsylvania. 

Edwin H. '17 & Jesse O. '19 Zeigler: To a rising junior who 
is preparing for a teaching career. 



Bradford C. Alban '60 Memorial Fund 

American Chemical Society Award: To an outstanding senior 
chemistry major. 

American Institute of Chemists Award: To an outstanding 
senior chemistry major. 

Baish Memorial History Award: Given on basis of merit to a 
senior majoring in history. 

Andrew Bender Memorial Chemistry Award: To an outstand- 
ing senior majoring in chemistry. 

B'nai B'rith Henry Levin Memorial Americanism Award: To 
the member of the senior class who best exemplifies the 
philosophies of our American democracy. 

Biological Scholarship Award: Annually, on basis of merit. 

Alice Evers Burtner Memorial Award: Awarded to an outstand- 
ing member of the junior class. 

Oliver P. Butterwick '12 Philosophy Award: For outstanding 
achievement in the study of philosophy. 

Childhood Education Club Award: To a elementary education 
major who has completed one semester of student teaching. 

Class of 1964 Award Fund—Quittapahilla: To outstanding 
yearbook staff members. 

Robert A. Clay Award in Sociology and Social Work: To a 
rising senior displaying academic promise in sociology or 
social work, as well as service to the community. 

Robert S. Davidon Award for Research in Psychology: To a 
student with the best research in psychology. 

Senator James J. Davis Award 

Mary A. Dodge Loan Fund 

Governor James H. Duff Award: To a senior who by 
participation in campus government demonstrates facility and 
interest in government service. 

Daniel Eberly Student Loan Fund 

Martha C. Faust Award: To an outstanding senior woman. 

Howard Hoy Fawcett Chemistry Book Fund 

Freshman Achievement Award in Chemistry 

Pierce A. Getz f 51 Award for Sacred Music: To the outstanding 
sacred music major. 

Glant-Gibson-Glunt Educational Loan Fund 

Barbara June Kettering Award: To a music major. 

Florence WolfKnauss '07 & Edward E. Knauss '07 Memorial 
Award in Music: To an outstanding freshman music major. 

La Vie Collegienne Award Fund: To a freshman on the staff 
of the newspaper. 

Max F Lehman Memorial Mathematics Award: To the 
freshman who has attained the highest standing in math. 

The Esther & Frank Ligan Fund: Student loan fund. 

David E. Long '00 & Abram M. Long '17: To an outstanding 
student preparing for the ministry. 

Jean O. Love Award for Outstanding Achievement in Psychol- 
ogy: To the outstanding senior psychology major. 

Mathematics Achievement Award: To a sophomore for the 
best work in mathematics throughout the year. 

Medical Scholarship Award 

Elizabeth May Meyer Award: To a pianist with high academic 

Harry K. Miller International Student Loan Fund: Recipient 
must be a student from a developing county. 

Edith Frantz Mills Award in Music: To an outstanding senior 
music major with vocal excellence. 

Deborah Moore '76 Memorial Award in Music: To an 
outstanding junior music major whose area is a woodwind 

Robert A. Nichols 111 '41 Memorial Scholarship Award: To 
an outstanding junior. 

Dr. Agnes Boyle O'Donnell Literature Award: To an outstand- 
ing English major with a deep appreciation for literature. 

Outstanding Achievement in Biblical Studies Award 

Outstanding Senior in Actuarial Science Award: To a senior 
in the Mathematical Sciences for exceptional performance. 

Outstanding Senior in Computer Science Award 

Outstanding Senior in Mathematics Award 

Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Award: 
Awarded to an outstanding senior accounting major. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement Award in Economics: For 
outstanding scholarship in economics. 

Peoples National Bank Achievement Award in Management: 
In recognition of outstanding scholarship in accounting or 

Physical Chemistry Award: To a junior or senior with the best 
performance in physical chemistry courses. 

Physics Achievement Award 

Pickwell Memorial Music Award: To a junior music major 
with outstanding piano ability. 

Pi Gamma Mu Scholarship Award: To an outstanding senior 
member of the Pennsylvania Nu Chapter. 


Psychology Department Award for Science: To a senior 
psychology major for outstanding contribution to the field. 

Psychology Department Leadership Award 

Quittapahilla Audubon Society Award: To a biology major 
with financial need and dedicated to the environment. 

William Rakow '39 Memorial Award in Management: To an 
outstanding upperclass management major. 

Rho Eta Cast of Alpha Psi Omega Award: To a senior member 
of the Rho Eta Cast demonstrating the greatest interest in and 
effort toward the dramatic arts at Lebanon Valley College. 

G.A. Richie Memorial Ministerial Scholarship Award: To a 
major in religion and philosophy. 

M. Claude Rosenberry Memorial Award: To an outstanding 
senior in music education who is entering the teaching field. 

Reynaldo Rovers Memorial Award: To an outstanding voice 
major in the music department. 

Senior Prize in English 

Conrad M. Siegel Actuarial Examination Prize: Awarded 
semi-annually to the student with the highest passing score 
on an exam beyond the first level. 

Sigma Alpha Iota Award: To the outstanding senior of Delta 
Alpha Chapter. 

Sigma Alpha "College Honor" Award: Awarded to a member 
of Delta Alpha Chapter on the basis of scholarship, musician- 
ship and fraternity. 

Sigma Alpha Iota— Delta Alpha Chapter Award: To an 
outstanding sophomore or junior woman majoring in music. 

Sigma Alpha Iota Honor Certificate Award: To a senior music 
major with the highest scholastic average over the four years. 

Robert W. Smith '39 Award in Music: To the outstanding male 
freshman music major. 

Sophomore Achievement Award in Chemistry: To a sophomore 
in recognition of outstanding work in chemistry. , 

Frank Stachow Memorial Award: To the outstanding male 
woodwind player. 


Teutonia Vallis Award: To an outstanding senior in German 
or international business with a concentration in German. 

Wall Street Journal Award: For distinguished work in the 
Department of Management. 

Francis H. Wilson Biology Award: To an outstanding senior 
biology major. 

Merle L. Wise '53 Memorial Service Award: To a rising senior 
who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. 

Woman's Club of Lebanon Award: To a full-time student from 
Lebanon County, awarded on the basis of financial need, 
scholarship and character. 

Planned Giving 


The Honors Society of Lebanon Valley College was estab- 
lished on March 15, 1986, to recognize alumni and friends 
who have planned for the future by naming the college in their 
will as a beneficiary for $10,000 or more or by making another 
form of planned gift. This group has pledged over $1 ,000,000 
for future buildings, scholarships, and operating expenses to 
assure the well-being of Lebanon Valley College. 

Margaret Fake Anders 
Mary Albert Attick 
Sylvia Evelev Baker 
John W. Beattie 
Salvadore & Winona Shroff 

Norman Campbell 
D. Clark & Edna J. Carmean 
Richard F. Charles 
Samuel "Sammy" K. Clark 
Mary Blanche Cochran 
Kenneth Cassel Donmoyer 
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Fink 
Dr. Mae I. Fauth 
Eugene C. Fish 
Dr. Elizabeth M. Geffen 
Karen McHenry Gluntz 
Dr. Martin L. Gluntz 
Rev. Dr. Thomas W. & Irene 

Robert E. Harnish 
Anna Mary Herr 
Malcolm L. Lazin 
Cora Graby Limmroth 
Virginia C. Miller 
Dr. Frederick W. & Helen 

L. Mund 
Dorothy H. Musser 
Mildred E. Myers 
Dr. H. Anthony & Helen Neidig 
Grant T. Nicholls 
+ WilbertD. Peck 
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Sample 
John A. Schoch, Jr. 
Dr. RalphS. Shay 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C. Sheaffer 
Mrs. Adora Rabiger Sholley 
Frances Long Shroyer 
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey B. Snyder 
Dr. George G. Struble 

John A. Synodinos 
Elizabeth L. Taylor 
Evelyn Toser 
The Hon. John Walter 
Patricia Lutz Walter 
Elizabeth Kreiser Weisburger 
Charles W. Wolfe 
Edwin H. Zeigler 

Membership in the Honors 
Society shows a farsighted 
commitment to future genera- 
tions of Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege students. For details- on 
how to become a member 
contact Paul Brubaker, Direc- 
tor of Planned Giving at (717) 


Dr. D. Clark & Dr. Edna J. 

Carmean '59 
Dr. Frederick W '32 & Helen 

L. Mund 
Dr. H. Anthony '43 & Helen 

Dr. Frederick P. '52 & Mary 

Jane Sample 
Mrs. Frances Long Shroyer '28 
Dr. Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 


Dr. George G. Struble 

+ Deceased 




Thomas C. Reinhart '58 


TCR Packaging, Inc. 

Vice Chairmen 

Edward H. Arnold L.H.D. 


Arnold Industries 

John R. Eby '57 
President and CEO 
Commonwealth Communications 
Services, Inc. 

Elaine G. Hackman '52 
Akron, Pennsylvania 


Harry B. Yost, Esq. '62 
Hassel, Yost and Sorrentino 


E. Peter Strickler '47 

Strickler Insurance Agency, Inc. 

Assistant Treasurer 

Harlan Wengert D.Sci. 
Wengert's Dairy 

Chairpersons of the Board Emeriti 

Allan W Mund LL.D. 


Ellicott Machine Corporation 

F. Allen Rutherford, Jr. '37 LL.D. 
Retired Principal 

Arthur Young and Company 

Elizabeth K. Weisburger '44 Ph.D., 

Chief, Carcinogen Metabolism and 

Toxicology Branch (Ret.) 
National Cancer Institute 


Katherine J. Bishop 

General Manager 

Lebanon Chemical Corporation 

Raymond H. Carr 

President and Chairman of the Board 

The Pickering Group 

James J, Davison 
Freehold, NJ 

Wesley T. Dellinger '75 

Vice President 

J.C. Hauer's Sons, Inc. 

Rufus A. Fulton 


Fulton Financial Corporation 

Darwin G. Glick, C.P.A., '58 


Glick, Stanilla and Siegel 

Martin L. Gluntz '53, Ph.D. 
Vice President 
Hershey International Ltd. 
Hershey Foods Corporation 

Arthur Goldberg, Esq. 
Goldberg, Evans and Katzman 

Carolyn R. Hanes, Ph.D. 
Professor & Chairperson of 
Sociology and Social Work 
Lebanon Valley College 

Susan Wolfe Hassinger '64 
Conference Consultant 
Eastern Pennsylvania Conference 
United Methodist Church 

Bryan V. Hearsey, Ph.D. 
Professor of Mathematics 
Lebanon Valley College 

Lois G. Johnson 
Department of English 
Delaware Technical and Community 

Gerald D. Kauffman '44 D.D. 

Retired Pastor 

United Methodist Church 

Felton E. May, D.D. 

Bishop of the Harrisburg Area 

United Methodist Church 

Susan M. Morrison 

Bishop of the Philadelphia Area 

United Methodist Church 

John D. Norton, Ph.D. 


Department of Political Science and 

Lebanon Valley College 

Kenneth H. Plummer 

Retired President 

E.D. Plummer Sons, Inc. 

RidgleyR Salter '91 
Lebanon Valley College 

Donald R. Shover, Jr., D. Min. 
District Superintendent 
United Methodist Church 

John J. Shumaker, J.D. 


Pennsylvania State Senate 

Joan S. Sowers 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania 

Morton Spector 

Vice President and Treasurer 

D & H Distributing Company 

John A. Synodinos 


Lebanon Valley College 

Kathryn S. Taylor 
Deny Township 

John Walter '53 J.D. 
President Judge 
Lebanon County Court of 
Common Pleas 

E.D. Williams, Jr., L.H.D. 
Private Investor 

J. Dennis Williams, D. Min. 
District Superintendent 
Anthracite District 
United Methodist Church 

Samuel A. Willman '67 

Vice President 

York Container Company 

Charles W Wolfe, '44 
Vice President Emeritus 
Bucknell University 


William D. Boswell, Esq. 
Berman and Boswell 

William D. Bryson, LL.D. 

Retired Executive 

Walter W. Mover Company 

Curvin N. Dellinger '38 


J.C. Hauer's Sons, Inc. 

DeWitt M. Essick '34 
Retired Manager of Education 

and Training 
Armstrong World Industries 

Eugene C. Fish, Esq., J.D. 


Peerless Industries 

Thomas W. Guinivan '39 D.D. 

Retired Pastor 

United Methodist Church 

Paul E. Horn '40 D.D. 

Retired Pastor 

United Methodist Church 

Harold S. Peiffer, D.D. '42 

Retired Pastor 

United Methodist Church 

Jessie A. Pratt 

Retired Administrative Assistant 

City of Philadelphia 

Ezra H. Ranck D.D. 

Retired Pastor 

United Methodist Church 

Melvin S. Rife 

Retired Executive 

St. Regis Paper Company 

Daniel L. Shearer D.D. '38 
Executive Assistant to the Bishop 
of the Harrisburg Area 
United Methodist Church 


Jefferson C. Barnhart, Esq. '38 
McNees, Wallace and Nurick 

Horace E. Smith, Esq. 
Smith and McCleary 

AnneB. Sweigart 

Chairman of the Board and CEO 

Denver and Ephrata Telephone 

Woodrow W. Waltemyer 
Retired Business Executive 



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